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– Okay, look. – Okay, look. (machine whirring) Welcome back to another Vivian Tries. Hello everyone, I have another
as seen on television product to try with you guys
and it is Fasta Pasta. to try with you guys
and it is Fasta Pasta. – [Announcer] The amazing Fasta Pasta. – Cheesy ass name. It’s got rave reviews on Amazon. It’s got rave reviews on Amazon. It says no more needing
to boil pots of water It says no more needing
to boil pots of water to boil your pasta. It can all be done in this
little plastic container, in the microwave. All you do is measure, microwave, strain. You’re done. The original, this is the
original microwave cooker. I found this guy on Amazon. And it says you could
even cook rice in here which sounds crazy. which sounds crazy. As seen on Rachael Ray too. Let’s open it. I don’t know how long you’re
supposed to microwave it for. Doesn’t say on the outside. It feels nice, it’s like a thick plastic. Dishwasher safe, made in the US, BPA free, Dishwasher safe, made in the US, BPA free, microwavable, duh, hello
that is your claim to fame. Okay it says– – [Announcer] Use the lid to
measure perfect portion sizes. – Use the lid, okay, you’re
supposed to use the lid to measure how much pasta,
right there, you’re gonna cook. No more than four, what? Oh, no more than four
servings maybe, yeah. Okay, then it says add cold
water to the level on the side. What? It has a one, a two, a three, a four. Okay, servings, got it. Okay, servings, got it. I’m reading instructions. With the lid off, cook
in microwave, power high. What? You don’t even need the
lid in the microwave. That’s weird, because I
thought the lid was the whole, that’s, I’m just talking. that’s, I’m just talking. That’s it, I’m just talking here. So we have to cook it without the lid. So measure, put cold water. I have my pasta right here. Let’s measure. Oh wait, let me tell you how many minutes because this is pasta. We’re gonna do one serving. What? I don’t understand. One minute, what? I think it says 12 minutes. That’s a long fucking time. 12 minutes? Come on now, I’ll just
boil my pot of water and– – [Announcer] To make pasta,
you have to wait, then wait, then you have to lug, then you strain when you drain. And then you have to rub and scrub. Stop! – 12 minutes, am I reading this right? That cannot be right. Fuck, it is, 12 minutes for one serving. Fuck, it is, 12 minutes for one serving. Which is nuts. Which is nuts. I figured water will
boil faster than that. Wow. Pasta, you’re supposed
to grab it like that. Grab the lid, put it
through, that’s too much. Okay, a little less. The lid, see the hole right there? We’ll put it through there. Oh shit. Oh my god. (loud clattering) (loud clattering) You’re losing Vivian heads
just for this fucking mess. Okay, there we go, there. Okay, there we go, there. One serving and dry spaghetti noodles One serving and dry spaghetti noodles all over my damn kitchen counter. One serving, right? It almost hit my face. Alright, one serving measured. – [Announcer] Just place the
pasta in the Fasta Pasta. – Put in one serving in there. – Put in one serving in there. Make sure it’s nice and flat. It didn’t say that, it’s just me. Okay, and then it says– Okay, and then it says– – [Announcer] Fill to
the portion water level. – One level of water. That doesn’t mean serving,
that means levels of water. So I have to fill it up
to the number one, okay? With cold water. Okay, there it is. One serving of spaghetti,
one level of water. One serving of spaghetti,
one level of water. Now we’re gonna put it just like this without the lid into the
microwave for 12 minutes. I should have got my pot of
water so we could time that. Guess I’ll be cleaning for 12 minutes. All these damn noodles
that are all over my, shit, all over my kitchen counter now. ‘Cause I don’t know. ‘Cause I don’t know. I’m all about just the easy shit. Grab a handful of noodles, throw it in a pot of
water, then you’re done. No, they wanna make
things real complicated. And 12 minutes to me is not fast. But that’s just me
being completely honest. 12 minutes to me seems like a long time. – [Announcer] Use cooking
guide to set the time and the pasta perfectly cooks just the way you like it in minutes. – My boiling pot of water
is done in 12 minutes for that, how much noodles I had in there. for that, how much noodles I had in there. I’m not impressed so far. It’s nice plastic and the
design is really cool. But I’m not impressed
with the measurement. I’m not impressed with
the time in the microwave. What am I gonna do for 12 minutes? This video can’t be 12 minutes long. Am I just gonna ramble on and on? I should try that rice. Oh no, it’s gonna take 14 hours
to cook some fucking rice. It doesn’t even tell me how
long the rice is gonna take. Dude, dude, what? Dude, dude, what? Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. It’s done, let’s grab it. There it is. The lid won’t snap on right. Okay. I mean, 12 minutes is a long time to me. I mean, 12 minutes is a long time to me. But I guess if you’re like a single person and you’re just trying to
make maybe just a little bit and not a big old pot of noodles. This might be perfect for you. But I think for a family,
12 minutes and more? Just boil your pot of water. I’m gonna dump that. I do have a bowl right here. You guys have to see this. The lid will not go on. It’s like warped or something. This shit is so hot but I’m gonna sh– The lid won’t snap on. Okay, I’m gonna try it the other way in case I have it wrong. No, the lid will not stay on. No, the lid will not stay on. It’s like warped or something. You see that? You probably can’t see that but it’s like. It’s not gonna stay on. So that’s fine, whatever. But you’re also telling
me to pour out my liquid. If the lid is not alright. Let’s see. (loud dripping) It’s not even coming, it’s like coming from
the bottom of the lid. I don’t think that’s what they intended. – [Announcer] Place on the custom lid. The cool touch handle
and built-in strainer let you instantly drain
and easily plate and serve. – Lid off, okay, look. – Lid off, okay, look. – Lid off, okay, look. Perfectly cooked noodles, for sure. Look at ’em, they’re beautiful. I mean, I guess but if
you got a big family and you’re trying to cook pasta. I don’t think this is gonna work. And I don’t know. The lid doesn’t fit. I don’t know, I expected it, I don’t know what I expected. I think that I thought that
when you put the lid on first it was gonna get cooked with that. Second, I thought it would
drain out of these little vents that are on the top not
out from underneath. That’s not good. And it doesn’t even snap on. It kinda just, you just place it, maybe that’s the way they designed it. Maybe, I don’t know. I’m gonna give this
guy three Vivian heads. Alright you guys, that is it
for another Vivian Tries video. I hope that you are enjoying these. I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!

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  1. Vivian Tries says:

    PASTA COOKER MICROWAVE FASTA PASTA REVIEW VIVIAN TRIES | TESTING AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS #viviantries #asseenontv #pastacooker #fastapasta #review

  2. Devin says:

    One big thing(out of many) I like about channel is that she's straight up about products! Great reviews!

  3. Laura Wrona says:

    Ms Vivian no disrespect intended but while the pasta is cooking most people would be preparing the rest of the dinner like sauce and salad. that would take time or spending time with their children.. the drain issues is a little inconvenient but it was over the sink it would be ok. I think that it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

  4. PETER O'BRIEN says:

    you didn't try the pasta….to let me know it worked..

  5. Juk TheWise says:

    I just couldn't give you a thumbs down, because the Fasta Pasta sucks, but YOU are fabulous.

  6. Doug P. says:

    i kinda like but i dont really likeat the same time

  7. Observer Link says:

    O.K., I don't want to give you a thumbs down because I think you do a great job with these product tests. I'm giving your video a thumbs up because you've done so well in reviewing this not-so-great product.

  8. Lynda Norvitch says:

    I use this all the time. Never takes 11 min.

  9. Jacqueline Ryden says:

    Pasta typically cooks in 12 minutes lol. but yeah. Boiling water and just cooking it in there might be a little slower.

  10. abigguitar says:

    2:28 12 minutes? That's actually too long. Here's the trick. Place the right amount of water in the Fasta Pasta then microwave the water until boiling (about 1-2 minutes). Then drop the pasta into already hot water (avoid splashing) and cook for 8-9 minutes. This will give you average chewy pasta. If you want al dente, then 7-8 minutes. It's still close to 12 minutes all told, but the pasta comes out better than cooking starting with cold water. Of course, the times are all based on how 'hot' your microwave is. Mine is quite a strong microwave… like 1100-1200 watts. If yours is 800-900, it may take longer.

  11. abigguitar says:

    What are you going to do for 12 minutes? How about heating up some pasta sauce, Vivian? It takes about that long to heat up sauce on the stove (avoiding the red splashy mess) while you're waiting for the pasta to cook.

  12. Donna Dorrell says:

    This is a big waste of money. I can cook pasta in a lg skillet in 7 mins.

  13. Brenda Dickens says:

    love it

  14. Armando Corral says:

    I've been meaning to ask, if you're so unhappy with this product (as you at with other products) why would you give it so many heads? 3 heads for this crap product seems too much. Either way, I'm really digging your videos and reviews.

  15. P Fran says:

    But it does take water in a pot about 10 minutes to boil before adding the noodles, so it does seem to save time.

  16. Lyndsey's Life says:

    It would be more beneficial for college students in dorms that can't have hot plates and only have a microwave than a family at home who had a stove

  17. Godless Melanisia says:

    You can cook rice and pasta in the microwave using any microwavable dish.

  18. Susan Hoppe says:

    I love the fasta pasta, the lid does not snap on, was it snapped on when you opened it? Nope. Just hold tightly toward the vents and it will mostly seal the bottom and it drains fine. I have not made spaghetti, but macaroni, spirals, rice and sweet potato. As a single, this is great. Download a great cooking manual Many members of my family also love theirs which is why I got one.

  19. Tracy D says:

    I have something like that from Tupperware here in oz. I love mine 12-15 mins serves 5 of us 😊

  20. Ungaloo says:

    microwaved pasta tastes like bland moosh. yuck 🐙

  21. PETER O'BRIEN says:

    your sweet

  22. Karla J says:

    thumbs down. I don't like it at all. it only saves me a couple minutes and the pasta is not great. I like old fashion better

  23. Furby Gender says:

    I always cheat and cook ramen noodles in the microwave for 3:30 and after I drain the water when it's done, I pour pasta sauce over it. I save the seasoning packets for when I need to flavor my chicken or beef meals later on.

  24. Beth Taylor says:

    Vivian!!! Let me tell you a story about the fasta pasta. (I apologize in advance for how long this comment is.) and The other night, I had plans to go over to my moms to make my grandma's baked spaghetti for her. It's pretty labor-intensive so I decided to go buy a FP because I thought it would take a little work out of the process and also I thought it would be fun to try out the product with my mom. I swear to you, girl, I went to AT LEAST 5 or 6 different stores in Nashville, Nashville is a big city is the capital of Tennessee so you would think at least one store would have it. WRONG! I called about 15 other stores besides the ones that I went to in person. So…. I resort to cooking the spaghetti noodles the old-fashioned way. I arrive at my moms I'm getting ready to prepare the ingredients for the spaghetti, and I tell her about the FP and how I've been looking for it all day long. She goes "oh I have one of those!" And she goes over to the pantry and pulls it right out. Yep. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. Patricia Dilossi says:

    I use angel hair pasta and it's really thin and would not work in the Fasta Pasta. Cooked for 12 minutes my pasta would be mush because mine only need 4 minutes to be perfect.

  26. cijmoalbal says:

    I am the single person you describe and the only way I would use it if I had no stove and only a microwave. I lived overseas for a year where there was only a gas stove. I'm scared of gas stoves (my mother caught her hair on fire when I was little and I just can't get near them) so I lived off raw foods and microwave. THEN the spaghetti thing might come in handy.

  27. Alanna Nutt says:

    waste of time and money, fail

  28. Theresa Tangredi says:

    your f"$&%%g awesome!!!. such a trip but also helpful

  29. pat paulson says:

    It seems funny to me that you give 3 heads for something that only just works. It does not save time or effort. Oh well, you're the producer!

  30. Heather Canale says:

    when you dropped the noodles when measuring, I couldn't stop laughing

  31. stirling says:

    I feel like if you really wanted to make pasta in the microwave you could use whatever tupperware you have at home. Why do you need this waste of money

  32. Coryn May says:

    i dunno if someone else has said this but couldnt you just use any plastic container???

  33. Winston Smith says:

    "That's a long f*cking time. 12 mins?! Come on, now." LOL

  34. Claudia Davis says:

    I have one and love it. My lid does snap on so maybe yours is defective…just exchange it. As for pasta, even for one person, it takes 10 minutes to boil water then another 8-10 for the pasta to cook. It also takes one bot and one stainer to cook then clean. With Fasta Pasta, its 12 minutes total (no boil time) and one container to clean. I sometimes get so lazy, I pour sauce right into the Fasta Pasta. I love mine.

  35. B H says:

    There's one thing you've forgotten, you have to boil the water first. Add that to the time and it will be longer

  36. Nocturne22 says:

    This is a great thing for a dorm room for 1 or 2 people – microwave pasta, microwave jarred sauce, make some salad, done.

  37. Tumbleweed says:

    The PASTA N MORE is the one you should review!

  38. Curiosity says:

    Update: 10/08/2017
    I did test this thing with Great Value Vermicelli, 2 servings 12 min worked good. I used the thin time as this variety is not listed. Over many cycles we do not know how long it will last and yes I did shield my micro with lead to be certain I'm protected.. 🙂 Kidding people.. My Panasonic 2013 microwave Inverter 1200 watt does take out my Logitech Bluetooth headset from 15 feet so there is something going on with Micros these days. Easy and it does work just walk away from the Microwave..

  39. Eric Flower says:

    12 minutes is not too long if you are in a situation with no stovetop.

  40. Mike's Cooking Studio says:

    Looks like the bowl would be great for building sandcastles

  41. Mike's Cooking Studio says:

    Ya need to nuke it for another 12 minutes back to shape

  42. Theresa Robertson says:

    Oh snap!…I can't not like your videos so I gave you a thumbs up. You're so damn funny. PS: I wouldn't buy that shit…I'll stick with my pot and boiling water. 5 Vivian heads to you.

  43. Ann Santos says:

    enjoying your show

  44. Rachel Bartley says:

    10 minutes to boil water and 10 minutes to cook pasta.. I think it would be a time saver!!
    Love you Viv and giving you a thumbs up just because!! 🙂

  45. babyfacebkz says:

    I really love your personality! I am glad I found your channel!

  46. bimirabu says:

    I was gonna comment about how this doesn't save that much time but then I thought about it. It's called fasta pasta as in "faster pasta". I guess if it was fastest pasta they would have called it fastass pasta. 😂😂😂

  47. Lilmama Taurus says:

    It says 4 servings but in 7:29 it showed alot more than that being poured into the plate.

  48. Miss Jewells says:

    Any durable plastic or glass container will work. No need to buy this anyway.

  49. Suie D says:

    Use micro bowl according to portion size (if needed crack long spagetti in half)
    if boiling little portion size, count boiling time plus 1 minute
    if boiling big portion size, count boiling time plus 2 minutes
    the water in micro needs time to boil as well
    i boil 1 portion 4 minutes spagetti/nudles for 5 minutes in my micro
    for one portion i just use my spatula (with holes in) as a fast strainer
    works perfect for me, save time, save money

  50. Heather Durbin says:

    I've been binge watching your videos. For keeping me constantly entertained I give you 5 Heather heads. Its not easy to keep me entertained but you always do.

  51. Frances Vargas says:

    Im addicted to your videos you always make me laugh!

  52. Carol Adams says:

    For me I’d rather throw it in the microwave than. Stand over a pot.thats just me tho

  53. Sesi Miller says:

    omg… who is cooking pasta for 15 minutes!?! i dont think even fat spaghetti noodles need more than 8 minutes? maybe im wrong.. fresh pasta will cook in about 4 minutes.. of course it depends what style of pasta to an extent…

  54. TheSiehara says:

    They actually make a significantly better version of this. I think it’s called the pasta boat and I think it only takes 8 mins to cook

  55. Sky Andropoulos says:

    Water takes 4 minutes to boil, it typically takes 8-12 minutes for pasta to cook.

  56. re575817 says:

    You can buy a Rubber Maid/Tupper Ware container and do the same thing. Waste of money!

  57. Karen Dilly says:

    Can’t thumbs up because I don’t have one… 👍🏼 so here’s my thumbs up for Vivian Tries!

  58. Isomer Mashups says:

    Asking people to dislike your video… big brain move, Vivian.

  59. Peggy Hill says:

    You do realize after all the complaining you the cooker did EXACTLY what it was suppose to do. Cook spaghetti (& well), in a microwave no less! I'm buying it, thank you.

    By the way, I like you & liked your video. Cheers!

  60. luis castro says:

    Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss to you too

  61. luis castro says:

    I don't like it because you have to cook it in the Microway and I don't like cooking in the Microway with the Radiation

  62. adelaide says:

    you are great, you could sell ice in winter. will buy just because of your presentation !!! so clever and entertaining ;0)

  63. Amanda Cook says:

    Fasta pasta is a name of a shopkin. Don’t ask how a 26 year old knows that. lmao

  64. Ramses Vela says:

    Ay pero que mamona! Typical American spoiled lady! 😂

  65. Patrick Mitchell says:

    Spaghetti takes 8-9 minutes AFTER water comes to a boil. Does your stove boil water in 3 minutes? Of course not. The Fasta Pasta is amazing and a time saver.

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