Easy Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker|Vegetable Pulao Recipe|Recipe with English Subtitles

Hi friends welcome to Anu’s Kitchen Today I am sharing the recipe for vegetable pulav This is prepared in pressure cooker and so its very easy to make So lets see how to make this. If you like this video please don’t forget to share and subscribe

39 comments on “Easy Vegetable Pulao in Pressure Cooker|Vegetable Pulao Recipe|Recipe with English Subtitles”

  1. Haseena Moideensha says:

    kothiyavunnu super chechi

  2. Nidhi John says:

    njan try cheuthu super ayirunnu

  3. Haseena Moideensha says:

    i will try

  4. haider Ksa says:

    വെജിറ്റബിൾ പുലാവ് അടിപൊളിയായിട്ടുണ്ട്
    Thanks ചേച്ചി

  5. Sheejasurya Surya says:


  6. SHEMYMOL K.A says:


  7. Sajina Muneer says:

    Njan try cheythu. Nalla taste undayirunnu. Thanks for this delicious recipe

  8. Dhayan Adda says:

    hai anu. .njan just 1 week aye ullu eth kanditt. …mis aayallo nnu vishamam undta. ..enikku valare eshtamai ninkalude receips ellam. ..God bless you

  9. Ambili Achu says:

    Hii anu..ishtamaayi..try cheyan pokuva…thanks

  10. Ambili Achu says:

    Theerchayaum parayaaam😘😘😘

  11. Ambili Achu says:

    Anu..pulao cheythu nokki..ellarkum nalla ishtaayi..Thank you anu..Happy christmas and Happy new year.

  12. vinod np says:

    thanks for posting a simple recipe

  13. Reshma g.ullal says:

    Thanks for posting simple recipe. I really loved it.

  14. Minol Abraham says:

    Anu vinu velichennaya ishtam alle.enikkum kooduthalum ishtam coconut oil

  15. Fousia Muhammed Shafi says:

    From where did you get this “Idi Kallu “?

  16. Jabir Jabir says:

    thankyou anu chechi

  17. Bhaskar blueseal says:

    താങ്കൾ ഉപയോഗിച്ചത് ബസുമതി റൈസ് ആണോ….???

  18. Sindhu Jayaprakash says:

    അനു ഇന്നിത് ഞാൻ ഉണ്ടാക്കിട്ടോ.. വളരെ എളുപ്പം… മക്കൾക്ക്‌ നല്ലോം ഇഷ്ട്ടായി 😀

  19. anjana unnikrishnan says:

    What is the diff between veg pulav and veg biriyani?

  20. Sivakami Karthika says:

    Anu yesterday I made veg pulav in ur way….It was super yummy dear👌👌👍👍…..My daughter liked it very much and completed within minutes….Thank u for this wonderful and easy recipe…..😙

  21. sujeesh babu says:

    Hi, mam whats the water rqmnt& cooking time for 1 cup rice

  22. Nitha Tharakan says:

    Can we add beet root ?

  23. oreon kichu says:

    Simple recipe with good explanation

  24. Blessy Shiju says:


  25. Blessy Shiju says:

    Ottipidikahrikan lemon add chaysno

  26. Rathi Vinodkumar says:

    Hi Anu , I made veg pulao in cooker today as directed by u in the video n it came out good thanks

  27. Rosemaria Jose says:

    Chechi what is the difference between veg pulao and veg friedrice

  28. reshma prasad says:

    thank u chechii

  29. ASHARAJ R says:

    Thank you chechy,😊

  30. sindhu jampala says:

    Anu, njan ithu try cheythu adipoli aayi vannu, thank you. Ellarkkum ishtayi

  31. sindhu jampala says:

    Anuuuuu thanks tto, njanithu 2 times cheythu ellarkkum ishtayi, itha ippo pinneyum cheyyan pokua. Adipoli tto simple yet delicious 😋 😋

  32. deepthy maxin says:

    Hi Anu, njaan try cheythu. it came out so well. nalla taste undu. thanks for sharing this recipe.👍👍👍

  33. Monisha Chandran says:

    Hi chechi. I tried this pulao it came out really well. But one doubt. Why are we not using tomato here. But I have seen some people using

  34. Saheera Naseer says:

    Chechee….cheriya jeerakamano edukkendath.
    Jeerakasala rice use cheyyamo basmathikk pakaram.
    Ee pulavinu combination ulla curry Ethan chechee… chicken curry allathe vere curry enthenkilum undo.
    Please reply chechee….

  35. Sai says:

    Tried it very nice and tasty thank you

  36. zaira zzz says:

    Chechi 2cup akumpol etra kg edukanam

  37. johnson antony says:

    Madam. In every reciepe. Yu. Say. About cup. For. Ex. 1 cup. Of. Rice. Etc etc. What. Is the. Size. Of that cup

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