Garfish, Efficient Filleting + Smart Frying/ Denmark, Djursland

This is a garfish that is about 65 centimeters long. I have just scrapped of the scales down at the waterside. Now there are not many scales left. Then I take out the intestines, before starting to make the fillets. Here is the gallbladder, that on should take care not to puncture, as it makes the meat taste bitter. Then one cuts it into a portion like this. Four pieces. The trick is to get rid of the bones. The first cut is here along the backbone. Like that. Following the bones alle the way round. See the knife under the ribs, following them. And up here. Now cut down to the bone here, And out to one side, like that. This gives two fine slices, and this left. The rest we won’t use, and we throw it away, but here we have got two fine pieces. We treat the others in the same way. With the tail-piece it is done a bit differently. I will get a cloth to get a better hold on. Like that. Here one can also remove the ribs in the middle. They are placed right here. It doesen’t leave much. No, but what is left, is good. Now they are completely free of bones. One hundred percent. And then one can rinse them a bit in fresh water. Here we have a little plastic bag. Primarily with rasp in, and a little flour. In this way one doesn’t get flour and rasp sticking to ones fingers. One can do the same thing at home. One can just discard the bag with rasp into the waste bin afterwards. And a little oil on the frying pan. How long do they have to fry? Just a few minutes, you will see it shortly – not very much. They will look a bit like French fries . Ome might tell the kids that they are French fry fish instead of a garfish, then they will also eat them.

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