Ellen Supports Crock-Pots Amid ‘This Is Us’ Backlash

There’s something important
that I need to talk about. Say it with me, Crock-Pots. [CHUCKLING] Oh, oh. Oh, we’ll say it together, now. Crock-Pots. Good. Thank you. Ever since– I
thought you, for sure, were on the same page as me. Ever since Jack
died on This Is Us, people have been
blaming Crock-Pots. How dare you. Crock-Pots have been
around for over 50 years. And they bring families
together to enjoy a meal. I love Crock-Pots. I grew up with Crock-Pots. It was the only
toy I had as a kid. [LAUGHTER] Actually, it’s kind of sad
story now that I think about it, but my Crock-Pot
never hurt anyone. His name was Sam, Sam Crock-Pot. And we use Crock-Pots
here every day. Twitch doesn’t even have
DJ equipment over there. He’s got a Crock-Pot. [LAUGHTER] There it is. He’s– are you making queso? I got queso. Yeah. Yeah. Nice. Ah. [APPLAUSE] it’s hard to put that lid back. It’s kind of on there. Yeah. [LAUGHING] All right, Crock-Pots
make delicious meals. And they’re always safe. And I want you and your
family to enjoy amazing meals for years to come. So everyone here is getting a
brand new Crock-Pot slow cooker and– [CHEERING] –a $250 Amazon gift card. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re getting a Crock-Pot. You’re getting a Crock-Pot. You’re getting a Crock-Pot. You’re getting a Crock-Pot. You’re getting a Crock-Pot. And you’re getting a Crock-Pot. Everyone is getting a Crock-Pot.

48 comments on “Ellen Supports Crock-Pots Amid ‘This Is Us’ Backlash”

  1. Your fave is a FAD says:

    First comment !!!!!

  2. Mr Awesomite says:

    Love you Ellen

  3. Abdiaziz Mohamed says:

    I love u Ellen😍

  4. xo_al_ex says:

    Did you hear that? 0:19

  5. Oath Solomon says:

    The oprah thing at the end LMAO

  6. sirsinai swat says:

    SERIOUSLY !!!!😮😮

  7. Suhail Ahmad says:

    Damn crock pot

  8. Shay Sloat says:

    Dammit Ellen, you just get funnier

  9. Haseeb Ali Khan says:

    Really I love you Ellen your amazing ..!!

  10. Zesty Queen says:

    I’m actually early 😂

  11. Zesty Queen says:

    This is what I’m doing instead of homework

  12. Raj Kumar says:


  13. Angela R. says:

    Truly the best!

  14. billtang79 says:

    Ellen doing her Oprah moment I see. Lol

  15. Zeke Buf says:

    0:07 that woman is very serious about the pronunciation.

  16. zinye h says:

    The this is us scene😖

  17. Indi Camara says:

    Sam Crockpot

  18. JB JG says:

    20 years from now old crockpots across America will set this audiences’ homes on fire.

  19. Sandy Gardner says:

    "Your getting a crock Pot" She just channeled her Oprah….hahaha

  20. Pedro Guida says:

    I blame the dog.

  21. Sindell Gonzalez says:

    Omg i bet Ellen has good credit! 😂😂

  22. 4catsnow says:

    This is why Ellen has such an army of fans….and I'm in the front rank…

  23. Alev Mustafa says:

    That woman wearing the red at 1:24 is very enthusiastic about the free crock-pot

  24. Laura S says:

    I am in tears 😂

  25. Pinoo Smalls says:

    1:30 made my night!

  26. Knighten Days says:

    I've never even seen this is us, but LONG LIVE THE CROCK POT!!!

  27. Cres- Rodriguez says:

    Is she funny?

  28. amy davis says:

    mysterious killer kit ekapgp demand so affect confuse historically stupid.

  29. Just G says:

    wow if people got as pissed off at guns as they are at crock pots the world would be a better place?

  30. kennedy /Mr_Kramos says:

    I wish one day I can see you

  31. Jonathan Gonzales says:

    Everyone gets a crockpot 😂

  32. dynamosis says:


  33. Juliet Christensen says:

    Man. Now I want some queso and chips. Even more than I normally do.

  34. Kami Rainn says:

    How do I win my crockpot or and that gift card?? Love you @Ellen

  35. Sydney Moore says:

    What is happening with lady at 1:30?

  36. Micheal Rows says:

    Ellen is acting like a CRacK pOt but that's OK.

  37. Tito Tim Travels says:

    You're getting a Crock Pot…You're getting a Crock Pot… You're getting….. sued by Oprah ha ha 😀

  38. TuneOut says:

    0:07 that woman was way into it

  39. Twist Chat stories says:

    What is crockpots?

  40. Tabris Fru Lar says:

    I didn’t even see the woman at 0:07. I was way too busy looking at the hottie in front of her.

  41. Haley Faragalli says:

    Alright Oprah lol

  42. amin fitri says:

    Ellen on Oprah crack

  43. Julia Rodrigues says:

    2 minutes late

  44. Dean William says:

    wow i had no idea this is a huge PR deal to them.

  45. Kate Parker says:

    “It was the only toy I had as a kid” Ellennn 😂😂😭

  46. Mosha says:

    Grandma @1:24 is Like " YAAAAAS Back To Action AGAIN"

  47. Abhinav Mohan says:

    Ellen l am your big fan and I love to watch your programs .
    Please Ellen send me a PS4 pro 🙏🙏🙏

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