Fast and Easy Barbacoa Tacos

OW! I just got pepper in my eye Is it red? Really? (laughs sarcastically) I pepper sprayed myself Alright so today we’re gonna make barbacoa, which fun fact is the original word for barbecue.
Traditionally this is a dish where you dig a pit in your backyard and you surround it
with rocks and you build a big fire and you cook the meat in banana leaves. I live in a condo so I can’t really dig a hole in my backyard. Also, traditionally you use the head of something, like a cow or goat. I decided to use beef cheeks instead, which you can get if you call your butcher ahead of time and say you need beef cheeks- they can get them for you. They’re just a really cool, interesting, unctuous cut Nice good fatty flavor. So what I do first is I make sure that I salt the meat I even do this a day before to make sure you get all that salty goodness in the meat The next thing I’m gonna do, and this is
inspired by Rick Bayless- who actually does a crock pot barbacoa- he says it’s
not cheating. What we’re gonna do is an instant pot barbacoa which is a little bit like cheating. But the first thing we’re gonna do is make a red chili marinade, or an adobo. First we’re gonna add two guajillo peppers. These are kind of shiny long red peppers. Cut them up. I’ve already taken the seeds out of
these and de-stemmed and deveined these. Two ancho chilies- these are kind
of wrinkly brown ones, they’re kind of sticky. The next thing I’m gonna add is actually a chipotle chili in adobo sauce, chipotle pepper from the can. Rick Bayless says it’s okay so I’m gonna do it. Right here, boom. Right in there. Now our other ingredients. We have brown sugar, which is mimicking a Mexican ingredient. They have this unrefined sugar that they use, usually get it in cones. About two tablespoons. I’m also gonna add some cider, apple cider vinegar. Adobo is traditionally a sauce, it’s a vinegar base. Next I’m gonna add some garlic. You can do three big cloves, I’m doing four medium size If you can find canela, which is this Mexican cinnamon, that’s preferred I’m just gonna use ground cinnamon that you can get at your local grocery store. What I am using traditionally is a Mexican oregano. Mexican oregano is a little bit
different than Italian oregano, it still has a little bit more flavors of anise. It’s a little bit more grassy and a little bit stronger. So we’re gonna throw this in. This is about a teaspoon. And we’re gonna do about two teaspoons of salt. So just two big pinches of salt. The last thing we’re gonna add is some water and then we’re gonna blend it up. Okayy let’s run it. Here we go. It takes a little bit of time- a couple
minutes. Let’s check on this. Needs a little bit more time. Doesn’t have to be like super thick, but we want everything incorporated. So this is what our sauce should look
like, it’s nice and incorporated. Smells delicious The next step is to start browning our meat. So here’s the big cheat: the instant pot. We have it on sauté, we have it on high. The great thing about this is we can brown the meat and then we can actually braise and pressure cook the meat in the same container. So we’re letting the vegetable oil warm up. We’re gonna use 312 Dry-Hopped in
this recipe. It’s got a nice hop structure so that it can balance the beef, but it’s not too bitter to overwhelm the dish. So the vegetable has- So the vegetable oil, oh my god So the vegetable oil is hot. We’re gonna start browning our beef cheeks. You want that sizzle! You want that sizzle when you first put the meat down. You want to make sure you get a nice, brown, caramelized edge. You want to make sure you don’t
overcrowd the pan. If you do you won’t get a nice browning, the meat will start steaming itself So we’re just gonna do these one at a time or as many as can fit. This is where you speed it up and play that diddily diddily music. Probably want a good 3 to 4 minutes on
each side but make sure you check Once you can lift it up easily, it’s probably
browned really well. And then you let it sit again So all the meat is browned,
we’re gonna turn off sauté. Doesn’t matter now if it’s crowded. And I’m going to pour our delicious marinade or adobo sauce over it. Oh it smells so good. So the next thing we’re gonna do is, again, a little bit of a cheat. But I wanted to try to incorporate that banana leaf charred goodness into this dish. So I got some banana leaves right here from my local Mexican grocer, and I’m gonna char them over the heat. And I’m gonna throw them in. Okay, cools off pretty fast. I’m just folding it, tucking it in bitwixed the beef cheeks. So the last thing, I saved the best for last, we’re gonna put some beer in this delicious barbacoa using 312 Dry-Hopped. I’m just gonna kind of cover the
meat. This is optional, you can add beer or not. I choose to add beer, I always choose beer. I don’t know how to put the lid on. We’re gonna put this on high pressure
for about 45 minutes. Pressure And now we wait and drink the rest of that 312 Dry Hopped. This has cooked under high pressure for 45 minutes, and then we let it just naturally depressurize, that took another 10-15 minutes. And now let’s take a look oh that looks so good and what you guys aren’t getting is how good it smells. You can smell the cinnamon and the earthiness, a little char from the banana
leaf. Ooh this is so tender. So right now I’m gonna take the beef
cheeks out, I’m going to shred them, and at the same time we’re gonna reduce this sauce. We’ll take these banana leaves out, they’ve done their job. I’m just gonna hit sauté again. It’s gonna start heating up, it’s gonna reduce, it’s gonna be delicious. We’re gonna strain it, gonna do some shredding. We just do it with two forks, just start tearing it apart. But it really is just breaking up. So tender. But I happened to have made some
sauce already using this exact same method, I reduced it till it got to a nice thicker consistency, and I also strained it when I poured it out of the instant pot and now I’m just going to pour it on our beef cheeks. A little toss. It even sounds good. I’m gonna throw some diced onions on top of it. This is pretty traditional: diced onions,
cilantro, and some lime wedges. We’ve actually diced this onion and then we’ve rinsed it with water. That gets rid of a lot of the overpowering strong flavors of onions if you’re gonna eat them raw. Top with some chopped cilantro, then we’ll just put some lime wedges around. Throw a little bit of salt on top, and I’m going to put some lime juice on myself. Sometimes that unctuous fat needs a little citric acid to help balance it out. I also serve it with some tortillas so you can make some tacos. We’re lucky enough in Chicago that we
have some local tortilla makers this happens to be a really great one. I have them warmed up with some tinfoil in the oven at about 200 degrees. These were made this morning so they’re gonna be awesome. I’m using white corn tortillas. You can use yellow corn, you can use flour, but I prefer corn. Alright I’m just gonna go for it. It burns us. A warm tortilla, just dive right in there. Delicious barbacoa. I’m gonna put some extra onions on this, extra cilantro, put my own squeeze of lime on. And here I go. Mmmm those flavors are so delicious. It’s so melt-in-your-mouth tender. I get a little bit of char, some nice peppery chiliness. I can taste that beer in there. It”s just delicious. The only other thing I’d want is a little bit of hot sauce or salsa, but that’s totally up to you. Mm-hmm. Have this with an awesome 312 Dry-Hopped. Recipes down below. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. And I’ll see you next time. Seriously you guys.

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