Ep3. Rice Cooker Banana Cake【No sugar No oil】SUB 電飯煲香蕉蛋糕【無糖無油】

美味健康无糖无油电锅香蕉蛋糕—Banana cake in rice cooker recipe 8 eggs 6 small bananas ( or 2 big bananas ) 80 g of cake flour Break the eggs Knock knock knock RIP Knock Knock Time to use egg beater Guru Guru Keep stirring for 12 minutes until it turns light yellow and becomes sticky weigh flour, 80 g needed Use a sifter to add in the flour Sif Sif Sif Stir with spoon Peel the bananas and squash it Add banana in Stir Use egg beater again Creamier ^ ^ Pour the mixture into the rice cooker Select ” Cake ” If no, select plain rice cooking (it works too) Wait for 40 mins While waiting…Let’s make tea! Rose and buckwheat tea 咕噜 咕噜 咕噜 Gulu Gulu Gulu Look, the flower petals are floating! 偷偷喝一口 Sneak a sip… 棒棒哒 Nice O(∩_∩)O~ Ready? ♪(^∇^*) 等不及了 YoY Can’t wait! 盖上帽子 Put on a cap 一口气翻过来!1 2 3 Flip! 将将将将! Bingo ! Finallyyyy it’s out! Perfect round shape Soft texture Magnificent! So proud of U * o* 感觉少了(O_o)?? sth is missing… Decorating… Hungry! Looks like Pac Man? LOL Time to dig in! Yum! Last bite 🙂 Soft but Bouncy Pure Banana taste, a bit sweet Aweson afternoon tea Easy Tasty & Healthy DIY Meals ^ ^ See you next week! By Shepherd Kitchen If U like it, plz subscribe & click bell button for updates! Best moment recall Thanks for watching!

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  1. Ruth Yiling says:

    Finally it’s weekend XD want some cake!

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