Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich

Fried Egg and Cheese Sandwich hey good evening everybody, tonight I’m going to show you how to make a fried and cheese sandwich. This is ridiculously easy
to make you only need a few ingredients. You need some sliced white bread some real cheese slices like cheddar cheese I tried to make it with that processed
cheese stuff and it turned out ugly don’t even bother so definitely get cheddar slices you need some eggs, a little bit of butter, and a non-stick frying pan and a spatula first thing you want to do is melt a little bit of butter like a 1/2 teaspoon or maybe a teaspoon of butter in the non-stick pan over medium-low
heat so swirl the butter around just until it’s melted you don’t want this getting too hot or
browning and then what you are going to do is take your piece of bread and kind of pull on it a bit so you create a hole in the middle alright? I just usually eat the bread, you can fry it so once you’ve got your bread ready put that in the pan and swirl it around a bit get an egg and crack it right in the middle and then what you do is just let this sit and cook for a bit until the egg starts to set up. Now if you
want, you can season this with a little salt and pepper right now so move the piece of bread around with the spatula and kind of try to pick up the butter with it a bit now when you see it start to turn white at the bottom then what you can do is very gently tilt the pan and spread the egg white around on the top a bit. You don’t want to spill out too much of it like that now how much you cook this depends on
how well you like your eggs if you like them really cooked you’re
going to wait until that is nearly solid before you flip it if you want to have your sandwich with
the egg runny you can flip it now get your spatula right under it and quickly turn it over so you can either lift it up and take a look at it or just flip it
over quick so if that’s cooked enough for your liking turn it back on this side and get a cheddar slice and just lay that on top when the cheese starts to melt you want to turn the heat down just a
little bit because you want it to fry but you don’t want it to burn. You can see there is a little bit steam coming off the side, that’s the leftovers of the butter I’ll give you a bit of a close-up. You can see the cheese slowly starting to melt on the edges so that’s when you want to pick it up and flip it over now you will see some of the oil coming out of the cheese you don’t want to move it around too much right now you want to let it fry up first so I’ll turn the pan a bit so you can see that when the cheese has fried a little bit then you can peel it up with a spatula what you want to do yeah, you see a nice shot of it there so now you just want to move this around
with the spatula and you’ll notice now when the cheese is starting to fry up, that it doesn’t move around it just sticks to the sandwich and at that point, you’re pretty much done turn the heat off and get a plate just turn it over there here’s another last shot. I cut it open so you can see the egg is cooked all the way through, it’s
still a little underdone as I said before, that’s a matter of personal preference so thanks for watching my stuff. Hope you try it, hope you like it.

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