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name is Nisha this is my channel lose your Veganity where I show you tips and
tricks on how to live more compassionately for the earth the
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second and for more clarification on what my channel name means or her
frequently asked questions check out the links below. so today’s video this is one
of the first videos in my installment of things that you can make in the rice
cooker I was just so inspired by this because when I was in college and had a
tiny tiny kitchen I need so many things and my rice cooker and literally you can
make all of these things with a tiny little rice cooker that just has an on switch.
which is mind-blowing because people think a rice cooker how much have I
gonna do with that besides make rice I’m like a lot of things
guys you need a rice cooker and of course this video goes with my giveaway
that I’m doing if you haven’t checked out my giveaway and it’s before August
23rd 2017 go ahead and check out the card above
and the links below to see how you can enter to get a free rice cooker just
like the one I’m using in this video along with a lot of other cool school swag
that I picked out for all of you guys so today I’m going to be making Indian
lentils in a rice cooker. this is a really simple recipe I grew up eating
lentils I think my first solid foods were lentils and rice there’s protein
and all these vitamins and minerals that you really need that lentils have in
them and especially pink lentils take way less time to cook you barely have to
rub to brain cells together to get red lentil curry death so this is a more
simplified recipe from the red lentil curry that I made in my other video not
in a rice cooker which is delicious but it tasted very similar if not actually
absolutely the same it just misses some of the smokiness since you’re not
toasting your spices before which is a very key part of like that Indian savory
deep flavor but it still gets the job done and it’s still freakin delicious
and it’s made in a rice cooker so there’s way less cleanup you can use it
in a dorm because it doesn’t get hot on the side or in a small cooking space
because rice cookers can come in a variety of sizes you can
prophesize ones that are teeny tiny and you’re really lazy like my hands can
throw both the lentils and the rice in the right sphere at the same time just
measure up the rice before and the water that goes with the rice before and then
do this recipe on top of that and then you have this big vat of deliciousness
but definitely make sure that you think enough rice cooker to do that because
this little one cannot handle that okay the first thing you need is the rice
cooker cup that it came with instead of using a regular cup because there can be
some slight discrepancies add one cup of lentils three cups of water 1/2 cup of
strained or finely diced tomatoes the mixture of spices listed below and
pretty much all you have to do is stir it put the lid on and turn it on that’s
it every 5 to 10 minutes stir the mixture so at the bottom doesn’t burn
then once the mixture starts looking like this for me I found it was about 9
minutes before it ended stop it from cooking then you have an awesome pot of
adult and then you can stir in some fresh coriander and this is what it should look like in
the end okay guys I hope you guys liked it I just think this is such a release
necessary part of life to know especially as a young adult how to make
things in a rice cooker that aren’t rice because there are no open flames it’s
one pot set it forget it done and there’s way less cleanup and I’m gonna
press it’s like a little magic trick you can be like I made all this and a rice
cooker to all your friends so if you do try this out be sure to tag me in your
photos I love connecting with you all and I just low-key accessibility I hope
you are well on your way to eating more plants and losing your big anity and
I’ll see you guys next time in a new video what about me what about proteins what
about cheese

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