Exploding Pressure Cooker – Pressure Cooker Safety Features

Of course your pressure cooker is not going to explode. The old pressure cooker made of aluminium had rubber plug in the lid and if you didn’t turn down the gas or you left it in the stove too long the rubber plug will pop up and the food will follow Nothing’s like that nowadays. I’m going to talk about three of three pressure cookers. The Fagor, the Kuhn Rikon, and Cuisinart. This is just three examples how safe the pressure cookers are today. Now Fagor, it has a sliding button to lock the lid in place. You have a little pressure indicator which tell you there is pressure in your pressure cooker and a button here, which allows you manually to let the steam escape And if you leave your pressure cooker too long on a stove there is a little window here, which allows the seal to go through and let the steam escape If you look at Kuhn Rikon, Kuhn Rikon has a very, very simple mechanism, and the button, which indicates the pressure, will allow you to return or allow you to turn it around and let the steam gently escape on the outside Again you have those little windows If you leave your pressure cooker too long on a stove after the cooking is finished that seal will be pushed through, the steam will escape and keep everything in control And so one is our electric pressure cooker. This is the simplest one. There is not a change in the world for anything to happen with that pressure cooker Once it’s on it will go through the whole process and when cooking is finished, it will automatically switch off Go to a keep-warm setting and depressurise gently by itself So nothing for you to do but if you want to open the pressure cooker quickly, you have here a little button to turn to pressure release Again, very, very simple and very safe This is the Pressure Cooker Centre and thank you for watching, and remember we have the largest range of pressure cookers and spare parts in Australia We ship all over the world every day and check us online We can help you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call

18 comments on “Exploding Pressure Cooker – Pressure Cooker Safety Features”

  1. Mr3wheeledbike says:

    man i turning old one into a boiler for a home made steam engine i wish the old one had safety fetchers boooooooooom

  2. Phlegethon says:

    somebody really likes pressure cookers to have a whole channel on it

  3. Prabhat Jain says:

    @sadgreen awesome, i could not stop laughing.

  4. Talia Karaberis says:

    ummm….where's the exploding pressure cooker? perhaps you should call this video "3 safe pressure cookers". i feel like cussing up a storm for the lack of exploding pressure cookers. but instead i'll just say that you should probably change the title of this very informative video. which by the way has great tips on which pressure cooker one should consider purchasing

  5. Jamahl Soares says:

    wheres the explosion!!

  6. indez23 says:

    Well, at least these are much safer than the old ones

  7. Nina Catanese says:

    @sadgreen HA ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  8. Bongo Photoman says:

    thx… those are all premium top of the line cookers… nice ad…

  9. ToastyMozart says:

    This is a very helpful and informative video.
    However, I don't think you will attract people concerned about P.C. safety as much as you will people looking for a detonating cooker. What would you expect when you name the video "EXPLODING PRESSURE COOKER"

  10. James Cameron says:

    Video title FAIL! Don't call a video EXPLODING PRESSURE COOKER in ALL CAPS if you aren't gonna show an exploding pressure cooker!!!!!!

  11. TheTubeTempest says:

    thumbs down for being a terrible liar.

  12. realvanman1 says:

    I would definitely trust a reliable, old, well-made pressure cooker than some modern china junk. Just watched a video in which a modern "Fagor" brand had exploded. Modern is junk in most cases…

  13. jaker5555 says:

    Aw, gee. I wanted to see a kitchen get blown up! Well that's what the title implied, anyway. Ha. No, look, I'm only joking. Thanks for the video and I am looking into this technolgy as part of the KFC cooking secrets to see if I can replicate KFC's chicken using soybean oil. I am a little concened about the dangers as indicated in many articles advising against using KFC pressure cooker method at home. Aparently, from your experience, they appear to be relatively safe, so that's good to know.Thx

  14. TiredOldFart says:

    Don't buy flimsy stamped stainless steel pressure cookers. Watch the youtube about the Fagor promoted here as "safe" at /watch?v=_THHP4j0oa0 Buy an solid American foundry-fabricated aluminum cooker. There is 800 pounds of pressure pushing against the lid of a pressure cooker when it's set to 10PSI. Don't buy junk, our you'll end up with a mess and perhaps a scaling injury.

  15. crimsonrose says:

    TY! Very informative!

  16. Bill9696V says:

    But people want to see exploding pressure cookers.

  17. Davefromohio1981 says:

    oh yes it works it works the dislike button works

  18. Светлана Барановская says:

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