Everyday Stir Frying Episode 4 / Hoisin or Oyster Sauce

okay guys a quick little question
a couple folks who asked me on dealing with the difference between
hoisin sauce and Oyster sauce and when they should be used now course there is no hard fast rule you like one more than the other and you
only want to use their own feel free do that I mean you’re the one cooking cook it the way you and the people you’re cooking for like it you don’t have to follow my rules or
anything like that but typically oyster sauce gets used more along the lines with vegetables and
chicken the lighter tasting thanks one of my favorite things
to order at a dim sum restaurant is a the Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce
very simple dish very clean flavors and then flavored
with oyster sauce hoisin sauce typically get used a
more stronger dishes I like with beef that kinda thing
of course oyster sauce is made with oysters that get cooked down to give that umai flavor along the soy sauce fish sauce type of line hoisin sauce is
flavored with the anise with star anise you get liquorish flavor some people find it kind of
strong so even know who they would be using
some of that in beef dishes like my mongolian beef recipe I actually use
both like I know blend the two so you can definitely make some up blend them
now some people like the flavor and oyster
sauce but they have allergies or they are vegetarian the vegetarian oyster sauce is a very
good don’t shy away from them if you have
allergies or just don’t want to use if you’re a vegetarian whatever go ahead
and use a vegetarian oyster sauce you’ll be happy with that don’t worry
about it in any way that’s a quick rundown
between hoisin sauce in oyster sauce I’ll be doing the like soy sauce dark
soy sauce and thick soy sauce maybe the next video if I don’t do the next one it will come up pretty soon

18 comments on “Everyday Stir Frying Episode 4 / Hoisin or Oyster Sauce”

  1. grumpy150 says:

    @James Strange ~ I was just talking to Chef Tom Lin about this very topic because I did not know if they were interchangeable…. If you are not subbed to him you may enjoy his cooking videos…. Between the two of you my Asian cooking game is on point ! Were you able to use the pic of my chicken broccoli stir fry I sent to you for your web site ?

  2. Susie Riccio says:

    I am so glad that you explained this.  I always tend to use oyster sauce and now I know it is because the Hoisin has a licorise flavor, but I could never identify it.  Thanks so much

  3. vanscoyoc says:

    Hoisin for beef and pork,  Oyster for fish, shellfish and chicken.

  4. Smokes A Rollin says:

    Fantastic tutorial

  5. FitAngie says:

    I love both these products James and I use the oyster sauce more for beef when I cook stir frys for the family. But I don't really care I'll use both on anything to be honest

  6. The Bald Chef says:

    James great explanation, we use oyster sauce in many of our vegetable stirfry's and with chicken too! . I have used Hoisin sauce before, but don't really care for the flavor. Perhaps it's an acquired taste, I know it took me many years to learn to love fish sauce, and now I couldn't live without it. 

  7. FegrusMojo says:

    I perfer the oyster sauce as the hoisin is a little to strong for some dishes.  In some Thai meals they use a combination of oyster/fish/golden maybe even soy etc.  Glad you mentioned the Veggie option as one of my sisters is a vegetarian and another is a vegan, I have three so it makes for an interesting Christmas dinner 😀

  8. fatass_ross says:

    Hoisin sauce also has fermented black beans.

  9. Anime Studio Animation says:

    NO MSG!!!!!!!!

  10. ClashixTV says:

    can u use oyster sauce straight from jar? as dipping? or needs to be cooked? ty

  11. Doc Creed says:

    Thank you for an intelligent, conversational, and pleasant description without all the fancy editing or laundry list of sauce history that I could have goggled myself. Excellent video. Thanks!

  12. Deslyfoods says:

    Besides Lee kum kee, What other kinds of Oyster Sauce Do You Know?

  13. Luciana Borinato says:

    Hi James. Can you explain the difference between Oyster and Teriaky sauce , and where to use them please? Thank you! 🙂

  14. annabodhi38 says:

    I'm looking for something that doesn't have all that extra msg in it.

  15. Ragonfand says:

    ya can't go wrong with ground up panda sauce

  16. Friend Chicken says:

    Both. 👍🏻❤️

  17. wachira david says:

    The red one tastes like salt than salt. Don't buy it unless you like salt and oyster smell. Even soy sauce is way better than this. I thought it was more of a barbeque sauce instant regret

  18. Harold McBroom says:

    …that's not necessarily OYSTER sauce, if it says OYSTER FLAVORED, gotta watch out for those play on words; They love their word plays, because that's how they are cramming their Genetic Engineering down our throats.  Same thing with "modified", if it's modified, it's Genetically Engineered, meaning, it's been modified from the original.

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