Fun is Irrelevant – A Story about Indie Game Development [TURN ON SUBTITLES]

We’re making a new game, Inspired by classics, Random generation, Pixelated graphics. I’m the lead designer, I use Scratch to code, 2 hours Game Dev Tycoon, And I use developer mode. We give zero fucks. Visit our Q and A, Then, give us 20 bucks. At least we’re not EA. Were just some freelancers, We don’t have free answers. Fun is irrelevant, Indie game development. Twenty two months later, So the game’s a bit delayed… We have been real busy, Real busy getting paid. We don’t have much to show. But, since we’ve worked a ton, We’re just tweaking the price. Now it costs thirty-one. Updating the graphics, And the metadata, Don’t like what we’re doing? Well, shut up! It’s a beta. We promised to deliver, But our fingers were crossed. Hey, we’ve got new features, Let’s see what we’ve got: Customizable pants, Buy yourself a baboon, Egyptian subtitles, Fiddling mechanics. EVEN MORE POLYGONS! New in-game baptism. Rice cooker and toaster- Compatibility. Random generation- Is now much more random. Sometimes, your key inputs- Won’t even be the same. Thank you for your support! We’ve a new workstation. And as a last resort, We’ve sold our souls to Satan. And so the game’s released. Here we are on launch day. Many fans are displeased. No refunds by the way. Donors still have to pay. But is that such a crime? We’ll have online play, Just not in your lifetime. Don’t you dare critique us. Our goodwill’s depleted. See this here Youtuber? His channel’s deleted. Our artistic vision, Your just too blind to see. For true accomplishment, Just buy the DLC. Everyone remember, When you send us hate, Were still just amateur, We know our game’s not great. Yeah, it’s pretty buggy. It’s a work in progress. You may reach the final stage, But we simply never will.

3 comments on “Fun is Irrelevant – A Story about Indie Game Development [TURN ON SUBTITLES]”

  1. Daniel Sun says:

    finally something good in my recommended

  2. Nazir PamplIn says:

    Ok, well I love this

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