Easy Tiffin Sambar in Pressure Cooker || South Indian Hotel Sambar|| Idli Sambar ||ep:368

Namaskar!!What’s up!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also fine here Today we are going to make an easy tiffin sambar I’ve already posted 3 types of sambar that is,easy cooker sambar,sambar with roasted coconut and onion sambar This is the fourth version of sambar Many have requested me for the recipe for this easy cooker tiffin sambar Its very helpful for the working women,bachelors and even for students staying away from home We can make this sambar very quickly If you want to keep a portion of the sambar for the next day,transfer the portion immediately after making it And keep only the portion which you need for the whole day. Or if you do not separate them,it may spoil very quickly and you may not be able to use it on the next day.So please be careful about it I’ve posted the video for “kalathappam” yesterday,which was one of the most requested recipes I hope I got the opportunity to share a perfect recipe of “kalathappam” with you all Many have tried it and send me good feedbacks also Those who haven’t watched and tried it yet, please do watch and try it Its only because of your requests I’m posting such recipes on my channel.Just for you people So if you like my recipe,please do watch and share my videos and give a “LIKE” now let’s see how to make easy tiffin sambar/instant cooker sambar Let’s begin to make tiffin sambar now.I’m using a 5ltr cooker here Decide the quantity according to the capacity of the cooker Take 1/2 glass of toor dal and wash it properly Since we are using toor dal,its not required to soak it for a long time.We can use it directly after washing it Put the toor dal into the cooker In tiffin sambar we don’t add much vegetables like the usual sambar It has a thin consistency compared to the normal sambar with a few vegetables I used to add pumpkin pieces in tiffin sambar.You may add vegetables of your choice Its a medium sized pumpkin and I’ve washed it properly and cut it into small pieces simply,2 handful of pumpkin pieces Now add 1 green chilli,some curry leaves and a small piece of asafoetida You can add 1/2 tsp of asafoetida powder instead of it Add 1 small onion chopped Add 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder Salt I’ve taken a small sized (less than a gooseberry) tamarind and soaked it in 1 glass of water.Now filter it and pour that 1 glass of tamarind water into it Based on the sourness of the tamarind,add required amount of tomato You may add tamarind water later or you can add it now itself If you add it now,the raw taste of it can be removed easily And also everything will get cooked very quickly Earlier,elderly people says that,it takes more time to cook the vegetables and dal if we add tamarind water in the beginning Since we are using the cooker to make it,it won;t be a problem Now let’s add required amount of water I’ve already added 1 glass of tamarind water into it.Noe,let me add 2 and a half glass of water into it So in total we have added 3 1/2 glass of water into it Mix it well.We can add extra water later if required Now close it and cook in medium flame for 2 whistles Do not put the flame in high.Remember to put it in medium only 2 whistles has come and I’ve switched it off’ When the pressure settles down,we can open the cooker Keep it aside Now let’s saute some shallots in a pan I used to add refined oil for making sambar in Tamil style.So let me add some oil into the pan Adding 2 tbsp of oil into it.If you like,you can add some ghee into it In some hotels,they used to add some ghee in the tiffin sambar I don’t like the smell of ghee ,so I’m not adding it Let the oil heat enough Let me add 10-12 shallots chopped 2 green chilli slits If you don;t have shallots with you,add 1 onion chopped Shallots makes the sambar tastes better It has only pumpkin and shallots as vegetables and nothing else is there When it gets sauted well,we can add the masala powders As i told you , this can be prepared within minutes While the ingredients in the cooker are getting ready get the shallot saute well and put it into the cooker When i was a kid, I visited my Uncle in Chennai and that’s where I had the first taste of tiffin sambar I generally like dishes which have a sweet taste so I asked my mother to ask my aunt for the recipe. After that my mother used to make it for me After that when i went for my studies to Tamilnadu i have got to taste a lot of them Tiffin sambar that Arya Bhavan serves tastes different than the one Vasantha Bhavan serves There is a lot of difference in the recipe of sambar in Tamilnadu , Karnataka and Andhra Some recipes are very sweet in taste , some are thick in consistency and some very thin. As per the proper recipe , this is made by mixing the masala with grated coconut , but this is just a simple instant recipe . Its an instant sambar which is helpful for the working ladies and bachelors Pressure has settled down.Now let’s check whether they have cooked well or not They are cooked well.Now mash the dal with the ladle Check the sourness level and bar csed on that we have to decide the amount of tomato to be added Let me check the taste It is not enough and keep it aside Shallots are sauteed well now.SO let’s add the powders into it Reduce the flame in to LOW and add a pinch of turmeric powder Add 1/2 tsp of Kashmiri chilli powder or 1/4 tsp of normal chilli powder Saute it well CHilli powder gives a good colour to our sambar.It is optional only Add 3 tbsp of sambar powder.Here I’m adding the homemade sambar powder I’ve already posted the video for homemade sambar powder earlier.Those who haven’t watched it yet,please do watch it You can use any sambar powder of your choice It was already prepared.So its easy to add them whenever we require it Saute it well until the raw smell goes.EVen if the sambar powder is made with roasted ingredients,we need to saute it for some time Now add a medium sized tomato into it Mix properly and cook until the tomato pieces are done by closing the pan You may add some water if required The masala is ready here Now add them into the dal mix We have to add extra HOT water into it.Never add cold water instead of HOT water Mix well Its consistency should not be thick like this.SO we have to add extra water to get the actual consistency Adding 1 more glass of hot water into it So in total we have added 4 1/2 glass of water into it Boil it again to remove the raw taste of every ingredient There should not be any vegetable visible in the sambar.We have to mash them properly usually the consistency of sambar is like water.so do it well Boil it well again in medium flame Check the salt now we have to add a small piece of jaggery into it Usually sambar tastes a bit sweet so we can add jaggery/sugar as per our choice.If you don;t want to add them,just ignore this step Let me check the taste now Sourness level is perfect.Sambar should not be too sour.Specially tiffin sambar Let me add some extras salt and mix well Let me add a small piece of jaggery which is optional Based on your choice,adjust the amount of jaggery Mix it properly and let it boil well Its been 10 minutes now and it has boiled well and have a thin consistency also When it sits for some time,it may becomes thicker in consistency SO first you have to decide the consistency for the sambar If you want,you can add more water accordingly I’m going to stop cooking now itself.Let me keep it aside and do the seasoning Take a sauce pan and pour refined oil into it As I said before,I’m using refined oil for this sambar instead of coconut oil Pour 2 tbsp of oil When it is enough hot,add 1tsp of mustard seeds Add 1 pinch of fenugreek seeds 1 pinch of cumin seeds which is optional.In Tamil sambar they add cumin seeds Add 3 dry red chillies made into pieces Maintain the flame in LOW or else everything may get burned SO we have added,mustard seeds,fenugreek seeds,cumin seeds and cumin seeds Now put some curry leaves Switch off the flame Finally add some fenugreek powder,asafoetida powder and 1/4 tsp of sambar powder and mix well Transfer them into the sambar Take the whole seasoning from the sauce pan Add some chopped coriander leaves over it Those who didn’t like the smell of coriander leaves can avoid it But coriander is required for Tamil style tiffin sambar Now keep the cooker closed for 10minutes After that the sambar can be served keep a note on the taste and can add a bit of sugar if required Let it sits for 10 minutes Its 10 minutes now and am opening the cooker This is the consistency and if you feel you want it thinner please add only hot water and then boil it for sometime I am getting such a good smell from this sambar that I cant explain This really smells like the tiffin sambar that we get in a restaurant. If you looking to give it a brahmin touch , you can add some ghee to it. Thats exactly when you will get a correct tamil taste Now let me check how it tastes .. this really smells like how they show in advertisements Hmmm..now this is what I call a perfect sambar Exactly like what you get from Saravana Bhavan This is very easy to make and the procedure is also simple Dont forget to add cumin seeds and jaggery , because that’s what exactly will give you the taste of tiffin sambar You just need to have sambar powder at home to make this . Pumpkin is an important ingredient for this tiffin sambar as it enhances the taste You can use onions only if you dont have shallots In kerala sambar I had used Channa Dal but for tiffin sambar its always better to use toor dal So do try this super easy tasty tiffin sambar You can serve this sambar with Paratas , Idly , Dosa , Paniyaaram and then rava dosa , wheat dosa or poori , it goes really well with anything I request all of you to try this and dont forget to give in your comments . Till i come back with another wonderful recipe , Thank you sooo much… ( Fun time with my son,Avi )

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