FULL EPISODE: The Turkey Strikes Back | GOOD EATS: THE RETURN with Alton Brown!

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  1. Maderyne says:

    That's one fine spread!

  2. Gemma says:

    Good guy alton brown 😍😍😍

  3. j west says:

    2.83 Milliliters, Brown?
    Seriously? I thought you were better than the average 'merican…

  4. Carly Hamilton says:

    Hey, I learned about the slow-twitch/fast-twitch thing in an Ornithology class! I like to share this lil' factoid with people when making small talk. "Hey, do you know why chickens have white meat on the breast and dark meat on the legs? It's because they're poor fliers, pretty much. Did you know that ducks have dark meat all over? Yeah, because ducks in the wild fly thousands of miles to migrate, so they have slow-twitch muscle on the breast."

    It's kind of fascinating how you can predict the qualities of a cut of meat based on the qualities of the animal and its muscle.

  5. C M says:

    The Hottest Blonde Butcher I've ever seen! <3

  6. stapuft says:

    Wait……i thought turkeys were flightless birds?

  7. Deb Rankine says:

    14:41 … we need boneless skinless chicken thighs… got ya Alton!😀

  8. Brenda Krieger says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃🍴🍽🍾

  9. Nathan L says:

    Not many butchers/supermarkets sell turkey parts separately…

  10. MrLargonaut says:

    Dude isn't afraid to dress up as a turkey. Keep it up AB

  11. sxxxychocolate says:

    Alton has been my Mr. Wizard of the culinary world back in the day. glad hes back. cant wait to try the new recipes. need more W

  12. c2bienaime says:

    Love Good Eats. It’s really good

  13. TRTL says:

    I really need that shirt from the 70’s restaurant that Alton is wearing.

  14. Rob L. says:

    What was the point of those annoying goat noises with the megaphone?

  15. ImBarryScottCSS says:

    The Knights Tale reference xD

  16. Steven Jakobi says:

    alton brown. so good.

  17. music19009 says:

    Good Eats Return? Should have never left. Glad you're back.

  18. Jim Pharr says:

    …breast lobes.

  19. Dan Zrt says:

    Is it just for me, or does this video has no adds?

  20. Ultimate Gamer says:

    OMG! I figured out the coffee grinder thing last year! I was making pumpkin pie but bought WHOLE cloves on accident. But then I looked over and saw the crappy coffee grinder and had a great idea! And it worked! Perfectly!

  21. Daniel Underwood says:

    This is like the superbowl of cooking videos, that is why the mid video ads are awesome.

  22. JoshL says:

    Doppeltasker…very clever

  23. Aussie G says:

    “Walls of Verisimilitude come crumbling down” quote of the day!

  24. JoshL says:

    23:25 2.83 mL is 3 quarts? Oh boy 😂😂

  25. DeceptiQuads says:

    Alton needs a show called "Another Show" where he makes all of the things he mentions offhand in Good Eats

  26. Malcolm says:

    Was the turkey undercooked and gave everyone food poisoning? How did the turkey strike back?

  27. Enrique Dominguez says:

    23:26 Are you sure about the milliliters? You meant liters.

    1 liter of water weights about 1 kilogram; three milliliters is about a tablespoon, you just added a bunch of tap water. Probably everyone realized but just in case.

  28. sammichmanjr says:

    I freaking love AB. I know he follows scripts for the show, but he does actually know this stuff. If not, then he researches it until he does know it.

    With that being said…
    When he came back to his burnt spices, did anyone else notice that there were cloves in the mix? 11:29 They're also in the popcorn popper when it starts.. 12:01
    29:43 has the skin back on the legs. Should we remove the skin before eating or remove before serving??

  29. Loebane says:

    I wonder if I could ever come up with a good butter chicken/tikka masala dish that doesn't involve nightshades.

  30. Julius Concepcion says:

    I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to make smoked legs or that Turketta, but the turkey tikka masala seems like a good start.

  31. Goch K says:

    Bring back real cooking shows full time 24/7 get rid of the stupid bake offs and competition shows

  32. Miss O.P. says:

    the blonde is a good actress

  33. Lala says:

    Home Ec classes should be formatted like Good Eats.

    Actually Science classes should be formatted like Good Eats, it will give students a delicious incentive to pay attention in class.

  34. K -Ray says:

    Those are some big chicken thighs…

  35. Justin Ambrose says:

    Awesome as always

  36. csljrrt09 says:

    Nice "A Knight's Tale" reference.

  37. Secret Tree Fort says:

    This guy is the Vsauce of cooking.

  38. pristinemirage says:

    23:24 2.83ml and 2.72kg you say thats some dense liquid.


    I don't even like turkey or plan to eat it, but still entertaining to watch

  40. Mark Helms says:

    Reminds me of when Food Network used to be good.

  41. Lovely Lurker says:

    absolutely love the show and have learnt a lot over the years from it. Loved the concept of making the 'best ever' version of loads of dishes.. However, the chicken tikka massala was a little simplified really, the marinade for the chicken should have paprika, turmeric, garlic and fresh green chillies in there, as well as cutting the meat into chunks before marinating, so more of the favour gets into the meat. The sauce should also have more chillies in there along with more paprika and BUTTER! Wheres the butter?!?

  42. psyneur says:

    23:25 3 quarts = 2.83 mL? I don't think so.

  43. ummm says:

    so said to see that alton has cancer now. big ugly head.

  44. MoonRei1 says:

    I really like how this is shot. The cinematography is really interesting. Great work!

  45. ChunHimself says:

    PSA: fustilarian (plural fustilarians) (obsolete, nonce word) A low fellow; a stinkard; a scoundrel.

  46. Amberscion says:

    19:20 "Do this over medium to low heat. We don't want it to boil." Wait, those bubbles indicate boiling, right? Maybe you don't want it to boil for long, while you reduce the heat…

  47. Grendizer 32 says:

    I remember watching the island episode when I was a young lad… This has always been my favorite cooking show

  48. Xenronnify says:

    Alton is the cutest 😘

  49. Julius Järvenkimmel says:

    liters, not milliliters

  50. James Ellsworth says:

    New Twists on Turkey: Great Show!

  51. Jeff Miller says:

    How did he handle the grill

  52. NWinnStudio says:

    Hot-Air popcorn poppers are also amazing for roasting your own coffee!

  53. Styles by Nancy says:

    I missed this show

  54. Nospam Spamisham says:

    The secret to good turkey is the gravy. The secret to gravy is to make sure you do not remove too much fat from the drippings.

  55. Enrico jaun says:

    or… throw your turkey in a fryer.  the end.

  56. PinkPonyOfPrey says:

    Sometimes during the cold part of the year I use my balcony in the winter for temporary storage of things that are too big for the fridge.
    Living on the 7th floor ain't that bad.I have my food on the balcony for myself fer sure! 😀

  57. Kraig the Happy says:

    2.83 ml of water? That's some concentrated brine you've got there.

  58. Valkyrie Ziege says:

    ; "Never play cards with a guy named "Doc".

  59. Mrs. Thomas says:

    Love that "Incredibles" reference!

  60. halpwr says:

    Completely cut Simon off ha

  61. Tony Wiltshire says:

    Equalizer settings are all wrong Alton. Actually bass akwards .EDIT: You fixed it directly after I paused to comment.

  62. trombonist says:

    2.83 mL of water in your brine…

  63. Patrick Towey says:

    This is positively psychedelic.

  64. Phil Plachta says:

    so good, AB!

  65. UppityG Livestockian says:

    Love you Alton, not a fan of cable tv bundle drone Food Network. So glad, grateful, you are at least on YT. God bless you and yours. PS Hot air popper! WTAF! Awesome.

  66. Brian M says:

    Am I hearing this right? First he's talking turkey meat, then into chicken, then back into turkey????

  67. Todd H says:

    My most favorite cooking show!

  68. Prince Tony says:

    In my family we eat turkey 2 or 3 times a week ground turkey. Breakfast sausage, taco flavored turkey meat, and Italian flavored turkey meat.

  69. Crissyfox Does Stuff says:

    Made some turka misala

  70. Finite Tuning says:

    Hallelujah, Good Eats is (are?) back! I really missed this show!

  71. kelly Murphy says:

    Is it possible to sub something else for the coconut milk in the tikka masala, for those of us who just have a raging hate for it?

  72. CarolJ2013 says:

    I watch this as I sit here eating my frozen Chicken Tiki Masala made by Deep Indian Kitchen while at work. This dish is my go to when introducing friends to my favorite Indian restaurant.

  73. Ask Questions says:

    That’s a ton of salt on the breasts. Wow

  74. Traylarpark12 says:

    Alton Brown is the guy who taught me to cook more than macaroni.

  75. Good Bye says:

    He start cooking after 10 min

  76. Gerad Berish says:

    That mega phone is CRINGE. WHOS IDEA REALLY WAS IT. Honestly

  77. Gerad Berish says:

    Wow. This intro was so much cringe!

  78. Sc'Eric H. says:

    Herr Brown, I am more than a bit surprised that you don't use an old trick from our old friend "The Frug": the 2×4 woodblock as meat pounder!

    In keeping with other comments: THIS is what cooking shows should be about–not contests (though, Chopped is certainly fun). The only time food competitions are interesting are when they engage the viewer to up the ante in their own kitchen. The contest for contest sake, however, is nothing but sad. TL;DR: more SCIENCE + TECHNIQUE, less competition!

  79. Robert McDougle says:

    Still funny. I love this guy.

  80. mackpackable says:

    3 quarts is clearly not 2.83 ml. It's 2.83 l.

  81. Chris says:

    Alton has joined the war on Thanksgiving.

  82. Dana LaBerge says:

    Here he goes again promising something on another show that he will probably not deliver on -_- I love you Alton but you should have a youtube (or other platform) show called Another Show that gets all those recipes recorded properly. Also, electrostatic and magnetic forces are actually the same thing. Science calls it electromagnetic force.

  83. JustMelinda says:

    alton got thicc

  84. cryofpaine says:

    Next time you buy poultry, you should ask them to "so bi it".

  85. doug perry says:

    no cilantro nuts

  86. Riley Mundt says:

    I made the Turketta for Thanksgiving this year. Followed the recipe almost exactly. I exchanged maple sugar for light brown sugar since I already had that. Paired with candied yams, stuffing, and rolls, it was the best feast I've ever had. I believe it is going to become my holiday go to.

  87. Raven1024 says:

    I've taken to using a dedicated insulated water cooler with a spout for all my brining needs…it's big enough to fit a whole turkey in if I want and the spout makes draining the brine out easier than trying to pour it out of a regular cooler.

  88. Rebecca Goodrich says:

    A doll outfit made of turkey skin!
    LOL! 😹😹😹😹

  89. Justin Lebar says:

    I am disappointed I didn't get to see Alton try to dissolve 225g of salt + 225g of brown sugar in 2.83mL of water!

  90. MurderMostFowl says:

    Meh … not sure about coconut milk for Tika Masala… that will make it taste like a thai dish or something. Just add lemongrass And you’ve completely missed the mark. Butter and Heavy Cream, accept no substitute! 😂

  91. The Side Deck - Gaming Cafe says:

    Ahem, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, not the last <3 (don't hate me!)

  92. amaniwolf says:

    I loved this show back when it aired and am so glad to see it again! I've missed these kind of shows, not competitions but people explaining cooking methods and what they do.

  93. TacComControl says:

    36:41 Any of you boys seein' what I'm seein'?

  94. Julia Mary says:

    I was able to see him when he went on tour and it was so amazing. And, yes, he had a nutmeg in his pocket!

  95. BubblewrapHighway says:

    The chicken parmesan episode is gone? D: Please don't take this one away!

  96. Steve Farber says:

    When it comes to Indian technique I'll take the advice of Madhur Jaffrey. This is a different dish altogether.

  97. L ogic says:

    We eat turkey year round in my house. We have pretty much replaced ground beef with ground turkey in most dishes with the exception of hamburgers.

  98. oogiesmuncher says:

    did he says 2.83 mL of hot water for the smoked turkey legs? Definite typo lol

  99. Here There Everywhere says:

    This guy gets sexier as he gets older

  100. Jeff Locke says:

    Absolutely loved it more Please Alton

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