Frying pan tower

whats up! Before starting this video I want to thank you all Because we already reached a thousand subscribers And if you saw my last video you know that to celebrate I was giving away ten double passes for “Africam safari” should be appearing the names of the winners If you still do not write to my facebook account With your full name and email address Have a validity of one month to be able to claim them Again thank you so much—let´s go! Its a view Very pretty very beautiful very cool Of the mounds of North carolina in particular the pisgah national park Perfect and hopefully we will arrive on sable light To record some shots Well then we just arrived We just arrived and parked to one side of the road And we’re going to have to run a bit because We are running out of light and… that´s it I just came thinking in the car about what I was going to say when we arrive because I could not record in the car because My cell phone just woke up I do not know if it was because of the battery or it’s something that happens when … It’s something that happens when it’s cold But it’s a good sign to end the video here We arrived at the tower, our target ivy watching the sunset Goal achieved … that’s all for today’s video If you like please give me a like And do not forget to subscribe to my channel so you will not miss more videos like this Bye!

6 comments on “Frying pan tower”

  1. el krue says:

    que bueno video

  2. el krue says:

    Yo soy de tus subs mas viejos y no me gane nada bro 😢

  3. Jesus Luna Cyrus says:

    Felicidades amigo galleta ….cuídate

  4. Dios Pejehová says:

    Yo soy el suscriptor #116 tampoco gané nada 🙁

  5. Opio Locura says:

    Precioso el crepúsculo mi Gabo un abrazo

  6. Marina Zamora says:

    Q hermosa vista y haces tomas q de verdad relajan y alimentan el alma no dejes de compartirnos estas maravillas!!!!

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