EMERGENCY ๐Ÿš‘ LARGE FAMILY MEALS OF THE WEEK #10 | and a power outage, too!

– [Jamerrill] Amelia, where are we? – Costco. – [Jamerrill] What did we just pick up? – My birthday cake. – [Jamerrill] Your birthday
cake, how old are you? – Six. – Yay! Benjamin, look up. OH, so we are back from Costco. We did all kinds of birthday
things for Amelia’s birthday. We went out to Wood
Grill for her birthday, that’s what we’ve bene doing,
like birthday celebrations, that way this momma doesn’t have to cook so we went out to Wood
Grill, had her birthday, picked up the cake at Costco
and now we are back home. Whoa. Opening presents out of
boxes, which she’s actually playing with and Liam is
putting dishes away back there. Benjamin is almost ready,
almost ready for bed, it’s almost eight so he’s kind of throwing some plates around. I’m gonna show you this cake. Anyway, if you are new here, I’m sorry, I feel like I’m sounding half delirious, my name is Jamerrill,
welcome to my channel. Welcome to my squealing baby,
I share all about motherhood, homeschooling and feeding all these people and in large family meals of the week, I share how my large family
meal planning works out in real life. We ended up having a very
close family friend go into the hospital a week ago,
we were called and said, you better come in and say your good byes ’cause this is it. All that to say, I didn’t
post or publish anything last week, I know this
will get to YouTube, it’s kind of like a week off. Anyway, what has been
going on is a whole lot of survival mode around here. I had been planning to do my
large family freezer cooking last week and all of that,
like I got my shopping done and then after that again, we’ve had like six or seven days survival mode. Our friend has made it, praise the Lord and is receiving the
services that they need, all that to say, so now this
week, no food is prepped, I still have to go to the
hospital at least two days out of the five coming days. I think I’m going like
Monday and Wednesday so you’re gonna see in this
video probably hospital food, food on the run, food
on the go, food at home and hopefully me also making
a bazillion freezer meals so let’s see how this all works out. I’ve never special
ordered a cake at Costco, it was the same 18 dollars as any other, picking up any of their
cakes would’ve been but because I filled out the little form, we got the writing on it. So it’s a vanilla cake,
happy 6th birthday, Amelia because we’ve been having
Amelia day, haven’t we? And we’re gonna have some of this now too. So there we go, we took
out about half of one of those big Costco cakes. Captain’s log, it is Monday,
I am still in this same mustard colored hat,
it has been so helpful. It’s raining ice and we are
out and about, far from home. We just got done with
another day at the hospital and I’ll show ya, I’ll show
ya what’s for dinner tonight. Yes, you see it and you
probably see ice coming down. So Chick-Fil-A and sleet, yay. Happy Tuesday morning, this is the state of our breakfast so far. Banana dripping off my hand. So what we’ve been doing
today, today is going to be our big freezer cooking day, yay. Being creative with what we have. We like to take bananas
and then spread some peanut butter on em and a couple kids have also done like some
little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so that’s breakfast today. Okay, so this is, you’ve
seen this, wild Jamerrill on the internet and we’ve
got stuff going on now. We have the power out, yay. That ice that I have been mentioning as I’m climbing on stools now has knocked our power out. Great plans of having my
freezer cooking day today, we instead get a forced day to rest and that is why I have said, forget it, I’m staying in my pajamas. We already called the power company, they know our power’s out. We did get the generator going. I’m actually, I know I
get a lot of questions so I will take this time to answer. I get a lot of questions about what about like all our food storage. Mama, I know, I know. What about all of our food
storage when the power goes out and the thing is, we’ve
had the three years that we’ve lived here, we’ve had up to a four hour power outage. At our other house, we
had two times in 10 years where the power went out for a week. But what we have is we do have generators and so common rule of thumb
when the power goes out and you have freezers and refrigerators, you just don’t open em
or you don’t like open em multiple times, things will
generally stay cold in there as long as the doors are kept shut. Right now it is below freezing outside and my extra freezers and refrigerators are in the garage, that
is already freezing so I’m not even hooking
them up to the generator right now because it’s all still freezing. We’ve hooked the generator up
and I’ve got my Instant Pot over there, plugged in. I’m actually gonna plug
in my 14 quart GoWISE, pressure cooker. A lot of you asked me about
my favorite pressure cooker so those will be linked down
in the description below but what I’m gonna make Benjamin, of course we always have
peanut butter and jelly. But what I’m gonna make
is we have potatoes that I’m gonna do a big
pot of well it won’t be as big as I would like but I’m gonna do the pressure cooker full
of baked potato soup and I’ll show you how
we’re gonna get that going. I was rinsing off these potatoes, I’m just soaking them
in this bowl of water. Hey sweetie, hi baby baby
Marshall, baby Marshall’s helping. Last night actually, I
went to Walmart on our way back from the hospital
and I got some gallon water jugs because if you
have been around my channel for awhile you know I have
to wash my hair separately in the sink because our country
water turns my hair orange, it’s lots of fun. So to make the most of
our little bit of water, I’m just, have let those potatoes soak, that pot is now washed out. This baked potato soup I have
done it a variety of ways, it is just fabulous and
I will have the recipe linked down in the description below. I had to chop the last
couple to get em in there. I am pushing it and so
I don’t advise that you do anything that I do. So things have changed and progressed. We now have power. I was joking that as soon
as Travis was checking out at Walmart with some
other emergency items, that’s probably the exact
moment the power came back on. Nevertheless, we progressed
making homemade potato soup. Here is, what was that,
a 10 or 15 pound bag. I pressure cooked the potatoes,
I peeled the skins off in the pressure cooker now
I have a gallon of whole milk, whole bunch of garlic
powder, salt and pepper, that’s the little like
the tan color and there’s the garlic powder, probably
gonna take the whisk here, if I can get a hold of
one and whisk it up. Also, just heard my family
member who I’ve been sharing, I’ve been in
and out of the hospital and visiting and all kinds of things here for the past week, we just
heard they are being moved, they’re gonna have emergency brain surgery so tomorrow we were gonna go for a happy little hospital visit so
tomorrow we’re gonna be doing brain surgery visits. Hopefully they’re out by the
time we get there tomorrow and we’ll probably be
in ICU and our week of family stuff continues. If you know me, you know
that I will fill any pot to the brim. There’s about a gallon and
a half of whole milk in here and then the stick of
butter and garlic powder and some parsley and I’ve just put this pressure cooker on the
saute setting and that way it’s just heating the
soup and I am stirring it and it will be so good and
we’re gonna eat it with some shredded cheese on top but I’m just stirring it here for a few more minutes. Oh I also added in some chicken stock and a little bit of sour cream. I added in some corn
starch and I stirred that in a separate bowl with jut a little bit of the soup, maybe a cup
of soup and then I poured it back in this bigger
pot and I’ve just warmed it a little longer, it’ll just be a recipe you can probably never follow
but it’s looking fantastic. See, it’s thickening
up nicely, looks super so gonna put it in bowls
now and put some shredded cheese on top. So then here’s the first
bowl, we will give this to Travis there but got
all the cheese on it. Looks super, like I say, we’re all on survival mode this week. There’s a little bit
of potato skin but this was something quick that
I thought we could eat during a power outage so it’ll just be dinner tonight. So today finds us at
Walter Reed Medical Center where my family friend,
family member had to be transferred last night,
that is why my meals are coming to you from a military base. And I didn’t mean to put
this many onions on my plate, I don’t know what happened. It’s a chicken sandwich
and some chicken tenders, there’s some pudding,
there’s some ginger ale. We’re just eating and
that is it for today. I think today I’m gonna get
my freezer cooking done. I’ve got my shopping
outside in my freezers and refrigerators bag full, lots of meat I’m gonna use this
afternoon in freezer cooking and a bunch of yogurts from Sharp Shopper that have been forgotten
about the last few days. We have to eat those up. Also, I’ve got some eggs
in here, I’m just gonna do you know, my standard, gonna
do a bunch of scrambled eggs and these table grapes. Okay so Gabriel is being the
grill master this morning and he is frying us up a bunch of eggs, he’s got the first load ready. Okay, happy Valentine’s Day. – Happy Valentine’s Day! – [Jamerrill] Have you
been thoroughly enjoying your Valentine’s Day goodies? – Yeah. – Uh huh, oh yeah, good stuff. So they’ve got oh marshmallow pops and little candy heart
boxes and valentine’s and Daniel was just showing
me off his Chase pop, he ate the eyes out, yes, lots
of cute, little valentine’s so happy homeschool
valentine’s lunch today. Okay friends so it’s happening. It is going to happen. Glory of glories, I am going to get in a long freezer cooking
afternoon, slash evening, we’ll see how much I can get
done in the next few hours. Okay so freezer cooking has
been moving right along. Dishes are stacking up
so you know we’re busy. Zion did about 48 or so of
these English muffin pizzas, I’ll be sure to link this recipe down in the description below. These are a great freezer meal too. They were going to be a
freezer meal, get some little, got some little crispy cheese pieces here. Anyway, they were gonna be a freezer meal but then we also needed dinner and yeah, these are our dinner now, yay. Okay Daniel’s helping momma unload today. You can keep getting,
there you go, little more, little more, you’re gonna
work on eating these up today while mommy’s working, aren’t ya? So I’m finally going to
get this new eight quart slow cooker that I picked
up about two weeks ago but with of course everything happening, have not even gotten
it out of the box yet. Gonna get it out of the
box and then we have a little bit of this
potato soup that I made a few days ago. Today’s the last day to eat
it or it’s gonna be pitched. I’m all about using up
leftovers so since today’s my work day, I’m gonna heat this on low and the family can have it for lunch, might be a little bit left for dinner and that’s a big part
of the meals for today. This is my breakfast this morning. These huge Costco pears
are perfectly ripe now and believe it or not,
that’s three eggs there so yay, mommy’s breakfast. So it’s lunch time around here. Travis has just taken
the kids out to a park and I am speaking out, I just dumped, these are one of my
Instant Pot freezer meals, it’s the lemon garlic chicken. I also have some
cauli-rice I’m gonna steam in the microwave so I’m
gonna get this lid on and this is gonna be
part of my quick momma, I’m not really here cooking but I gotta feed myself lunch today. Okay so working mom lunch is served. We have the garlic and lemon chicken, bunch of cauli-rice,
bunch of brussel sprouts and yeah, happy lunchtime. Okay it is Saturday, we’re at basketball, ready, set, go time. We have these sausage
Mcmuffin sandwiches I made on my freezer cooking day the other night. We’re gonna have these for breakfast. So this is what Benjamin
thinks of basketball now, of course he has run in the
hallways for quite a bit. Lunch grazing has been well underway. I’ll show you what we have in here. Course it’s not organized anymore. We got bunch of peanut butter and jellies from the freezer, they’re defrosted now. We have some of these chocolate, put those in a couple baggies. Chocolate Cheerios in baggies. Got a nice, big bag of Costco pears, some pepperoni, few cheese sticks and Uno, ’cause you just never know
when you need to play Uno. We are back from basketball, bunch of kids are outside
jumping on the trampoline. I’m done, this momma’s
done and it’s only 5:31, we still need dinner though and so I put a bunch of chicken in my 14
quart GoWISE pressure cooker, I have some butter and some heavy cream and some cream cheese and I have broccoli that I’m gonna steam, I’m going to do my Jamerrill’s chicken, broccoli alfredo and that’s what we’re
having for dinner tonight it’s low carb, keto
friendly and trim, healthy momma approved and all of that. Happy Sunday morning. Got the head wrap in full
force, we are supposed to get a couple inches
of snow at any point so we did not wanna take our big van over the mountain, over the
river, through the woods and ’cause it looked like the heavier snow was supposed to start about the time that we would need to come
back over the mountain so we are doing a big
breakfast at home this morning, gonna do. – I’m done cleaning the mixer. – Amelia’s cleaning the mixer, good job. So Liam has his egg frying
skills going this morning and then Naomi has a waffle
making station going. This morning so we had to improvise, we’re out of milk, story of our lives, of course we use milk a lot for cooking, even more than drinking so we just used eight cups of water instead
of eight cups of milk. We were also, I just have
a pinch of baking powder left so we replaced our
baking powder with half as much baking soda. We also used a lot of
cinnamon in them this morning. Naomi’s got a good system there. Did get some bacon out
and defrosted and here are the eggs Liam did. We’ve got our square waffles and then we have Belgian waffles. Good morning, it’s a brand new week. I found a just a big clean
and cook with me last night and so I didn’t. – [Kid] Banana. – Yeah bananas, didn’t
get anything else done but we are starting a
new week with these are the leftover bananas as
you are well aware now, you know I’ve been visiting
the hospital a lot lately and these bananas while I’ve been gone, they were still in the
dining room in front of the fireplace so
even yesterday the kids kinda rediscovered them
and they’re still fine, most of em are still fine on the inside so here want me get one off for you, honey but the outside obviously
is looking pretty black. Here Amelia, you open this one so we can show what it looks like on the inside. So I think I’m gonna
just encourage them today for snacks and such, there we go, Benjamin will like that one, won’t he? And then whatever is left, whatever we wake up with tomorrow. – Oh there’s two little brown. – [Jamerrill] Oh yeah,
those are fine though. Here, set this down, we won’t
get it in your hair brush and then hold it for me
’cause I’m holding my camera, thank you and then this
will be when Benjamin comes downstairs, this will
be his banana this morning. So anyway, we’re gonna start this new week eating down this banana
box as much as we can for the next day or two and then the rest will go to the freezer for
the smoothie stash, yay. So thank you so much for
watching all of these large family meals of the week, I’m gonna film another one this week. I hope you have a great week. Thanks for watching, bye, bye.

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  76. Kylee _458 says:

    What lipstick are you wearing??

  77. calendarpage says:

    I enjoyed seeing your little fella with chocolate all over his face. For some reason, when my son was that age, he would always wind up with chocolate on his nose. When I look at him today, at 41, I still smile, thinking of the chocolate on his nose. He probably thinks I'm nuts.

  78. Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews says:

    Hello Jamerrill, long week for sure! So glad your friend is okay and that you were able to be there for them.

  79. Cookie Crumb Fun says:

    What a week you had. Busy busy busy!

  80. Angela P says:

    Happy birthday Amelia! ๐ŸŽ‚ Praying surgery went well and your friend is healing. I'm all too familiar with survival mode while having a family member in the hospital. I had one in the hospital for over two months in fall 2018, but praise God they made a miraculous recovery. Praying the same for yours.

  81. 1centplus1cent says:

    God bless your family/friend in the hospital.

  82. Lynn Wood says:

    Prayers for your friend!

  83. Stacy M says:

    I just love you Jamerrill !!!!!!!!

  84. Heather Webb says:

    Captainโ€™s Log…..love it โค๏ธ

  85. Rebekah Watkins says:

    How is your family member doing now?

  86. Kellie McCracken says:

    You are so calm. I like to listen to you when Iโ€™m stressed. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  87. alli oakley says:

    I love your eye shadow. Can you show us how you did it? ๐Ÿ’•

  88. Eileen Killen says:

    Love how you always pull your jumper/ blouse together at the neck, it's a little bit of self assurance I think Jamerrill. Love all your family vlogs.โ˜˜๐Ÿ™‚๐ŸŒด๐Ÿ˜˜

  89. Adriane Orzechowski says:

    Oh my goodness your makeup is looking extra good (im a minute in and decided to pause and tell you before I forgot to after watching it all)

  90. MSNOLLY1 says:

    How old did she say ?!?!

  91. Chassity Stanford says:

    Hope your allergies get better, I can hear it in your voice. Don't you love this time of the year!

  92. Tracie Smith says:

    I love wstching you. You're real and that's hard to find.

  93. Sharon Hughes says:

    There is only my husband and I in our home….we had two sons. He was raised in a family of 8 children, and I lived, most of the time, with 10 kids. I actually enjoy your videos so much. I would like to ask one question. Is the cauliflower rice really good? We are also from the coast of MS…..kind of rural when it comes to eating….you know, beans and rice with sausage and corn bread, hamburger gravy over rice with green beans and bacon. I say that to say that I enjoy the fact that your food doesn't scare me away!!! LOL

  94. Julia Perry says:

    Those bananas would make some yummy muffins! God bless and praying for your friend.

  95. sparklingdragonfairy says:

    i give you KUDOS…you deal with things on an exceptional level…keep on…keepin' on!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  96. Tracy Bazzie says:

    Praise the Lord! God is so good! So happy to hear about your friend!

  97. Margaret deVries says:

    Have you tried slicing the potatoes. In the middle? a slim piece of skin , Boil , drain , when you take them out twist the skins and they should slip off !

  98. Minimalism4Me says:

    That potato soup looks good.

  99. Jus- Sayin says:

    It's nice listening to all you guys do and eat but it was very awesome watching you do the cooking. I'm looking forward to those again.

  100. Dee Ferry says:

    I keep a stock of longlige skimmed milk in my pantry for when I run out

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