Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe | How to make Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker

Hello friends welcome to a classic Masala Hut. Today we are going to make eggless chocolate cake This is an easy and a simple recipe because we don’t need any electric beater just a big bowl and a wire whisk is just fine so before making our cake batter let’s preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit / 175 degree Celsius. and before preheating the cooker let’s make some small arrangements layer of salt, you can reuse the salt for future baking then place a wire stand and the perforated plate on the top. Heat it for 15 minutes on medium, without placing the cooker weight. Next I’m going to make the batter for our cake so for that I am going to sift all my dry ingredients first. We will need 2 cups of all-purpose flour / Maida 3/4 cup of cocoa powder 2 teaspoons of baking powder 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt mix it once and then let’s start sifting We can also use a regular sieve for mixing everything . Next I am going to add sugar – 2 cups of sugar mix it with the flour mixture next I’m going to add all my wet ingredients 1.5 cups of milk 1 cup of yogurt – make sure there are no lumps 1/2 cup of oil and finally 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract after adding all the wet ingredients mix it nicely without any lumps Next I’m going to divide the batter into 2 have a 9-inch pan for the oven greased with butter and lined with parchment paper if you are using only oven then you will need two 9-inch pan now let’s transfer the batter. once the cooker is preheated place the pan at the center the pan should not be touching the sides of the cooker immediately place the lid In oven at 350 it takes somewhere from 30 to 35 min In Pressure cooker we need to bake it on a medium heat without placing the cooker weight. takes somewhere from 40 to 45 minutes based on the size of your pan after 40 minutes check by inserting a toothpick if it comes out clean then we are good otherwise we need to increase the cooking time Now our cake is out of the oven exactly after 30 min let’s transfer this to a wire rack and let it cool for some time see our cake is nice and soft After 40 minutes our Cooker cake is also ready let’s transfer this to a wire rack look at this our cakes are nice and soft they are very fluffy perfect that’s it our beautiful eggless chocolate cake is nice and ready do try this recipe at home and if you like this video please subscribe to Classic Masala Hut spread the joy of cooking

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    I made mutton biryani .. very nice and came out very well..

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    hellow mam it was superb soon i will try it and share my feedback tq u so much for sharing hope u share more recipe

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    Very good cake you are so cute sister I love your recipe ❤️

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    Classic video, thank you

  9. vemala james says:

    hi sis need to know if we can use steam method for this cake?

  10. Reddy Kitchen says:

    last time my ammee use to do cake without oven but my ammee use sand and use normal aluminium stool with veragu addupu….a chocolate cake without egg…akka your recipe remind my childhood….thank you so much akka….

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    nice, I just like to watch you're recipe

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    can i use butter instead of oil? love ur videos.

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    hellow mam pls share ur new recipes

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    what about cooker ring,whether it is remove or not

  19. Vivek 14408 says:

    is this cake without butter?

  20. Vivek 14408 says:

    steffi no need to add butter for this cake?

  21. Meena Vashist says:

    Is it important to put baking soda?

  22. sadeeda soulath says:

    All time my cake burns in lower area

  23. Nikita says:

    mam it is important we put salt on it we can add water

  24. Pooja Toshniwal says:

    what can be the substitute of yogurt??and which yogurt should be used?? sweet or sour??

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    can we add butter instead of oil ?

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    நன்றி steffi

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    dahi is important

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    plz give metric measurements for this recipe

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    Thank you

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    can you share your utensils and so yummy thank you for your recipe

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    going to try now

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    tell me how to make fresh cream to decorate the cake

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    Kandipa sis i ll tell u feedback sis. Spread the joy of cooking😊😊😊

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    make black forest cake

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    Tq dea fa such nice cake
    😍we literally enjoyed the cake

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    Unga ella recipes um rmba Super mam…. semaya panringa…the way of ur presentation is soooooo nice..oven ilama cake panna mudiuma mam veetla…enga veetla oven ila

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    please upload vanila eggless cake recipe

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    Wowww….your dishes are awesome… can you please upload a video that how to make choco lava cake using egg!!! … please???

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    We can use electric mixer??

  60. василий гребенев says:

    I use my pressure cooker every single day. I love cooking with it.>>> I want to get a second one just the cook additional dishes on the side. Sometimes, when I put the lid on, it seems as if it is locked, but it isn't. I will have to readjust the lid which can slow down my cooking time. I'm pleased overall. I like the look of it. I enjoy the ease of cooking with it. Excellent item.

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    Please say how to cook cup chocolate cake

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    To make vanilla version do I need to add more flour equivalent to cocoa powder?

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    Spread the joy of cooking………
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    Hi steffi I did the same exact measurements but the cake was burn a whole right in the middle of the cake and it Burnt right inside the cake too.. Settings were the same intact I took it out by 20 mins as I got the smell of burning.. Full cake is very hard and crumbled… Please lete know what could be the reason

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