FRIED TACOS!!! – How To Make Deep Fried Tacos

Hey dudes!
I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking
I making a fried tacos. These are the kind that you fill
the tortilla before you fry it. You can make them ahead of
time and they’re kind of like Jack in the Box tacos but better. Yeah, I went there. They are better. (upbeat music) There is a very special
trick to making the ground beef filling that
I’ll get to in just a second. So I’ve got about 1/2 a pound of
ground beef here, gonna add my flavorings and I basically
went on to the Jack in the Box website and looked at
their ingredients and then substituted actual food for the
Jack in the Box ingredients. No offense Jack in the Box. I know that your three tacos
for a dollar have gotten many a college kid through a
long drunken night. Especially my friend Emily. And adding a
little pinch of oregano. Not too much. Okay, a little
Worcestershire sauce. A little tomato paste and if you
haven’t tried this little tomato paste in a tube
it’s pretty cool. It’s quite a bit more expensive
the little can but it’s so helpful when you only ever need
like a tablespoon at a time. Gonna add salt. Okay, did I put in everything? Okay I’m gonna grate in
my onion, so obviously you know a chain restaurant would use some onion
powder but I’m gonna use some grated fresh onion. If you could mince it up too. But this gives it that really
nice like it’s extremely smooth texture for the filling. So get this all mixed together. Okay once that’s pretty uniform, we’re gonna add the real secret to making a smooth ground beef
filling and that’s some water and pretty soon right before
your eyes this is gonna turn like super gross
looking but bear with me. Just trust me. Okay, we’re gonna cook our meat. I’m just gonna put it (giggles)
over medium heat in a warm skillet and just plop this
delicious mixture right on in there and you want to just start
moving it around, breaking it up the water like I said is gonna
help us achieve that really like crumbly, fine texture but you still need to make
sure you’re moving it. I did a healthier version of
crispy tacos a few years ago that was like with baked
tortilla shells that you fill afterwards but and that’s always
how we would get them in Texas. It was always like a fried shell
that was filled after was fried or baked whatever but then
out here in LA almost every restaurant serves this kind of
fried taco where it’s like the tortilla is folded over
and filled and then the whole thing is fried. And it’s so different you
wouldn’t think it would be such a difference but it really is
and it’s such a nice you know kinda special thing and then also Jack in the Box
makes ’em like that. Okay so the meat you can
see is like less pink. It’s kinda hard to tell because
the chili powder’s in there but you can think once you actually
cooking you can tell but you can see there’s a lot of liquid
coming out from the water so I’m gonna add a couple tablespoons
of masa and this is masa harina and this is what corn
tortillas are made out of. It’s got a really nice earthy
corny flavor and it thickens it up really well and kinda
gives it a creaminess. If you don’t have masa, you
can use a little bit of flour. You won’t need 2 tablespoons
I would say maybe like start with 2 teaspoons and then see if you need to add
a little bit more. But make sure that you really
cook it if you’re using flour. And see how it
like thickened up. Perfect. Okay it smells great, looks a little bit like diarrhea but don’t look over here. I’m using some corn tortillas. So I’m gonna heat them up on the
comal with I was about to say a little bit of oil but it’s
actually not a little bit. I mean we’re frying these later
yes but you want to make sure that there really nice and
pliable so they don’t break when you fold ’em, so just go ahead
and like lube that shit up. Just gob it on there. I mean, whatever,
these are not healthy tacos. I do believe that tacos can be
healthy but these are not they. Just get both sides
lightly moistened with oil over medium low heat. Don’t burn yourself. I know you want to, don’t do it. You also could use tongs but
I like to live on the edge, man. Once they’re nice
squishy, throw them in there. Now we’re gonna start
folding some tacos. This is a multistep recipe. You’ve seen this
before on TV, right? Just like a couple
tablespoons of filling. Don’t want to overfill ’em. And fold it over,
give it a little press and scooch it over there. These are also, if your
vegetarian, these are also really good with refried beans
on the inside so keep that trick in your back pocket. Not the beans. I mean you could but like
remember to take them out before your wash your pants, right? We’ve all been there. Okay, so now for the other step. I don’t know. Anyway, we need to cover these
with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge up for
like 20 minutes or longer. You can also freeze them and
then you have fried crispy tacos ready to go into the hot oil
whenever you want some crispy tacos and you’re like super
drunk and you shouldn’t be cooking or deep frying things. Am heating up about an
inch of vegetable oil here. Whenever you’re frying stuff you
want to be really careful that you don’t fill up your pan more
than about third of the way full to make sure you leave plenty
of room for bubbling over so you don’t start fire and you also don’t want to wear
long, flowy clothes. Make sure you wear pants, your
dick doesn’t accidentally fall in there, you know,
regular safety tips. So I’ve got my chilled tacos, you can see they’ve
really firmed up. The oil’s about 350. You can kinda hold it
closed for a few seconds. And we’re gonna fry these
for about two minutes, and then give them a flip,
another two minutes. Okay. Once your tacos are nice and
crispy on both sides pick it up, let the oil drain out the ends
like that and then we’re gonna drain it on a little
paper towel over here. Let’s go eat these tacos. Okay, now I’m gonna fill these
delicious fried crispy tacos with some organic
romaine lettuce. It’s so stupid. You can fill yours
with whatever you want. So you just kind of
pull it open a little bit. Don’t worry about if it makes little cracking sound,
it’ll be fine. One half slice of American
cheese if you want to be like American but grated
cheddar is fine too. I really love the Velvetta and
American cheese because I grew up in Texas and queso is the
gravy of Texas besides gravy of course ’cause we also have that
but I know a lot of people have an aversion to it. I don’t care in this case
I’m like eating a fuckin’ fried taco, I’m gonna put
American cheese in it. I made this green salsa
last week, that would be good. I think I’m actually going to go for my homemade top-secret
hot sauce recipe. If you haven’t subscribed
already please do because I’m gonna be putting
this recipe out soon. Gotten a ton of requests for it
and I think it’s time to share it with the world because it’s super good on all things
Mexican and Tex-Mex. Also check out my
crispy tacos video. I’ll put a card up there. You can watch to see how to make
healthier version of this with a baked shell and I’ll also put a
link to this green salsa if you want to try that. Okay, I really just
want to try this. Oh shit. Glorious is the
only word for this. So good, I don’t even care that
I have like salsa and grease all over my face. I really hope you try this. It’d be so awesome for game day
or something ’cause you can make them ahead of time, and then
fry them up as you need them. Recipe is always available at, thanks so much for watching and
I will see you next week. Bye. (groans) Mmm. Sound like Frankenstein. (groans) Hmm.

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