Europan Cookware – ATV channel – Business program (Subtitle)

We continue our program by interview with Mr. Hakan ÇORAK,
the President of the company that serves in the field of kitchenware. Hakan ÇORAK has been a manager of aluminum kitchenware
and stainless kitchenware production sector for 15 years. We have taken steps to successful business in our management. Then we said that we should take these signatures in our own workplace. So we made a new start with a friend. It made a start to the production of aluminum kitchenware, from disc production to cookware. However, due to the change in the conjuncture, the change in demands in the global sense as investment; At the moment we are producing both aluminum kitchen utensils and we also produce cookware. Plus we will also begin production of small electric household appliances. Our factory is operating in 2500 m2 area. Here we have the latest technology machinery line. Our cookware are manufactured full automatic. We do our coatings here. All coating operations are carried out here. We do non-stick teflon coating, ceramic coating, enamel coating. We can do all of them here, we can perform in our production facility. We operate in the closed area of 2500m2 in the Menderes district, Izmir ITOB O.S.B. We are very glad that we came to Izmir. We came to Izmir on the advice of a consulting firm. Our number of customers has increased in Izmir, we have achieved various clients. Then we could bring our European customers to Izmir. They are very pleased with Izmir. As they come here, they take advantage of both social opportunities and trade. As for trade it has contributed a lot. When it first started, We entered with our own brand to give products products to wholesalers and retailers and to the market. Later, upon the demands of different brands in Turkey and around the world, we started manufacturing subcontracts. At present, Europan Cookware is involved in both
of wholesalers and retailers in our industry and in addition, we continue to produce subcontracting in Europe, and we manufacture and export to sub-brands. We are currently working on a partnership in Germany. What is this ? There will be an office, there will be a storage area and now we are working on this. There are incentives given by our state, we have completed our work on them. They will find us there soon. Apart from that, they can reach us very easily. Our contact information is available on our website. Here, we can give any answer when customer want to contact us. We can send products to Europe and have all kinds of certificates. We have all our documents including food compliance certificates, ISO certificate , TSE(Turkish Standardization Institute) certificate. We have approved by TÜV(Technischer Überwachungs Verein – Association
for Technical Inspection) products, our products are certified. We do our sales with these. People looking at thickness and thinness of product,
but the thickness or thinness of product is not a quality indicator. The quality of the workmanship, the quality of the materials used and the quality of our automatic line are the factors of the quality. Now we start to check the quality, test all the quality stages from the entrance to the final delivery, apply and carry out all our shipments accordingly. But as I said, the most important issue here is the technological line and trained staff and a good raw material, a strong source of raw materials. We are a company that gives importance to innovation. We have different products, we are already progressing
with different products in our sector and we are ambitious. However, we have various products available in our industry. We’re always changing. It is a company that catches the change and has predictions. So we have this structure and we have the flexibility. Some companies set up automatic line and
do not provide flexibility so it does not change quickly. There is no such thing to us, we have a very flexible
production technique and structure. Therefore, we have a strong structure. After 10 years or 20 years, we want to be a more European-standard company that can produce more powerfully,bring more money to its country,
export and contribute to its environment and its employees. So this is our target. Therefore, we have taken steps and we are moving forward. We are still investing in the global economic situation. We still continue our production. So we didn’t cut any of them in all of them, and we continue without slowing down. We have products that Europe can accept, the world can accept the USA can accept, Canada and the countries in the East-Middle East can accept, the Republic of Turkey can import all of them to the market, and we continue to produce them. First of all, thank you to our customers who trust us. Each of our customers is a partner to us. We are very pleased with the trade and shopping made by our customers. I think they are satisfied with them. We will offer to customers more varieties with different products in the future, so I think the trade will be more developed. I say again. There are companies that support us very well in Europe, so we are a good company, we do good things, we produce good products, this only needs to be supported on a customer basis.We have nothing else.

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