(ENG)미니어쳐 전기밥솥 만들기 (밥도 함ㅋㅋ) Miniature – Rice cooker -미미네미니어쳐

Miniature Electric Rice Cooker-Making Jeong YunSeo; Boiled rice represents Korean. But there is no video for electric rice cooker. (2 months ago) Miniature ByeolSom’s; Oops! It got too cold! Anyway, MIMINE made it very well! Please make a rice cooker and refrigerator. Way to go, MIMINE! (2 months ago) Girl Eating Show; I hope you put a microwave oven and rice cooker on the table. (2 months ago) MineLucy; Wow! Unbelievable! You made it very well! How do you have this idea? You are a capable person! Would you please make an electric rice cooker? (1 month ago) Kim SeongYeon; I’d like to ask you to make a rice cooker. (1 month ago) Monster School; Ramen reminds me of boiled rice. Could you boil rice in a rice cooker? (1 month ago) Son HyunJoo; Goddess MIMINE! Would you please make a rice cooker? Is it impossible? (1 month ago) Oh SeungJun; (I’m a girl!) I hope you make a pretty rice cooker. (2 weeks ago) Park JiSoo; MIMINE! Could you make a rice cooker for kitchen miniature? Please shoot video for it! (2 weeks ago) Heart Cat Mini; Please upload the video to make a rice cooker. (1 week ago) Hello, Everyone! I am MIMINE. Today, I’m going to make an electric rice cooker according to a storm of requests. I made it with polymer clay. Level of difficulty is the highest because of many details. Enjoy our video and click ‘Subscribe’ and ‘Like’, please 🙂 Materials;
polymer clay, push stick, glue-lid, box cutter, gimlet, dot stick, scissors, high-strength adhesive, mini hinge, sandpaper, acrylic paints, brush, varnish Today we are going to make an electric rice cooker. Print an elliptical circle on A4 paper. Cut it with scissors. I’ll make an electric rice cooker with white polymer clay. Roll polymer clay with a push stick. Put an elliptical circle paper on polymer clay. Cut polymer clay into an elliptical circle. Remove a paper and trim the elliptical clay’s edge Roll polymer clay into thin and long dough with a push stick. Cut clay dough into a rectangle. Let’s affix the inner pot onto base. Affix the inner pot on the 2mm inward side of base. Curl the inner pot in a ball using a tool carefully. Cut the inner pot into the appropriate length. Trim a seam with a dot stick I affixed the inner pot on lopsided base. Fill a space with polymer clay. Trim affixed clay with a dot stick. Cut clay dough into a rectangle. Cut it 2mm higher than before. Affix the exterior pot around the inner one. Trim the edge of exterior pot. Trim the side connected with base using a dot stick. Cut clay dough into a tiny rectangle. Affix it on the front side of exterior pot. Let’s make a lid of electric rice cooker. Cut polymer clay into a circle using a glue-lid. Trim the edge of lid by hand. Put in an opening on the front side of lid using a gimlet. Press lid into a circle on the backside using a glue-lid. Chop the front center of lid with a dot stick. Let’s bake it! Bake clay dough 13 minutes in oven at 110℃. It was baked. Sand baked clay to make it smooth with sandpaper or file Cut the both sides to affix the cooker handles with a box cutter. You may cut these sides when you make the body of electric rice cooker. Or you can cut them after made the body. Let’s make the inner pot! Make it in accordance with the first method. Make the cooker handles and affix them to the inner pot. Trim the cooker handles with a dot stick. Bake the inner pot 10 minutes in oven at 110℃. Now I’ll make a rice scoop. Roll polymer clay into thin dough. Cut it into the shape of rice scoop. Trim the edge of rice scoop by hand. Make the shape of rice scoop using a dot stick. Take clay dough from the floor. And bend it into the shape of rice scoop. I’ll make the details of rice cooker from now on. First detail is the “pressure regulator”. Roll polymer clay into a small cylindrical shape. Affix a handle onto the pressure regulator. Make the “steam release valve”. Second is the “lid handle”. Make the shape of lid handle with round clay on the floor. I made it like this. Stab the underside of lid handle with a pin. Fill a space with polymer clay Cut a pin sticking out from the lid handle. Third is the “rice paddle holder”. Forth is to making rice cooker legs. Let’s bake it! Bake it 10 minutes in oven at 110℃. This is a hinge made of a can lid of tuna. I’ll join a lid and body of rice cooker with it. Apply a high-strength adhesive and attach a hinge between a lid and body. Attach the rice paddle holder to the body of rice cooker applying a high-strength adhesive. Attach rice cooker legs applying a high-strength adhesive, too. Make a rough sketch of lid shape. I will use silver and black acryl paints. Apply silver acryl paint on an electric rice cooker. You may paint a rice cooker with colors what you want. I used both silver and black acryl paints to a realistic description. Apply silver acryl paint two to three times. Paint an inner lid with silver. Paint also the pressure regulator with silver. And I’ll paint black color Apply black acryl paint carefully. Paint a hinge between a lid and body of rice cooker. Paint the handle of pressure regulator with black. Paint the lid handle with black. Cut the end of pin shortly. Apply a high-strength adhesive in a hole of lid. Attach the lid handle on it. Attach the pressure regulator and steam release valve Paint the buttons on the front of electric rice cooker with white. Paint it with a fine brush. Paint the numbers with red using a dot stick. Paint the open and close buttons with black. Apply a glossy varnish to rice cooker entirely. We made an electric rice cooker! So cute! Today’s cooking: boiled rice rice Pour water into an inner pot. Whisk it! Pour water into an inner pot again. Put an inner pot into a rice cooker White Rice Cooking “Rice was cooked.” (I’m shy ;p hahaha) Open Boiled rice Bye bye~♪

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