FUNNY SITUATIONS THAT EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO || Relatable Awkward Situations by 123 GO!

Ah, life. You know, that thing full of awkward situations,
messy accidents, and general confusion? Look, we all go through it! And no matter what difficulties you face in
a day, take comfort in the fact that everyone deals with the exact same stuff. Oooh, especially that. Hey, we’re only human! So sit back, relax and find out why these
everyday situations are oh-so-relatable! Ever try to make breakfast early in the morning
without waking up your roommate? One small move seems as loud as a marching
band! See what I mean? Phew! That was a close one. No! Not the frying pan! Who even left that thing out anyway? Oh man, Vicky is totally gonna kill me if
I wake her up on her day off! Please stop rocking! C’mon! Shh! Please! Okay, finally. Gah! Woah – someone is really pissed off. Nothing can ruin a stroll in the park —
Ouch! Is there a rock in my shoe? How’d that happen? Woah! That’s way worse than just a rock in your
shoe! Geez, did you collect the entire hillside
in those tennies? Okay, this is just ridiculous. Um. what size shoe do you wear, Vicky? Well, that oughta do it. Next time, I’m taking the route with the
sidewalk. These YouTube videos are so addicting! This is my fourth one in a row! My arm’s getting tired, I’m gonna set this thing down and watch. Hey! Ugh, why won’t this thing stay up? Seriously? This book oughta work. Gah! Oh c’mon. If you’ve ever attempted to watch videos on your phone hands-free, you know the struggle is real. Woah, that’s a lot of stuff for one little phone. Ugh! I just wanna watch my stupid video! Alright, let’s see here… These things should work! Man, this water’s heavy! Okay, let’s put the yogurt here… And this massive jug of water there… Alright, now we’re talkin’! Oh man, that Sophia cracks me up. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. That’s it, I’m going online and buying a phone stand, STAT! Believe it or not, there’s an art to texting,
and taking the time to explain an entire story via smartphone is a feat. But the best part? Waiting for your friend to respond to your
epic text. Ugh, c’mon girl, how long does it take you
to read? Okay, Helly, I know you’re by your phone. Geez, what do I have to wait for, Christmas? It’s here! Seriously?! All this time and that’s all you have to
say?! Oh, that’s it. She is NOT getting away with that lazy response! I’m going over to her house and telling
her this is not okay! Wow, Vicky’s really getting lathered up
in that cab. She’s gonna blow! I’m here! What, do you take as long answering the door
as you do answering texts?! Vicky! What’s up? What’s up?! This is what’s up! I take the time to text you this epic story! I knew I should’ve used some emojis… On bad days like these, nothing feels better than stuffing your face full of fries and a big, juicy burger. Oh man, that felt good. Okay, time to get back to reality. Woah! I definitely ate too much! I feel like I’m gonna burst! No one will notice if I open a few of these buttons, right? Whew! So much better. Man, I gotta go lie down. Stuffing your face may have seemed like a good idea, but now your jeans won’t fit! Shoot! I have to get to class in 10 minutes but I can’t get these darn things over my hips! Oof! C’mon… Alright, that’s it. I’m not eating fries ever again! Well, not this week anyway. Happy Birthday Olivia!! It smells amazing. Aw, it’s too bad sugar’s taking a back seat these days. Bring on the mixed greens, baby! Happy birthday to me… Mmm, it tastes just like chocolate…. If chocolate tasted like dry, bitter arugula… Ick. This is the worst birthday ever. How’s that cake tastin’ girls? Please tell me it’s awful… Look, no one said eating healthy was easy. Woah, how old is that pear? When did I even buy this? Ew! Since when are pears supposed to smell like armpits? …Twenty-six… Phew. Twenty…ssseeevvv— Ugh, working out sucks. Is that a donut? Am I so deprived I’m having food mirages now? Finish your sit-ups, Olivia! Tasty treats are at stake! Ah, packing tape. A tool that can fix so many different things. Hey, Emily, having some trouble finding the
edge of the tape? Ooh, looks like scratching it didn’t work. Is someone playing a prank on me or something? Is this even tape? Okay, I’ve been working on this thing all
night, I’ve got to figure this out! Maybe I need glasses… Nope, bathroom lighting isn’t helping. Um, Emily? Your water…? While dealing with tape can take a while,
you shouldn’t let it take over your life… Dang, false alarm. Yes! I found it! Why is this happening to me? Finally, a lunch break on the roof top after
a rough morning at work. Oh. my. gosh. Do you see that view? That view? Oh yeah, we definitely see it. Oh man! Do think he saw us? I don’t have an ounce of makeup on! Quick! Let’s go spruce up a bit! Sometimes, all it takes is a surprise hottie
to cause an express glow-up! From a quick fluff of your hair… To a quick lipstick touch-up… Woah, Emily means business! Sometimes a few little changes can make you
feel like a brand new, gorgeous woman! Alright, ladies. Are we ready? Um are these the same girls? Somebody call a modeling scout because these
girls are workin’ it! Why is it that walking in slo-mo makes everything
look ten times sexier? Oh — here comes the hair flip… Yes, Emily, yes! Olivia has that seductive lip-bit move down
pat. Um, guys? We’ve been walking for a while now. Do you think that cute guy is getting weirded
out? The problem with bringing your phone into
bed, is that you end texting with your pals til the wee hours of the morning! Shoot, I’m almost all out of juice! But Olivia still hasn’t told me what happened
on her date! Okay, lemme grab my charger here… Geez, this drawer’s as deep as Mary Poppin’s
purse! Okay, found it! Alright, let’s plug it in here… I’ll just reach over to my handy outlet
and — Why is it that plugging our phones into outlets
at night gets so complicated? Well, it’s probably because you’re not
looking at it… Seriously, what’s wrong with this thing? Alright, that’s it! I’m goin’ in! Woah! Ooh! Woman down! Ouch. Are you feeling “human” yet? Well if these relatable situations weren’t
enough, you’ll definitely find some things in common with these hilarious blooper scenes! Wish you had more awesome videos to watch! Be sure to subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube
page and share these hilarious clips with your friends!

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