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I’m going to show you how to make a delicious
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pumpkin to almost anything including this pumpkin chili. I even have pumpkin spice
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and hearty recipes. This pumpkin chili is a fun
take on traditional chili just adding our favorite
fall mascot: pumpkin. Hi, friend. You know what also is
really great for fall? My hashtag sweater
weather pumpkin sage soup found in my new cook book. It’s coming out October 16th
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the description box below. Now let’s get cooking. The first thing we’re going to do is heat up two tablespoons of
olive oil in a large pot. You wanna use a rather large pot cause we’re cookin’ chili and
it’s gonna feed a whole army. To our hot oil, we are
going to add three cloves of minced garlic, and
one chopped yellow onion. Cook that up until it’s nice
and fragrant and translucent. It’s about three minutes. Now we’re going to add
some chopped red pepper. If you like green pepper,
you can also use green pepper but I just love the flavor of red pepper so I have two of those. Then you just wanna cook those
for about a minute or two just until the red pepper becomes really nice and bright in the pan. If you like it spicy like I do, you can anywhere a half a
jalapeno and a whole jalapeno. You can leave this out if you
don’t like any spice at all. That’s totally up to you. If you like it spicy, add it. If you don’t like it spicy, don’t add it. The world is your oyster,
this dish is yours. You can customize it however you like. To our pepper mix, we are going to add one teaspoon of oregano, a
teaspoon of chili powder. Again, if you like it
spicy, you can add anywhere between one teaspoon and one
tablespoon of chili powder. And one tablespoon of cumin. Then we’re gonna mix that all together until you can really smell
the spices in the air. It should take about two minutes. Now we are going to add the
star of the show, the pumpkin. You want to add one cup of pure pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie filling,
it’s way too sweet and has added sugar to it. This can either be canned pure pumpkin, or pumpkin that you’ve cooked. Lookin’ at you. You could even do this with sweet potato if you don’t have any pumpkin, or squash. But that’s a whole other video. To our pumpkin we are going to add beans. I’m using two types, I’m using one can of black beans and one can of kidney. You can really use any bean
that you like for this. I’m not going to be the bean monster, the bean dictator, you can really choose. I’ve done this with chickpeas
and well that’s pretty much it but you could also do this
with (laughs) navy beans or pinto beans as well. Now we’re going to add two cans of diced tomatoes with the juices. You want the juices, or
else there isn’t going to be much liquid in this
mixture and you do need that. So add it with the juices. And then we are going to need
one cup of vegetable broth. Just mix that all together. This is a really great recipe
because it only needs one pot. I love any dinner that is just one pot. It’s easy for cooking,
it’s easy for clean up. Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy. Now we’re just going to
bring that to a boil. Once it boils, right away
bring it down to a simmer and we are gonna simmer
that for 15 minutes. Now, this can’t be a pumpkin spice chili without any pumpkin spice. So we are going to add a
little bit of cinnamon. Again, there’s a range here. If you like cinnamon and you
don’t find it too overpowering, you can add half a teaspoon. For just a little hint that complements the pumpkin really well you
can add a quarter teaspoon. Mix it together and season it
with salt and pepper to taste. And there is your chili. When I serve this, I like
to ladle it out into bowls and then let everyone
add their own toppings. My favorite toppings to serve are vegan sour cream, vegan cheese shreds, some cut up scallions, some cilantro. You can even do some avocado if you want. And if you’re crazy and you
love extra spice like I do and James does, you can add
some minced jalapeno too. And don’t forget to serve with some tortilla chips on the side. It’s like a nice edible spoon. (upbeat music) And there you have it! Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy chili. Mmm, you know, summers
great, and I love summer, but there’s two things I love about fall. One is hearty delicious meals like this and the other one is layering. I love a good sweater
with a good light jacket. This is a really good
game day recipe actually if you’re having some friends
over to watch football or hockey, or just generic sports. Serve this, it’s a crowd pleaser. And it’s all made under 30 minutes. You can’t ask for more than
that in an easy dinner recipe. Now I wanna know what
fall recipes you wanna see so leave me a comment in
the comment section below so that I can actually make
recipes that you guys want. Which is great, you win, I win,
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