Electric Griddle Repair – Replacing the Heat Control (Presto Part # 06900)

If your electric griddle will no longer heat
up, you’ll likely need a new heat control. The heat control allows you to turn your griddle
on and set the desired temperature. After years of use, the heat control can fail,
either no longer turning on or not setting the correct temperature. When you replace the heat control, you want
to know that the replacement will work just as good as the original. Our heat control is a 100% OEM factory replacement,
which means a perfect fit and function every time. Be sure to check back often for new videos
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One comment on “Electric Griddle Repair – Replacing the Heat Control (Presto Part # 06900)”

  1. Scoobydoonut says:

    How do I know if the controller is the problem or the griddle?

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