Easy Slow Cooker Bread Recipe: Citrus and Spice Bread | Kenmore

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Shauna Sever, and today,
I’m going to show you how to make bread in a Kenmore slow cooker. It’s actually really easy,
and there’s less rising time. It’s a lot of fun. So I’m going to start with my
Kenmore mixer, and into this, I’m going to get the base for
my bread that’ll help it rise. I’ve got some warm water. I’m going to put about a
teaspoon of granulated sugar and some instant yeast. Now, sometimes you don’t have
to let instant yeast rest. You should be able to just
dump it right into a dough, but I actually like to
wake mine up a little bit, just to make sure that
everything is active and working so we get a great
rise out of our dough [INAUDIBLE].. So I’m going to let this rest
here for about five minutes, and then the next step is our warm milk. This bread is a great, soft milk bread. And the milk tends to make
it a little bit browner, gives a little bit of
sweetness to the dough. And I’m going to put
in some butter as well. This is going to go into the microwave
to heat up for about a minute. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BEEP] So now our milk and our
butter is all warmed up. Give this a little whisk just to make
sure that our milk and butter is all melted together. And into this I’m going
to put some orange zest. This is the zest of one large orange. And I’m also going to add some
brown sugar, just 2 tablespoons. Give a little sweetness, help
the bread to brown a little bit, caramelize a bit on the crust. So the rest of the
ingredients are pretty simple. We’re going to introduce our spices as
well because this is a citrus and spice holiday bread. We’ve got our flour. Into our flour we’re going to
put some cinnamon, allspice. And the last is fresh nutmeg. I like to use freshly grated nutmeg. It has a much stronger flavor. So you want about 1/2 a teaspoon,
and I grate mine right in. So that’s going to be
our dry ingredients, along with a little bit of salt. So our
milk, butter, and orange zest mixture is going to go into our mixing bowl and
our dry ingredients, just all at once. And then, just take a wooden
spoon and give this a stir. You want to stir it together until
it starts to look like a shaggy ball, ’til it just starts
to all hang together. And I love making this
in the slow cooker because it allows you to
just let it rise one time. You don’t have to do a lot
of kneading with this recipe, and you can put it in and just
let it go for a couple of hours. You don’t have to keep checking
it or worrying about it burning. So now, we’re just going to get
this started with the dough hook. We’re going to let this knead
for about five to seven minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHIRRING NOISE] It’ll be nice and smooth and elastic. And now all I’m going to do is
take the dough out of the bowl, just use my hands, lift it out in one,
big, gorgeous piece of bread dough. How about that? Take some nonstick spray. Spray the inside of your bowl. Put the dough back into it. We’re going to cover the bowl
with a sheet of plastic wrap. And at this point, you
just want to let it rest. Sometimes I like to put an extra towel
over it to keep it nice and warm. This needs about an hour to
rise until it’s double in size, so just put it somewhere
warm and forget about it. I have pre-heated my Kenmore slow
cooker on high for several minutes, just ’til it starts
to feel nice and hot. So you just want to line your
slow cooker with parchment paper, and then take the dough
out in one big ball and just place it right in
the center of the parchment. Just cover it up and let it cook
for about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours. We’re going to check it
and make sure it’s done. You just pull up the
parchment and then– oh, see? Doesn’t that look good? [MUSIC PLAYING] So it sounds a little bit hollow. That’s how you know it’s done. Now, when you cook
bread in a slow cooker, you’ll notice the top is a
little bit paler than the sides. That’s just a function of the cooker. So you can either leave it like
this– it has a nice, soft top crust, which some people like– but if you want to brown it,
it’s really easy to do it. So I’m going to take this off the
parchment and then get a sheet tray. We’ve got a tablespoon of melted
butter and a pastry brush. We’re going to brush it
with butter, and we’re going to put it under the broiler. I have the boiler preheating on high. Lightly brush this all over. It’s just going to give your
bread a nice, golden crust. [MUSIC PLAYING] Our bread has been under the
broiler for just about five minutes, and look how beautiful
and golden brown it is. So you can have this straight up, or
of course, with a little bit of butter is absolutely delicious. Either way, it couldn’t be easier. That’s how you make
bread in a slow cooker. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Slow Cooker Ideas says:

    I love doing bread in the slow cooker, great recipe.

  2. Kip Paseo says:

    I tried this recipe in my Kenmore slow cooker last Thanksgiving and I've received several text messages from relatives that I am to make it again. LOL

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