Gà nướng muối ớt sa tế và cái kết bất ngờ (Paladin chicken grilled above bamboo griddle)

(Lyrics of an OST from a chinese popular film) Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to have lunch here It’s about 12 o’clock now I enjoy watching knight-errant film very much In the films, I offen see a scene in which knights are grilling cocks for their meal in the forest. It looks so decilious And today, I’ll do the same thing But not the whole cook, I only enjoy it’s thighs So now, let’s see how I can do that First, I have a stove here with some embers I use only embers for the grilling Now I’m making a bamboo griddle So I have to cut down some bamboos I have a lot of bamboos here After a few minutes, I have had these bamboo brands Now, I continue making the griddle Honestly, I haven’t done that kind of dish before So I’m not sure if i can succeed I have made a bamboo griddle here! It’s not perfect, my friends but I think it will work Anyway, I don’t have enough tools here Ok, it’s finished Now, I start grilling the cook thighs Please watch my action The chopsticks seem too long These cock thighs were marinated normally I used citronella, garlic, fish sauce, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate (msg) And to have this red color, i used a little bit cashew-color- oil Or I could buy some curry seeds then I fry them with oil, after that I can use that oil to marinated the meat so that I can have this delicious color When we are waiting for the dish, I’m going to find some banana leaves So when the meat is cooked, we can put it on the leaves I will choose the clean, green, brandnew banana leaves Cos we will use them to contain the meat, my friends Here, I’ve found these two nice ones I have had two big leaves that I really like them Here you see So young and green Now, I will bring them back home After grilling for a while… I feel the meat has changed its color ..but hasn’t been cook enough, I think But the color now is realy good …really…. Do you see this? After a grilling time I see it’s totally changed its color and it’s going to be cooked enough It is the first time I do this kind of knight-errant-cock I call it knight errant cock but it’s only industrial chickens feeded by industrial bran. After spending nearly whole afternoon, I could have 4 grilling chicken thighs Actually I may feel so tired…but it’s really funny iiikkkkkk nothing to say…. After a hard-working time, I have finished my dish… so…the video ends here Please enjoys yourself The dream of a man I’m so sorry that I can’t have a perfect result finally. Thanks for watching this video. See you soon!

3 comments on “Gà nướng muối ớt sa tế và cái kết bất ngờ (Paladin chicken grilled above bamboo griddle)”

  1. Cuộc Sống Hoang Dã says:

    Ôi ngon quá đi thôi

  2. Cuộc Sống Rừng Rẫy says:

    Có những sự cố bất ngờ xảy ra một cách không mong muốn. Thật sự mình không hề muốn như vậy đâu. Đó là câu trả lời cho các bạn đã hỏi mình! Cám ơn các bạn

  3. sugi deki says:

    Lol không nhặt được mồm mà :))))

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