Fast Smoked!: Baby Back Ribs In a Pressure Cooker| Pressure Cooker Pork Ribs Smoked| Fast|Easy- CC

howdy I’m a Ciccio Genco and today
we’re going to make smoked baby back ribs in the pressure cooker and the
whole key to this is the do them in 20 minutes and but smoked without having to
spend four or five hours outside and in front of the smoker this will all be
done with the pressure cooker and there will be smoked these
will be the most delicious ribs you’ll ever eat no restaurant can make them
this good so I’ll show you how to get started here alright here we go we got
the one slab of baby back ribs you got 1 cup of water and they’re on a rack inside
a electric power pressure goes alright got the lid on and now we’re gonna set
the timer this one has a lot of automatic settings on it and you can add
more time to it and this happens to be a farberware pressure cooker but they
don’t pay me to tell you that but I just letting you know what we’re using to
good smoke flavor pressure cooked ribs here’s what I do I take cherry wood
chips apple chips and hickory
mix them all up in this coffee can right there and I add water to it and I let
them soak for about 15-20 minutes more than water they soak in the more smoke
to go to produce and as soon as the charcoals hot we’re going to put the
ribs on and then we get that smoke started and it’s got to take about maybe
ten minutes at the most smoke okay they’re done cooking in our total time
was ten minutes for the pressure cooker to come up to steam thirty minutes
home cooking time and for the steam to go back down to release the valve and so
forth now there’s another six minutes so a total time of 46 minutes to cook these
ribs instead of five hours and there then we’ll really take
this lid off and move I’m ready to take off the lid and oh they smell good and
here’s what we’ve got now while all this was cooking I went outside and lit up my
charcoal and it’s ready to go in about ten more minutes we’ll smoke them up and
we’re ready okay I brought out the ribs now right
off the pressure straight off the pressure cooker charcoal is hot put the wood chips on and you’ll see in
a minute just how much smoke these puppies or going to give right through the grill this way and these start smoking instantly there it is already and there’s our smoke this is only going to take
about 10-12 minutes two big rounds of smoke like that and
they’re not cooking anymore because I have the ribs all to one side the fire
on the opposite side and all they’re doing is smoking lots of smoke oh that’s
there’s all the flavor right there fall off the bone baby back ribs okay the smoke died down in the first
round I just added more chips from the second round smoking one more time I timed these for
smoking them and the total time is about 15 minutes so they have lots and lots of
smoke and they didn’t have to spend all day out here and there you have it folks
your finished product smoked pressure-cooked baby back ribs
incidentally you don’t have to pre season this meat because what you’re going
taste is smoked ribs meat and smoked sauce you’re not going to taste any
anything else if you pre season it so there you have it
and then we’ll stop filming now because I’m hungry and I’m ready and Please subscribe. Please subscribe

2 comments on “Fast Smoked!: Baby Back Ribs In a Pressure Cooker| Pressure Cooker Pork Ribs Smoked| Fast|Easy- CC”

  1. mohamed abdelouahab khebiche says:

    Already used it a couple of times and everything came out perfectly.>>> Pretty much foolproof, since I'd never used a pressure cooker before and was able to figure it our pretty well just from the directions and the cookbook that came with the product.

  2. Francis Lajeunesse says:

    How can you tell when someone been using BBQ for a long time and is at expert level? When they put the wood chips on a hot grill using their bare hands. Great video!

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