Easy slow cooker chili recipe! What’s in Neily’s slow cooker? Turkey Chili

What is in Neily’s slow cooker today? So today I’m going to make chili. It’s a nice- no it’s not a nice- it’s a really nasty cold rainy day. I want to take items that I have, some staples that I always have in the house that I recommend that people have in the house. So I am going to take some frozen ground turkey breast You can also use lean ground beef, something that’s at least 90% lean. So, anyway.. Now one of the things I did not use in the last video, which I highly recommend, are liners. It just makes clean up so much easier. So we’re going to use a liner. Put the Turkey in there. When I am cooking on top of the stove I use cans of tomatoes I normally do not drain but because it’s going to be in the slow cooker, it’s going to get a little bit juicier So I drained these tomatoes I used Mexican-style. I like to use the pre-seasoned cans of tomatoes because it cuts down on how many seasonings that you have to use Because there is a little bit more of sodium in the preseasoned, I’m going to add some no salt added tomatoes. So that’s going to dilute the amount of sodium Secret about beans- before you use them, rinse them you rinse them Would you like to help me? Go on. With beans, if you rinse beans for two minutes under running water, then you can reduce about 40 percent of sodium But I’m just going to add some pinto beans, some dark red ones Maybe I should put two cans of dark red beans, but that’s okay. I have some other things here that I’m not going to add but they’re an option for you to add. I want to make this really, really simple. Just use a couple of ingredients some staples that you might have in your house You cook in a little bit of diced onion in there, just a quarter of a half of a cup of diced onion Maybe one or two garlic cloves. Here you could use some cumin, some red pepper, some chili pepper, Cayenne pepper- whatever you want. Actually, I’m going to add some Cayenne pepper to that That is it So, earlier today we put in some ground turkey breast, a can of no salt added crushed tomatoes and a can, actually two cans of Mexican-style stew tomatoes and I crushed those up. A can of pinto beans, as well as red kindney beans. Now while this was cooking, I ended up putting one more can of red kidney beans because I love dark red kidney beans. I put one more can in there. That was it! While it was cooking also, I earlier put a little bit of Cayenne pepper I added a little bit more Cayenne pepper because I like it spicy and I added a little bit of Cumin Those things are optional, but cumin is kind of like a standard spice for chili. So… It would have been fine- just fine- without it, but it just added a little bit more flavor to it. So, we’ll go ahead and dish it up and see what my taste tester Caitlin thinks. Here we have a taste tester- Caitlin. There she goes… Let’s see what she thinks… Alrighty. C: That’s some good chili. N: Yeah? C: I normally don’t like chili, but this is good. N: Oh, really? N: So, Caitlin does not normally like chili but she likes mine. Excellent! C: It’s perfect for a cold rainy day. N: Cold, rainy day like this? Great. Excellent! Alright, well I’m going to try it too and then be off to go teach Alright! Thanks Caitlin for helping me out today and thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition and tune in next time for what’s cooking in Neily’s slow cooker.

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  1. Regan Jones - Host of This Unmillennial Life says:

    I've never used slow cooker liners. So anxious to try them now! ~Regan

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