Easy Seafood Recipes: Soy Ginger Steamed Tilapia | Kenmore

8 comments on “Easy Seafood Recipes: Soy Ginger Steamed Tilapia | Kenmore”

  1. Krissy Caster says:

    LOVE your Video! Thank you for sharing..

  2. Momma Cuisine says:

    Thank you, Krissy!

  3. Angel B says:

    Hi, Thank you for the video, it was very helpful. I have a question though. Did you cook the fish together with the rice? I saw that you've put some salt and rice wine and other things. wouldn't it go down to the rice? I know it's a silly question. Or you only have water? how many cups did you put to steam the fish?

  4. Kai S. Chan says:

    Amazing recipe. Just tried it, substituted the soy sauce with miso, still great!

  5. ijszje says:

    WoW I am from Suriname, and we cook Rice YOUR way! Never knew it was from Asian cuisine 😀 (all cultures live in harmony in Suriname)

  6. dice dragon says:

    Can u use frozen or do u have to thaw

  7. Lee Skinner says:

    Can anyone explain that finger rule better?

  8. Kip Paseo says:

    I have used my Kenmore rice cooker gears and years and years. Unfortunately Kenmore discontinued a couple years back so eBay is the only place you can find one now.

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