EXPECTATIONS vs REALITY of Having a Sibling

Hi guys, it’s me Emily>>and Evelyn>>from Two Sisters Toy Style and today we’re going
to be doing the expectations vs. reality of having a sibling. Please comment down below
if you have a sibling or if the reality or
if the expectations is how you are with your siblings.>>So enjoy the video. EXPECTATIONS Oh Emily, wake up.>>Hi, Evelyn.>>Good morning, Emily.>>Hi sissy, I slept so good. REALITY>>Emily, wake up!>>No, leave me alone.>>Ugh, okay fine. I would leave you alone. Wake up! Lazy!>>What are you doing? Are you crazy? EXPECTATIONS>>Oh, Emily can you please help
me brush my hair on the back?>>Yeah.>>Thanks. REALITY>>Emily, can you please help
me brush the back of my hair?>>No, it looks fine. You did a good job.>>Oh, what? Ugh. EXPECTATIONS Emily, I can’t reach. Can you please help
me get the cup?>>Sure, let me help you. REALITY>>Emily, I can’t reach. Can you please help
me get the cup?>>Get a chair, pull it up, get on it and then you
can reach it yourself.>>Oh, okay. Thanks. Finally. Emily, it’s too high. I’m gonna fall off
help me please.>>Mommy and daddy, Evelyn’s about to fall off the chair. Can you please help her?>>Huh? EXPECTATIONS>>Are you okay?>>Yeah, I’m fine. Are you?>>Yeah. I’m okay. REALITY Oh, watch where you’re going.>>Mommy, Emily hit
me on purpose.>>You’re so rude. I didn’t hit her.>>Yes, she did EXPECTATIONS>>I like your t-shirt, it’s cool.>>Yeah, cool t-shirt. I like dressing
the same way as you.>>Me too. REALITY>>Hey, you’re wearing
my t-shirt?>>It’s not your t-shirt. It’s my t-shirt.>>Ugh, I’m not wearing
the same thing as you, I’m changing. EXPECTATIONS>>I love playing
with you, Emily.>>Yeah, I’m so happy
I have a sister to play with. REALITY>>No Evelyn, don’t throw
the ball over there ugh, and put this on your dog. Throw the ball like this. Oh, no, so slow like that. And don’t put
your dog like this. It looks like it’s
sniffing the ground.>>Oh Emily, do you always
have to tell me how to play?>>Of course, I do. I’m your older sister. EXPECTATIONS>>Evelyn, can you
put the snack bags in your backpacks, please?>>Okay. REALITY>>Evelyn, can you
put the snack bags in your backpacks, please?>>Okay. EXPECTATIONS Emily, can I please have
a little bit of water?>>Sure.>>Thanks. REALITY Emily, can I please have
a little bit of water?>>I’m still thirsty and I’m drinking, wait.>>Daddy, Emily’s drinking all
of the water.>>Huh? EXPECTATIONS>>Okay, Emily. It’s my turn to use the laptop.>>Okay, here you go.>>Thank you. REALITY Emily, it’s my turn
to use the laptop.>>No, I’m not done yet.>>But your time is up.>>I don’t care go and use
the iPad or something.>>Mommy, Emily is
not sharing the laptop. EXPECTATIONS>>Ah, what could it be? I love getting presents, Evelyn.>>Yeah, what could it be? What could it be?>>It’s so furry and cute. Do you need help opening yours? You got it too. Yay! Twinsies. REALITY>>Aww, it’s so cute. Oh, they’re cute.>>Hey, yours is better. I want yours.>>No, it’s mine. They’re exactly the same.>>No, yours is better. Give it to me.>>Just kidding guys. We are not really
like the reality of this video. We just made this video
to have a good laugh, and for you guys to laugh, and since we’re siblings,
and we’re sisters, We have our moments. We are argue once in a while. But anyways, it was
a really fun video to do.>>I would never ever wake
Emily up with the frying pan.>>Oh, yeah that was loud.>>It looks funny.>>So let us know
if the reality or the expectations of this video with your sibling
and thanks for watching.>>See you next time.>>Please subscribe and bye!
>>Bye.>>Thanks for watching
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