Eating Every Damn Breakfast Item At The Griddle Cafe In LA

There’s no doubt that breakfast is the most
important meal of the day, but should it be the only meal of the day? I’m going to The
Griddle, in Hollywood California, to find out if it’s possible to eat so many pancakes,
you sleep until 10 am tomorrow. We’re hittin’ this big plate breakfast diner institution
to show you all the food they’ve got, and gonna put it straight into my body. Let’s
do this. Only at a place like The Griddle would the Mama’s French Toast, Texas style,
powdered sugar, butter and syrup, count as an appetizer. And it’s a hell of a way to
start, baby. The morning waffle, straight forward, strawberries on top. It’s sort of
like you’re eating healthy. Potatoes y Papas, three half potato skins, two poached eggs,
hollandaise sauce, and a slice of ham that’s bigger than a Buick. Somebody put a missing
person’s report out on Porky Pig, stat. Look at this hypnotizing red velvet pancake. Trust
me, you’re gonna wanna get lost in this thing. And what might be the smallest menu item,
the breakfast tacos. They gotta find a way to make the tortilla a pancake. For reasons
that are entirely beyond me, you might want shrimp with your next omelette. I can’t recommend
it. This one is going straight to my thighs. For the rare diner looking to add on a few
pounds, might I recommend the Nutella French toast. This is what the griddle is all about,
blueberry pancakes that are literally so big, they hang off the edge of the plate. The Golden
Ticket, banana, streusel, caramel. Three gigantic pancakes. The Tequila Sunrise. It looks like
somebody took huevos rancheros, pumped it full of HTH, and let it steal your girlfriend.
This dish is a bully. The Some Like It Hot, tequila-soaked chicken, tequila ranchero sauce,
spicy chipotle, and a shit-ton of eggs. Does your French toast come with cheesecake from
a tube on it? If not, what are you even doing? The Mounds of Pleasure, three pancakes sandwiched
with chocolate and coconut. It’s like having a German chocolate cake for breakfast. These
pumpkin pancakes are like a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks beat up your dad. There’s
a reason The Griddle’s one of the most popular restaurants in Los Angeles. Everything’s like
14 bucks, and you could feed a plate of this stuff to your horse. Just make sure to ask
for a doggy bag. If you’d like to see my attempt to drink every cocktail at the Cheesecake
Factory, click here now. The Passion Fruit Margarita, if you really wanna weird out a
date. Boy, it’s everything you don’t like in a margarita, plus passion fruit. Click
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52 comments on “Eating Every Damn Breakfast Item At The Griddle Cafe In LA”

  1. Think890 says:

    Neat to see all the food items on a menu….really crappy wasting all that food

  2. One says:

    Maybe talk then take a bite

  3. purplegoat2500 says:

    yo but actually review each dish please

  4. ace1262 says:

    Eater be like WELCOME TO EPIC BREAKFAST TIME!…Next episode, we eat HOTCAKES.

  5. cpunching says:

    Prefer the drink videos you did before. There's no way to look graceful or dignified while trying to eat that much 🙁

  6. Angel Mendoza says:

    watching this in the morning before breakfasts isn't such a good idea 🙁

  7. yes says:

    disgusting fat fuck try to not show the chewed up food in your mouth

  8. R.A. Bobby B says:

    I got ill watching the half of the video I made it through.

  9. Dave Faris says:

    HOORAY FOR GLUTTONY! Now let's move on to the other deadly sins!

  10. Scott Allen says:

    Don't quit your day job, that is if you have one. You're lame and not funny

  11. ImVeryImportantAndVeryPretentious says:

    cant you get a respectable host

  12. Dude ILLigence says:

    every one of these dishes made me orgasm

  13. xhmcsx says:

    why tho?

  14. RealFreezd says:

    this is just a normal day for this guy… hehehe

  15. Neil Martinez says:

    Maybe Eater should have separate channel called, Glutton?

  16. akira kazmi says:

    perhaps you should sack this guy and get someone with either dignity, or enough charisma to pull of eating like a pig.

  17. Jesse Graziano says:

    just not a likeable approach to a host that's all

  18. Lawrence Godsey says:

    He may be gross, but at least he's unfunny.

  19. Black Jesus says:

    Fat ass

  20. Salpeteroxid says:

    What's wrong with shrimp in the omelette?

  21. sahalanimation says:

    i wonder why he's so fat, it's still a mystery to me…

  22. Pizza Dude says:


  23. John Smith says:

    Dont think this guys realises the content is the food, not him inhaling it.

    Also, your comedy, ain't.

  24. Joe P says:

    not a fan of this, what do this do with all the food with three bites taken out of it?

  25. streetlover12 says:

    get a decent host thats actually funny

  26. The Kerman Show says:

    I don't think he's that bad.

  27. staticgaston says:

    This douche is like Rachel Greene's worst blind date Steve turned food critique in real life. Unsubscribed.

  28. jeebs621 says:

    This would kill me

  29. Lord Pepe says:

    theres a hair dangling down from number 6's omelette pomodoro. not like he wouldn't mind though.

  30. Pie Arce says:

    All of that food looked fantastic! I like this guy. I want his job too.

  31. Keri Hon says:

    Does he remind you of Augustus gloop From silly wonka and the chocolate factory ?

  32. Goombaking 155 says:

    Thank you arin Hanson

  33. Max P says:

    Years from now, this man will die from being morbidly obese.

  34. Garrett says:


  35. DavijoMan says:

    Each dish feeds 100 people.

  36. Keylid says:

    Arin Hanson and Danny Avidan was right

  37. CallyMan says:

    everytime i stumble upon one of these videos I want to kill myself!

  38. JT says:

    watching you eat that griddle pancake was one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen with my own eyes.

  39. kwale33 says:

    Those pancakes looks like Arin Hanson's chins

  40. Sean Hoover says:

    I could eat like one of those pancakes

  41. Kgbhoneytits says:

    *drools *grabs computer

  42. Julie Spires says:

    Why does this have so many downvotes, this was hilarious!

  43. James Ren says:

    Seafood and eggs together are awesome. Come on, man, get out there a little!

  44. Michael Billings says:

    How are you not dangerously obese

  45. xFortnite_Gregx says:

    Joey food reviews are less gross than this

  46. MsFarzee says:

    This guy ruins the whole concept of this video by his sheer unappealing eating, face, voice and sense of humor.

  47. Emaratilicious - says:

    omg they all look delicious!

  48. werewolfhunter 111 says:

    surprised he not
    1st fattest man in the owrld
    2nd a guy a that one resturant that tale one bite then say im done
    3rd not having diabetes for eatinf all that crap i mean have you seen all his VIDEOS IM MEAN WOOOW 😐

  49. Jolisa Brewster says:


  50. falconNL says:

    More of this!

  51. Wilhelm 88 says:

    Not sure who's worse, this guy or Billy from Zagat…

  52. Joma The Bowler says:

    I love this guy

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