Friendsgiving Green Bean Casserole & Slow Cooker Turkey | Flavor Makers Series | McCormick

When are you
two getting married? How many kids
are you gonna have? Who did you vote for? This, my friends,
is why we have Friendsgiving None of the awkward,
all of the awesome I’m going to teach you
how to make the perfect Friendsgiving meal [Music] You’re going to need
McCormick Garlic Powder — about two teaspoons,
McCormick Paprika, about two teaspoons,
McCormick Sage — about two teaspoons —
you get the picture? McCormick Salt?
Yeah. Two teaspoons. And then a teaspoon
of Thyme and Black Pepper Okay, now, you’re going
to mix this together And this is going to go
in and outside of your dried
turkey breast With your clean hands
and your clean, dried turkey, you’re going to kind of separate
the skin from the bird Once that’s pulled apart, you can start infusing
the seasoning into the actual meat
of the bird Rub it on in there Yes, it feels
a little intrusive, but so is Thanksgiving, right? The skin helps keep all
that moisture and juice in, and it also helps
all of that seasoning really infuse into the meat But you still want
all of that seasoning on the outside
of the bird, too. So what you’re going to do is,
you’re going to butter — put that melted butter
on the outside of the bird We’re going to take the rest
of the McCormick Seasoning, and I’m going to put it on top, just like this, and then again,
just rub it around. Okay. So once your turkey has been
perfectly seasoned and buttered, you throw it into
your slow cooker, breast up. You’re going to cook it
on high for an hour and then low for seven In the meantime,
may I introduce to you the best part of Thanksgiving —
French’s Green Bean Casserole It literally would
not be Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving without it You’re going to start
with a big bowl, Cream of Mushroom soup,
milk, black pepper And you’re going to mix
this all around. Now after you’ve added
these three ingredients, the next thing
you’re going to do is, add your blanched green beans.
These were frozen and pre-cut, and now they’re thawed
and they’re drained So if you use the frozen,
you’re going to want to make sure
that they’re a little bit dry before you put them
into your casserole And these — once it’s here,
you’re going to add your French’s Crunchy Onions —
yes, please! Mix it up, we’re going to pour
it into your casserole dish You’re ready to pop this baby
in the oven Now, rookie mistake is, you add
the crunchy toppings right now before you bake it — huh-uh.
We’re not going to do that We’re going to cook this first,
and then the last five minutes, you’re going to infuse
the flavor onto the casserole, okay?
Here we go The best part about
a Friendsgiving, aside from being
with your friends, is that you can have
some fun with it It doesn’t have to be
everything the way mom does it There are incredible jalapeno,
or red bell pepper So this adds a nice
little sweet fragrance, and this adds some spice You choose — either way,
you can’t go wrong Green bean casserole
is almost done Because it’s Friendsgiving, I’m obviously going to add
a little more spice to my French’s Green Bean
Casserole Going to let this go back into
the oven for about five minutes, but before I do, may I show you
the juiciest turkey you’ll have ever seen
in your whole life? I know —
you’re grateful for me, I’m grateful for you.
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  1. Carmen Baez says:

    What else was put into the crackpot beside the turkey breast

  2. Jerry Gann says:

    Camille, you have the perfect personality for these videos! I love watching you! 🙂

  3. mcota5 says:

    Oh yes, aha…loving it, thank you for sharing. I'm hungry.

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    I love these vids ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😎👍🏽😁

  6. Jesus Child says:

    I never like green bean casserole, but I make a corn pudding, squash casserole, fresh green beans.

  7. Michael Rauch says:

    Always makes me smile…

  8. Michael Rauch says:

    Considering separating from all family… stuff like this helps

  9. Deanajade 26 says:

    My mom makes the bean casserole every thanksgiving

  10. b a b e . says:

    0:12 is that a real song or did you make it up? if its a really song, whats the name?
    i want to try this meal out with my family by the way!! it looks delicious!!

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    Song at 0:12 ?

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    I just came to check if Shawn got credited but stayed for the food lol, might actually try this soon

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    What happened to my dog Cameron

  14. Earl Powell says:

    So, THANKSgiving is not PC? Did I miss the point? Overreacting? We can't give THANKS. Even if I can't make it home and I spend time with friends and not family, I'm being THANKFUL.

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