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T o get all the new updates on my all new recipes subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you don’t miss any notification of my new video hello friends namaste ( khamma gani ) i am pramila singh and i welcome you all on my channel pramila’s cook book friends today we are making milkmaid gajar halwa ( carrot halwa or pudding ) which is very easy to make and takes very less time to prepare normally making gajar ka halwa or carrot pudding takes time to prepare and you have to cook it for a longer period and when you will make this halwa or pudding you will definately love this recipe and because this is my first recipe video of this new year 2020 so let’s begin this new year 2020 with some sweet recipe so let’s get started let me show you all ingredients first here i have taken 1.5 kgs of carrot i have grated these carrots already before grating nicely wash these carrots here i have taken milk this 250 ml of milk i have also made traditional gajar ka halwa on my youtube channel you can also watch it you can click on i button above to see that recipe this is pure clarified butter this is in solid state right now because weather is cold right now but when we will add this in cooker it will melt very easily this is 300 ml of milkmaid here this is 6 to 7 powdered cardamom this is 6 to 7 almonds here i have soaked these in water and took out and also peeled off the skin of it and sliced these almonds like this and here we have some cashews don’t slice these in very small size keep these like this only and some sliced pistachio’s dry fruits are optional you can also ake it without dry fruits also but i recommend to add some dry fruits in it so it completely depends on you i have now placed pressure cooker on gas flames and this way we will make our halwa very quick and i have set the flames on medium now i will add clarified butter in cooker we will be first cooking grated carrots in clarified butter this way water will be dried off from grated carrots and this way you don’t have to add i have added 2 tbsp of clarified butter and you can also adjust the quantity of clarified butter according to you but i suggest use this much because it is minimum required quantity of it now i will add our grated carrots in it before adding grated carrots in it squeez then in hands and then add this way extra water will squeezed out frying carrots or cooking like this adds more taste to the halwa or pudding and also speeds up the process and you don’t have to add clarified butter later in this and you will require very less milk in it otherwise if you will make it in traditional way that way you have to cook it in milk for longer period and that will take much more time then this and will require lots of milk this recipe will take very less time and if there is end moment party or any guest is coming to your home , then this recipe is a blessing you will require a can of milkmaid for this recipe and if you want you can add mawa in it but that is completely a optional thing now simply toss the grated carrots gently in cooker now i will cook this on high flame for some time cooking it on high flame will speeds up its cooking time and while cooking carrots will release remaining water in them so there is no risk of them burning this way our carrots will become soft also this process is same you have to repeat if you want to make it milk also after this process simply add milk in it and let it cook slowly in that , if you want to make it in a traditional way but after adding milk in it , in this recipe we are using pressure cooker so it will be superfast and super easy and taste will be amazing carrots will be perfectly ready after 2 to 3 whistles of our pressure cooker adding milkmaid in it enhances the taste of it and also we don’t have to add mawa in it and also we don’t have to add sugar also now i have tossed it gently for 5 to 6 minutes and now carrots are nicely cooked in clarified butter and now i will add milk in it i have added 250 ml of milk in it carrots are completely soaked in milk you don’t have to add more milk in it now , now i will put the lid of pressure cooker so our carrots will be cooked nicely in this milk only now we will wait for 2 to 3 whistles of pressure cooker now cooker is bit cold now and after 4 whistles i am opening it’s lid now see carrots are looking lesser in quantity now and also these are perfectly cooked these are having little bit of milk moisture in it so i will be cooking it like this on high flames so that moisture will be removed and then i will adding milkmaid in it instead of sugar and milkmaid will do the job of sugar and mawa and it will only take around 25 minutes to get ready otherwise it takes lots of time when we slow cook it in milk so this is a must try recipe now you can see here extra moisture from our carrots is gone , i have cooked it like this for 5 to 6 minutes now i will add milkmaid in it so this is 300 ml of milkmaid here now let’s mix this nicely like this now after adding milkmaid i am adding cardamom powder in it now i will mix it nicely , and it will add nice flavour on medium flames now you can see here our gajar ka halwa is ready i have cooked it for 7 to 8 minutes nicely after adding milkmaid in it you can see how nicely it is prepared there will be a diffrence in color , of one we make in sugar and this which we are making in milkmaid this halwa or pudding will be having whiteish color a bit compared to halwa which we make in sugar and the halwa we make in sugar is a bit dark in color and this halwa is absolutely delicious and cooks really very fast so our halwa is now ready in 25 to 30 minutes of time frame now i will add dry fruits in it now i have added almonds in it some cashews some sliced pistachio’s now mix all these nicely now our gajar ka halwa is completely ready now so friends you have seen today how easily we made gajar halwa in pressure cooker in very less time and by adding milkmaid in it we don’t have to sugar in it and also there is no need of using more milk also in it and this is amazingly delicious so do try this recipe and share with your friends and family and if you like my recipe then subscribe to my youtube channel and don’t forget to give this recipe a like and till next recipe namaste ( khamma gani )

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