Gil Grissom (Explicit) – Wise Guy or C.S.I. ? (William Petersen)

Now I find this information very
disturbing, so I asked Dion. Who is this friend is, that’s given me this tip? But Dion say’s that he’s just a messenger. That his uh, homeboys from uptown sent
him down here with this message. And he doesn’t really know,
who the message is coming from. Well fuck Dion! When I call Louie’s house,
and don’t get an answer. I send some of my guys out there to check on em. You know check on and make sure he’s all right… I mean I gotta figure this message
this bullshit! You know somebody’s playing a practical joke. You know what they find
when they get there? Do you have any idea what they find!? They find Louie Venerie laying dead in a pool of blood, with 4 bullets in him. DEAD! IN HIS HOUSE, IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD! What the fuck is the world coming to? When you got animals out there whacked out on drugs, killing each other over a snort of crack. Do you think they’re gonna give a shit about things like honor and respect? They can’t even spell the words. Let me tell you something pal… Wise-guys and cops used to be able to preserve order, keep things in balance. Not now… You got
animals out there with no class… No manners, no nothing! Scumbags… They got no respect for history, no respect for the elderly,
no respect for families, no respect for WOMEN, and no respect for an old man
who’s quietly minding his own business and finishing out the last few years of
his life!!! And now somebody has got to call Johnny Venerie, and tell him that his brother Louie is dead. And that somebody is me, I gotta do it. And when I do, he’s gonna ask me
questions that I don’t have answers to, like: Who was it that sent me this
message, and how to fuck something like this could happen right under my
fucking nose!? Now when I don’t have answers, he’s gonna start killing people. And he’s gonna keep killing people until he finds out who’s responsible and that
brings me to your little brother! How stupid is he!? How stupid? What the fuck is he doing there? What the fuck is he thinking about!? I swear to God, Al, I will destroy these scumbags! I will tear out their goddamn hearts, I will cut out
their eyes and cook them in a frying pan and eat them with my eggs for FUCKING
BREAKFAST!!! But before I do I need answers! I need names, I need to know who, what,
when, where and why!? And that’s what you’re gonna find out for me. You’re gonna go with Rico and Moran… And find your fucking brother and his two scumbag
buddies and you’re gonna get me the answers I need and you better find them
fast! Cuz I’m about to make a phone call to tell a man that his brother is dead!
And believe me, when he finds out. People are gonna start dying and nobody….. Nobody is gonna be safe!

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