Eating 6-MONTH OLD Lime Water Preserved Eggs – fried, whipped, baked – How do they taste?

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s
Emmy. Welcome back! Today is a day I’ve been waiting for for six months. Today
I’m going to be tasting eggs that I preserved six months ago at room temperature with some of this: this is called pickling
lime, also known as slake lime, or hydrated lime, it is a technique in which
you take some of this lime — it’s not lime related to citrus at all, it’s lime, short
for limestone, ground limestone — and you dissolve this in water, and then you take
eggs and you place them in this solution and it is a way to preserve eggs. Now
this is an old-fashioned technique used over 100 years ago — there are other ways
to preserve eggs, including water glassing which is this is sometimes
called, but water glass actually uses a chemical called sodium silicate — it’s
actually used to seal concrete floors; you can buy it in big buckets at the big
box hardware stores — it’s the same idea: you’re sealing the egg, preventing water
from escaping from the egg, and also preventing anything from entering the
egg. The egg is held in this little form of suspended animation. So, I can’t wait
to get into these eggs…. in this glass jar. The dozen eggs that I preserved way
back in May — May 1st 2019. So, if you more information and specifics on how I did this, I will refer you to the video in which I started this all. So this is a
little perfect segue to talk about chickens. So we have backyard chickens: we
have five of them, and come springtime the chickens are laying like mad — every
day we’re consistently getting five eggs — each chicken is laying one egg each. It
is time to start collecting eggs into a clutch so they can start incubating them.
All of our eggs that come from our chickens are non-fertile: they’re not
fertilized; they will never ever turn into a chicken because we don’t have a
rooster to inseminate the eggs. So, the chickens still
instinctively lay more eggs during this time of year — so, we have five chickens, so we consistently get five eggs a day, and soon
enough we’ve got a whole pile of eggs. Now that we’re in November, our chickens
are slowing down with the egg production. So now that we’re not getting very many
eggs, this is a perfect time to dig into our preserved eggs. It smells sweet, and
almost perfumed, a bit like a bathroom air freshener — just a little bit. I’m just gonna
stick my hand in there and grab an egg. All right. Luckily, from what I can tell,
none of them have cracked. So I’m going to this off real quick. So here’s
my egg: it looks like a normal egg, but it does feel different: it’s very, very
smooth. If you compare it with a freshly lain egg, this has a little bit of bumps
and pocks on it, and it has a slightly kind of matte, rough kind of finish to it, while
this is very, very, very smooth; and I imagine that has something to do with
being soaked in slaked lime for six months. There it is! And indeed, look how much the white spreads; and even the yolk has spread
quite a bit. This egg was just laid within the last two days. See that really
big difference? So both the albumin and the yolk have
much more substance and they’re just jelling up and standing up much taller
than the six-month-old egg. so from this angle you can really see
the difference in height so that is the fresh egg here is the preserved egg also
you can see how much thicker the albumin is look at that compared to that I like
frying my eggs if possible and clarified butter just super tasty and it is definitely kind of flattened
out didn’t it look at that it’s more like an egg
so I sided rather than flipping these eggs and risk breaking the yolks I’m
gonna cook these sunny-side up so get a good fry and crust on the bottom and
then just cover them with a pan lid and let it kind of steam for a minute or so
I’m gonna do the same over here okay so let’s take this off the heat oh look
at that crust let’s get the fresh egg out of the pan is there anything more
perfect than an egg I really I don’t think there is they’re beautiful they
come in their own little case they make so many beautiful things they’re just
alchemy in a shelf so when we have them side by side it’s pretty apparent which
one is the preserved egg and which one is the fresh egg also the yolk spread
more as well the yolk here is much taller so the moment I’ve been waiting
for let’s see what a six-month-old egg tastes like. Cut this…. Look at this: this
is beautiful! Gorgeous! This is what clarified butter and the right cooking
temperature does. Okay… Alrighty, here we go! Itadakimasu! I don’t taste any discernible difference
I taste salt I use plenty of salt I taste caramelization I taste egg white
but no kind of any chemical or off flavors whatsoever let’s compare it with
the regular egg or fresh egg this one too has beautiful carmelization on it
all right here we go hmm when I eat them side by side I do
notice a difference the fresh one has much more of an eggy flavor slightly
sulfurous and the texture is different too fluffier more substantial this is a
little thinner this was actually a little crispier. So initially when I
tasted the old egg, I said “that’s not bad. It tastes like an egg.”
but then when I compared it to the fresh egg it didn’t taste as good because the
fresh egg was full of flavor. It was flavorful; has a sulfurous flavor to it;
not in an unpleasant way, but when I say sulfurous, I mean that signature eggy flavor — definitely present. I usually associate that more with the yolk than
the white, but in this case, you can definitely taste the difference. So cool!
All right, let’s try the yolk now. So I’m gonna cut this: this one got cooked a
little bit more and….but it still has a nice texture to it. Alrighty, here we go. Mmm. Creamy, rich, actually a very buttery
silky texture to it — very nice. Alrighty, let’s try that with this egg. This
egg has a jellier, runnier consistency, because it was taller and it takes
longer for a thicker thing to cook so — oh this is perfect — this is I love eggs gosh
I love them in all different ways but here we go!
Let’s give that one a taste. hmm oh my gosh
fresh eggs happy hens such a delicious egg so buttery rich smooth and actually
not very so first at all so I just learned something so what I’ve always
associated with eggs in terms of having a sulfurous flavor is found much more in
the egg white rather than the yolk I was had this association that the yolk was
the part that tasted still first it’s not at least in this experiment it’s the
white the yolk is rich and buttery and sweet and just soft and delicious now
this would have been a perfectly delicious egg but when you compare it to
a that was laid just a couple days ago or today there’s really no comparison
and of course not this is six months old this egg was laid in May this still
remains a very impressive preservation technique because this egg still tastes
pretty good next let’s see if we can whip up a meringue using an old egg so
I’ve got one here that I just rinsed off and washed off and let’s try not to
break the yolk spoke too soon so because they’re so watery look so that didn’t
work and everyone knows when you’re trying to make meringue you can’t have
any yolk whatsoever in your whites so maybe if I tap it like this okay
got it now this because it’s a new egg I can just lift out the yolk so if you
acidify your egg white with just a few drops of lemon juice or cream of tartar
that often helps to get really nice stiff peaks Oh equal amounts for both of
these it’s gonna be a little noisy take you some things up I’m gonna go ahead
and use my mixer we try I think you know adding some electricity because it
doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in look at that actually have Peaks I’m
shocked like we’ve got stiff peaks here we go there we go
here there just seemed to be more egg white in the egg compared to the other
egg but that also could be the fact that the fresh egg might have been a little
bit larger when we initially cracks the preserved egg it definitely had a much
runny or texture than the fresh egg but in terms of time they whipped up and
pretty much the same amount of time and I’m just shocked that we even got
meringue from this this is wonderful because I read somewhere that it doesn’t
work but it does work here’s my last experiment I baked with the preserved
eggs I made one batch with the preserved eggs
one batch with fresh eggs I made a one banana chocolate chip
muffin recipe have you ever made banana muffins with one banana I think it’s a
wonderful recipe it’s basically a typical recipe that’s just been you know
reduced by a third or half so you can just use one banana how many times you
just have like one like rotting banana sitting on your table and you’re like
what am I going to do with that well now you can just make some muffins
super quick super easy you don’t have to worry about having too many muffins
because you only have one banana so you can’t have too many
so take one large ripe banana and smoosh it all up
then add 1/4 cup of sugar and one egg white then I added 1 tablespoon plus 2
tablespoons of vegetable oil 1/2 cup of flour 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
quarter teaspoon of baking soda an eighth teaspoon of salt a teaspoon of
cinnamon and one third of a cup of chocolate chips mix this all together I
made a little mini version so I scooped it into greased muffin tins and baked at
350 degrees for about six to eight minutes or until a skewer comes out to
clean they look pretty identical they browned evenly they seem to rise the
same amount bottoms look the same this is the preserved egg and here is the
standard egg no visual difference in terms of the crumb let’s give them a
taste here we go mmm have you ever had chocolate chips in your banana muffins
banana bread uh if you can have chocolate if you like it do it it’s the
best perfectly delicious banana chocolate chip muffin now let’s compare
that to one that was made with a regular egg and see if I notice I need to rinse
in texture or flavor Oh yep I can’t notice any difference in flavor or
texture tastes exactly the same to me wonderful so I think of all the three
applications I tested today I would say the baking is the most successful I
noticed no difference whatsoever not in in terms of the results or in the flavor
cooking an egg sunny-side up I noticed a big difference side by side but if you
didn’t have the fresh egg to compare it with I think you’d be perfectly happy
with the preserved egg and I was very pleased and tickled to see that you can
still whip up a beautiful meringue with a six-month-old preserved egg so there
you have it eggs that have been preserved using pickling lime/ slaked lime/
hydrated lime: really great technique — if you’ve got a lot of eggs. Alrighty, thank
you guys so much for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys
learned something; please share this video with your friends; follow me on
social media; like this video; subscribe; and I shall see you in the next one. Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee!!! What is this? Why?!!

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