Foul – ful – medames in slow cooker – طريقة تدميس الفول في السلو كوكر

Foul medames in slow cooker Foul(beans) medames is a well known frugal meal in the Middle East After the beans are cooked it can be served in so many ways This is the fava beans that is traditionally used But you can use pinto beans instead So let’s start For the list of ingredients please check the description box Soak beans in water for at least 4 hours or better overnight wash beans thoroughly and drain all water In slow cooker add the beans ( you can use pressure cooker as well) wash rice and lentils Then add all the ingredients Garlic, tomato, rice and lentils Add water to cover Cook on low and start checking after 6 hours This is mine after 8 hours Serving suggestions: saute onions and tomato in olive oil Add sausages/ diced hot dogs/ mini hot dogs Add cooked beans and adjust seasonings Serve with pita bread Another suggestion: saute diced tomato and garlic in olive oil Add cooked beans adjust salt and add ground cumin, ,lime juice and serve I hope you’ve liked today’s recipe Enjoy !

4 comments on “Foul – ful – medames in slow cooker – طريقة تدميس الفول في السلو كوكر”

  1. maryam cheese says:

    تسلم أيدك

  2. Starfish says:

    Thank you ,Please more Sudanese recipes .

  3. بسمة باسم تبسم says:

    اختى يمكن تعملي لما اكلات اكثر في slow cooker

  4. bebe y says:

    نخلي الفول في حلة الضغط ٦ ساعات مستحيييل

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