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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Fish biryani. So for that i
got some Mahi fish see whatever fish you use make sure the fish is not a thin kind of fish you know especially if you can get nice medium sized chunks of
fish then you know it is really really good because if you have thin fish you
know you’re most likely to make a Keema out of it. so you know this fish has got the skin I’ll just remove the skin of the fish all you do is cut straight till the
skin just turn it at a 20 degree angle and just run the knife, do the same thing the other side; let the blade be towards the chopping board and you can see how the skin comes off very easily just cut into nice cubes lot of fishes have white meat some fishes have little bit mixture of white and brown this Mahi fish while it bigger and
bigger the fish gets a little bit browner just like trout when the fish is small the meat is white and when the fish grows the meat turns pinkish in color just make any sound look at this fish
nice beautiful chunks. See this is one kind of fish you need to make fish tikka, or fish kebabs and so on. So we’re going to make fish biryani with this we have learned how to make lamb biryani, chicken biryani, egg, shrimp but fish is so tender if you’re going to put it at the bottom and cook it you’re going to really really have mashed kind of fish so to avoid that we’re going to make
this fish biryani in a different style; we’re going to fry it, keep it aside, in
the same pan we’re going to make a nice mixture and cook rice and on the top
we’re going to put the fish and then Dum it for few minutes so to make this I always marinate my
fish to fry with little bit of chilli powder, little bit of turmeric, little bit of oil and I like to add little bit of biryani masala add a
little bit of lime juice this should be good enough add little bit of salt ok just mix this marination if you want the flavor to go inside the fish just marinate for like 20 to 30 minutes I’ve got this pan hot i’m going to add
some oil; when the oil is hot just add fish pieces one by one and cook it really nice when ever you’re try to fry fish
especially a shallow kind of fry try to use a non-stick pan because
that reduces half the tension that you don’t have to scrape it. Once your fish sticks at the bottom if you try to scrape it it breaks very easily so always use a nonstick pan for this so all you have to do is cook this fish
seventy to eighty percent so cook on one side for 2-3 minutes and turn it to the other side so turn the fish to the other side seventy percent cooked; so very carefully remove the fishes out ok very carefully remove piece by piece and put it in a plate which we are going to use it later on the rice so now if you see I’ve got this little oil and all the tit bits from the fish that are very flavorful I don’t throw this away so what I’m
going to do I’m going to make my marination everything in together so I’m going to add one cup of yogurt in here, 2 teaspoons of biryani masala see always add little less if you want
to add more biryani masala you can sprinkle a little more after you taste the whole mixture i’m going to add some mint leaves I’m going to add coriander leaves, one more herb that shall go into this particular biryani is Dill leaf see this dill leaf and this fish birynai makes really good
combination so add dill leaves but not too much,
use just quarter just like few strings just to give a nice flavor because this
dill leaf has got a very strong flavor add some ginger-garlic, instead of
cutting, chopping them I love to use the whole green chilli;
this fish biryani just slit them and add to it and you can add some lemon
juice to this. One cup of fried onion, i’m going to use half of it here, i’m going to take half of this mixture and for all pour all the fish so all I’m doing is, take this and put it on top of the fish by now you all know how to make rice for your biryani, so add some oil add some salt add shahi jeera, if you want you can add some cloves, bay leaf and some cardamom. If you don’t want this whole garam masalas to come in your mouth when you’re eating, you can do one thing is you can put all this garam masala in a cheese cloth that is a muslin cloth and put them tie a knot and put it inside so this water absorbs all the flavors
and when you remove the rice you can remove that packet out and then you won’t have this whole garam masala here I soaked this rice for almost half an hour so I’m going to add and the beauty about soaking this rice and cooking is
this rice just cooks in just two minutes and then second thing is that it expands really nice a lot of people complain how come my basmati rice doesn’t expand really long that is because you do not soak it so
you check all my biryanis I always soak rice for 30 minutes and then i cook it I’m going to cook this rice till it is 80 percent done and rest of the 20 percent i’m going to cook it along with
the fish now my rice is eighty percent done I’m going to take it away and drain the
water. Coming back to our fish masala now we can check the seasoning ok now you can see in this masalas i added little bit of that rice water into it and now I’m going to add this rice very hot
look at this it’s almost steaming rice hot so just put on top very nice layer now reduce the flame and just spread the rice evenly and then add your saffron color and add little bit
of fried onions, spread this fish evenly okay just be careful this fish are very tender all you do is
just spread it on top and this water which is full of fish flavor that also will get penetrated into the rice and look at how masaladar our fish is ok i’m not putting one fish on top of
other I very neatly arranged the fish and then all you do is cover it with a lid which is airtight and let it simmer for like 10 minutes
and in another 10 minutes your fish biryani will be ready. Biryani is ready, look at this beautiful biryani take the fish from the top very
carefully ok see even if I touch little bit this fish can get broken easily. wow.. you have to be very very careful look at this just check how beautiful the rice is ok it’s like wow look at this beautiful
rice whoooo wow…so friends, there are two ways a good biryani is judged one is how fluffy your rice is, second thing is how flavorful and juicy your meat is so you look at this very nice juicy yet nice flavorful and then apply little bit
raita on it and wow if you have been following my videos we
have covered a lot of basic biryani like a lamb chicken fish shrimp egg vegetable and so many biryanis so in the future we’re going to make some more speciality biryanis which have crazy
names and crazy flavors so i hope you have enjoyed this session of making this fish biryani with your VahChef but remember you can go ahead and say thank you to by visiting my website and also by posting recipes and cooking tips so others may benefit from your great cooking. Thank you.

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