EXPLORANDO UNA MINA DE PLATA ⚒️ – Cerro Rico de Potosí – BOLIVIA 🇧🇴 | Búsqueda Mineral #2

In the previous episode I was in the province of Jujuy in the extreme north of Argentina Being close to the border I decided to go to know go to know and look for mineral treasures That Bolivia saves We will visit a place where history weighs We headed towards the city of potosí to visit the silver mines and see how it works inside So let’s start! after hiring a tour in the city of potosí We are going quickly to the first destination what is the mining market that miners obviously come to stock up on different products Among which they can be: hand tools for working inside the mine or they can also come for lunch, breakfast or snack One of the fundamental products for the miner is coca leaves that the miner helps you work better because it takes away your hunger and others gives energy together with the coca leaf can be combined with bleach, stevia or baking soda Something that miners also carry is 96th grade alcohol and also some cigarettes and this mainly serves to make offerings inside the mine for the famous “mine guy” that later when we are inside the mine I’m going to tell you who it is? or, what is it ? the uncle of mine Meanwhile our guide explains that one can come here quietly and we can buy all the elements to make a dynamite obviously the miners come here to look for all these elements because it helps them work there (in the mine) for example if the miners found a good silver streak or of another mineral found in this hill perforations are made and dynamite is introduced so that later the miners can go, go to work manually collecting all that precious mineral grain which will give them a lot of money later so if there is luck you can find a good grain of silver ore now we go quickly our safety equipment because there is a lot of dust to the place we go and other things that can harm us and get ready to go to a mining mill that is a mineral processing plant where it is mainly made silver ore concentrates and minerals forum had the privilege of filming the entire process I thank the guides who were very kind and now I’m going to pass on to you everything the guide was telling us about the process all the material they see accumulated comes from the hill rich of potosí this historic hill where the Spaniards exploited for centuries and centuries hundreds of thousands of tons of silver extracted from this mountain and still producing minerals not with the quality of before, but still working the main minerals that are still working in the hill rich of potosí still silver, tin, lead, antimony and zinc It is worth mentioning that all these minerals that we see around us it is brought by the coperativist miners that means that these miners do not have a fixed salary and that their work depends on the daily production of the ore they are extracting from the mine look friends let me take material so we can see it on the channel what we are seeing is the material processing so what are we going to do enter the mill and here we will see the silver concentrates Now we have to put on the mask (chinstrap), the helmet Security elements so that we can enter inside we enter the processing plant and my partner told me to be careful because the chemicals were in the containers that are used for silver concentrate we go down carefully with this team it becomes difficult to descend what we see at first sight are the grinding which is where rocks that are rich in silver ore are milled or other metals that are working so what this machine is going to do is reduce all this material to dust and all this will go to the flotation pools look how amazing all these machines working at the same time to produce the silver concentrate, really this is amazing I honestly never thought of coming to a place like this I am very satisfied so far and that we have not seen the main course (enter the mine) Now we are going to enter the back which is where all this concentrated material is deposited and this concentrated material is worth the redundancy It is material that is exported the guide told us that unfortunately in Bolivia there is no plant silver processing that converts this contracting into silver bullion but casually a few months ago it is trying to reactivate an old silver processing plant so probably all this material will stop and be worked by the locals I think it’s excellent news Now ! let’s go to what we came we go to the mines, we go to the hill rich of potosi that is waiting for us and we went to the “stone scream” mine all those minerals that I had mentioned are produced in this mine How do I know that my subscribers are brave? You have to leave a super like this video right now! so my dear subscribers get ready why we are going to make history we will enter this mine with the right foot accordingly ready friends, let’s go to the beach 🙂 – all together friends … We are entering the mine and we see that it is quite short to pass and we really have to be careful because we can hit our heads at any moment and another thing is that it is very difficult to breathe in here we have the chinstrap, but inside there is an incredible amount of dust I assure you that it really becomes difficult to breathe if at any time you want to come to do this tour I recommend you to be in good physical condition, if you are not going to suffer like me xd we will pass now boss hence a saying is born that says: from potosí a silver bridge could have been made to Spain but on the other side a bridge of corpses as the uncle of mine told them is the miner’s protector That’s why the miner comes with the coca leaves, cigarettes and alcohol and gives them as an offering so that the mine’s uncle can protect the miner and also for the simple reason that the hill rich It is known as the hill that devours men It is said that throughout history they have died more than 8 million people trying to get the riches of this hill that’s why the miners entrust themselves so you can protect them in their daily work Now we will go up to some galleries that were up you had to climb the stairs .. and this place .. It is very, very narrow I tried to pass but I couldn’t because I had a camera I didn’t want it to break, because it wasn’t my camera so I admired the minerals that I could identify at first sight I could identify chalcopyrite, some galena and I kept seeing if there were other minerals but but if we look up there were huge rocks! grabbed by 3 beams I imagine that if I hit a hammerhead wanting to get the minerals those rocks came over me so I stayed still waiting for the people in the group to come back so we can continue then we will follow the path where are the miners working Well folks, I’m here because it’s hard to get into this passage I have a camera in my backpack and if it happened it will be destroyed look how small this place is here is another place up here too It is very complicated to work here here we see the work of the miners that is very hard it cost me a lot to arrive but we arrived, this place is a bit dangerous It is part of the tour so let’s see what happens here we are seeing a lot of sacks of mineral rich in silver here there is a lot but a lot of money You can realize this in the foreign market, outside Bolivia this is worth a lot of money That is why we as miners cannot export directly, that is what a private company does ohh .. calm down come here calm, calm … nothing happens * laughs * the saw has made him fall not to scare friends … there I found thor’s other hammer the one that was missing but well, we are finishing, we have already surfaced at last ! I’m safe I could say This was for me, an adventure in its purest form I always wanted to come to the potosí mines and I never had the opportunity to this day luckily the miners let me take some mineral samples from inside the mine so very good and I send a big hello to all of them who have behaved with me

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