Freezer Cooking CLEANING DISASTER | Power Hour Kitchen Clean With Me

– So I’m thinking what I’m
gonna do is one of those, it’s pretty popular on YouTube
right now, one of these one hour power hour clean my kitchen with me. What’s cute about some of those videos is sometimes it’s YouTube
cuties with not a very messy kitchen, so, if you
want a seasoned mom here with a whole lot of kids,
and a big reality kitchen, this is the video for you. I’m gonna set my timer for
an hour, and then we’ll push through this for one solid hour. Okay friends, so this
is one of those vlogs where it’s like, do I
put this on the internet? Do I not put this on the internet? So, I just finished two big
freezer cooking sessions on Thursday, I think I
cooked something like, I don’t know 1:30 to nine,
or 1:30 to 10, or 3 to 10, I cooked, I started in the
afternoon, and then I went just into a decent stopping time that also included all of my clean up time. So that was a good
freezer cooking session. So then yesterday I
intended to have another mostly six, eight hour dedicated work time just on my freezer cooking. I was, again, probably
gonna start realistically in the later afternoon, all of that. And then I got busy, honestly,
with some YouTube stuff, and I didn’t end up
starting, like I think, in that day two vlog,
I end up going outside and walking with the kids
and doing all these other outside things in the
afternoon when I probably should have been starting. I didn’t get started
freezer cooking until seven last night, but that
worked out well because not too terribly long after
that everyone was in bed, and I thought, I’m just
gonna keep on chugging, because today that I’m
filming this is Saturday, and I figured, you know what? I’m gonna be cooking
till probably one, two, maybe three in the morning,
but I’m gonna get these meals done, and then
we’ll sleep in Saturday. So that is what I did. I started freezer cooking
7PM last night, I posted this picture of my stop time on Instagram, I didn’t end up going to
bed probably till closer to four, and that does not
include any clean up time. Zian was up late, he helped
me chug through different, wrapping the meals, and such, at 1AM, and walking them out to
the freezer and everything. And we watched some Netflix
shows and stuff together. It was a fun time, the
almost 15 year old teenage kid is okay, all that to say
I told him, I’m like, look, the kitchen has exploded, we’re exhausted, I’m just not gonna care. So today is reality day. Do you see pots, pans,
bowls, and then, okay, this is gonna be real, real scary, and then over here we’ve got, oh yeah, kitchen sink mess. It’s a lot. And then, wow, over here
we’ve got breakfast mess. I think actually this bowl is clean, but it’ll be washed anyway. Watermelon, and then,
Benjamin, what you eating? You eating watermelon? Yeah, just messes on the
floor, total kitchen, Garfield’s still on,
total kitchen explosion. And I’m going to pull
this kitchen together. Okay, I’m back again. What happened, see what happened was, is my camera light started
beeping and this is still my new vlogging camera
I’m getting used to, and it only came with one battery. So my battery died, so I
sat down to eat some lunch, and I ordered two, I think
I ordered two new batteries on Amazon, so just like
when I used to use my GoPros I could have a stash of
batteries ready to go. Also during that time, my
baby with his watermelon exploded, I gave my baby a
bath, he’s now down for a nap, and then I took the
other kids lunch outside. So now, I can set my timer and get this going for a full hour. Okay wait, but first, coffee, yes. It’s official, start, here we go. (strumming guitar music) So what I’ve done now guys is I have moved all of my pots and pans, and
stuff, that was over here, you’ll see this, I have
found this countertop, stove top again, it all smells amazing. I still have this half of the kitchen, so I’ve at least got all
my dirty things over here, and we can go from there. (strumming guitar music) So here’s a update on
how things are looking. I’m getting things soaking,
and anything that can fit into one of my mixing
bowls, I’m letting it soak along with the mixing bowl. Like I have my 14 quart
Go Wise pressure cooker insert there, and my
Instant Pot pressure cooker, and a stock pot, and
a Dutch oven, and then two pans I need to wipe
down, and I need to also wipe down my pressure
cookers from last night. I actually have 11 minutes left, let’s see how much I can get done. (strumming guitar music) Okay guys, that is it,
it has been an hour, and well, we’re not
totally done, but we got a lot done, let me show
you what we got done here. And then I plan to just
keep on going and see how long it takes me to
truly finish it all up. Okay, so here’s the state after an hour. This is all the larger things, I was hand washing of course, we got
that dishwasher going, those things are washed,
these items I’m still in the process of washing,
and then over here I still, I have this
pot, this pot had to soak a little bit, it sat on the
burner a little too long, of course, real life,
after I got done using it I didn’t take it off,
even though the heat was off, you know how that goes. So, gonna hand wash these
items, then the Go Wise and the Instant Pot need wiped down. Now my floors are a whole other mess. I will sweep in here,
but what needs to happen is we need to steam mop the floors, which we’ll do that at
night after all the kids have gone to bed. This stool is just kind
of, Liam was just in here, and just, out of the way. That’s a big case of Coke Zero, that was my treat while I was doing all that freezer cooking. So this counter is good,
all nice and fresh. I have that washcloth with some vinegar sitting on a stain there, I just moved the watermelons over for now. I also put the oven on to
clean, and yeah, but still, watermelon on the floor,
but overall, okay, let me get back, this is one hour. We also wiped the refrigerator, I wiped some of the walls, other
things I would like to do, get these dishes done,
and these things I just mentioned, and then another
area I’d like to go after that collects a lot of just life clutter is this little corner in my kitchen. So I’m gonna keep on going,
and let’s see how much longer it takes me to get it done. Okay, so what I’ve been doing for the last few minutes is I did
some Insta stories cause I had shared on Instagram,
if you’re not following me there already, be sure to follow me at JamerrillStewart on Instagram,
it’ll be the first link in the description below. Any-who, I’ve been sharing
some Insta stories, I shared the before I started
the power hour cleaning, I showed where I am after one hour, and talked to my son,
swallowed some coffee, those kind of things, so
I think it’s been about 10 minutes or so, we will,
the camera will tell us the truth, it’s now 5:27, so, now, I’m going to just hit
the timer on my phone and we’ll just see how much
longer it’s gonna take me to get this kitchen busted out. I’m sure I’ve got a good 30 minutes left, maybe less, maybe more, I’m
thinking 30 more minutes we’ll have this done. (soft country music) okay, it’s been about 18 minutes or so, got these counters wiped
off, gonna probably spray the cabinets off here in a minute. I’m going to, I need to
get the floor picked up, over here I got my 14
quart pressure cooker, we set out some hot dog
buns, Travis is gonna grill tonight, and then, I got
my Instant Pot up there, so next time you see me
I’m gonna have this stuff put away, gonna have this
stuff put in the laundry, and at least get this floor swept. And I know so many of you
asking about, and love, my super mega 30 quart mixing
bowl that is so helpful for big batch cooking, I will put a link in the description below
on where I bought it from Amazon, I also saw them
in the Restaurant Depot. Ended up taking me 25
minutes, 41 point 53 seconds to finish it up, and I’ll
show you what it looks like. So total it took me one
hour and 25 minutes, and a few seconds, to
find this kitchen again. Floor’s swept, again will
be steam mopped tonight, but yeah, looks a lot better than it did when we started. I’ve got one pot soaking in the sink, that was my pot that I accidentally left on the burner, but
besides that, I don’t even remember what it looked
like when we first started. I know it just looks nice, and fresh now, smells good with all that
good Ms. Meyers cleaning stuff over there, those are
my treat cleaners right now. So thank you guys for watching my one hour power hour, plus 25 extra minutes, because real life and real freezer cooking goes on here, and I’m gonna
let my husband grill now, we’re gonna take it easy for the rest of the evening, I will
have some other cleaning videos linked in the description below, along with my cleaning
products, and that bowl that I love to use, and I’ll see you guys with a brand new video
very soon because I have a new goal in life, to get
videos out five days a week on YouTube, let’s see if I can do it.

20 comments on “Freezer Cooking CLEANING DISASTER | Power Hour Kitchen Clean With Me”

  1. Peachy4 says:

    I love this!!!! So much real mom life. I can never get motivated watching someone clean an already clean house but this video got me up and moving today.

  2. Nicole Lakra says:

    When I clean a BIG MESS, I will throw a used (already been "used" to dry someone off after a shower) old towel down on the floor. I do it for a few reasons. I don't have to worry about spreading about water from all the dishes I have to hand wash because they won't fit into my dishwasher. I can quickly wipe off the gross bits that get on the ground in the frenzy of a ruthless clean of a big mess. (I hate things sticking to my feet.) I have a super fast floor cleanup when I am finished with a pretty damp towel – which makes the floor appear cleaner because I don't mop enough. FYI, I LOVE you for sharing the mess. That is what my kitchen looks like a little more often than I would like.

  3. Kimberly Kurkinen says:

    Love these real life videos- I am here with you taming my mess 😉

  4. Wendy Slaby says:

    random tip for you, with burnt on stuff in stainless steal. put some white vinegar in the pot with the hot water and about a tablespoon of baking soda. It will bubble and the young ones will find it fun to watch and it helps clean up the brunt on stuff.

  5. Cottage on Walnut says:

    HAHAH You tube cuties who dont have a messy kitchen . ha. right? UGH . you rock

  6. Mara Maloney says:

    Love this video! Compared to the "YouTube Power Hour Cleaning Cuties" with their horrible messes (haha) they have to clean–this is for real!!! This is why we love you Jamerill!

  7. Shawn and Lisa Mason says:

    Loved the video its so much easier when people aren't in the room I feel I don't get anything done when people are home

  8. Kirstie Hunter says:

    loved this and what you said about other power hours so true xxx

  9. DeborASMR4u says:

    I hate to wash dishes 😖

  10. emily s says:

    i would say 1 hour 25 minutes is darn good time for that mess, way to go super mom. real life is always real nice to see.

  11. teambeining says:

    Your eldest son must make you burst with pride with all he does to help you and the fam.

  12. DragonflyArtz1 says:

    Great job! May I say, you look lovely even without makeup! I love that you timed your clean up. Reminds me of when my son was a toddler and we used to do a 60 sec clean up of his toys. 🙂

  13. Lisa Pridgen says:

    I would love to see you with an industrial stainless kitchen with a huge sink and restaurant  dishwasher. You are amazing.

  14. Ann Mittelstadt says:

    Great cleaning. I love your birdies in the window. Cute.

  15. Homemaker Hand Guide says:

    Our dishes got so bad once, we did them in the bathtub lol! I feel ya 🙂

  16. Hello!! :)))) says:

    I love Meyers smells good & its green!🙂😊🤗 I bet it smells clean!

  17. LargeFamilyLove says:

    That's hilarious! When I do clean with me videos, I show the real stuff too and people always thank me for that! I'm like seriously why would I clean to film to clean, it doesn't make sense?! I'm real life, and don't have enough time to clean before I clean. I barely have time to clean once! 😂😂

  18. Leslie B says:

    Yassss! Explosions happen!!!

  19. Victoria Perkins says:

    Rewatching this video and thought of your more recent 2019 videos where the large pots on the wall shelfs for easy reach and organization. I thought of your pretty colourful utensil holder and pie plate. Suggestion: move those pretty items to the counter top by the stove top since the pots are being lined up on the shelfs. Enjoy the "season" and your pretty objects

  20. Laurie says:

    I have never been happy to see another persons messy kitchen ever! lol Thank you for being brave enough to share ur mess with everyone.I noticed u were using Mrs.Meyers for cleaning but dont u also have a vinegar cleaner u make urself?

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