Gorgeous Griddled Chicken with Donal Skehan

I am always on the lookout for a midweekday dinner and one of my favorites at the moment has to be this lemon and mint griddled chicken with some mushed chick peas This is a tasty FoodTube supper if you’ve got a few mates around it looks great, it’s full of flavour and best of all it’s ready in minutes. I’m going to grab some mint, conveniently located in my garden. So a few mint leaves, I’m going to finely chopped that with some lemon zest A little bit of lemon zest Right, lemon and mint all sorted So what I need to do is transfer this to a plate You want to take your chicken breasts and bash them. up To do that I have some parchment paper and basically place our two chicken wings breasts inbetween some parchment paper. So one sheet and two sheets! We’re going to lay down your chicken breasts
one-at-a-time and then sprinkled over that lemon and
mint all the way over You want your chicken breasts to be completely
covered and then using a little bit of oil just drizzle that right over your chicken
breast season up with a bit of sea salt, black pepper And such fresh flavour here, you’ve got a summer little dish that you’re going to get excited about So, what we need to do now is be there is place over our second bit of parchemnt paper and now, we’re gonna grab a rolling pin and i think in the style of jamie oliver
we are gonna bash the crap out of these chicken breast, so give it a good whack That’s looks pretty good Now the reason I’m bashing this is to make
sure that we get nice quick cooking chicken breast and makes it really
really simple it should be about a centimeter in thickness So beautifully bashed, now what we need to do is lose this sheet of parchment paper and just drape all that chicken in those
extra little bits so that each side is evenly coverered in all those lovely oils and lemon
zest and once they’re coated you can put them straight into the pan Let that sizzle So once they start to cook through, give them a quick flip and turn them over Time to take off my chicken breasts just transfer them over onto a plate like this and while they’re off what I’m gonna do
is get on a frying pan and we’re gonna fry up some chick peas. Now the best way of doing this is to use tinned chick peas, it’s a really quick store
copboard ingredient Get a bit of olive oil into the pan Some good quality olive oil goes in here and then very quickly we’re going to get our chickpeas right in there Now the spices I’m going to add are a little bit of cumin and cumin and chickpeas are the best of pals so get some in there. And then just a little touch of smoked paprika. Really, really nice hit of colour And a bit of subtle spice and then using the rest of that lemon, the
juice of the lemon, what we’re gonna do is squirt in a good bit of lemon juice in
here and basically this is kind of like a warm houmous. It’s kind of bit strange but very delicious alongside a chicken. So what I need to do is take this
off the heat season up with a little bit of sea salt and some black pepper then with the back of a fork just press
this down almost just crushed Now it might look like a mess
right now but this is going to be properly deliciously really simple. And if you like simple recipes by all means subscribe to my dishes
right here on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Lots more to come, really tasty stuff and of course if you
like this leave me a comment below because i will respond. I promise you that. So, get this in, onto your plate and now we’re going to serve this up with a couple of dressed leaves and our lovely chicken breasts And there you have it.One of my favorite
little suppers. It’s a lemon and mint griddled chicken. I want you to get in there and taste it.It is totally delicious subscribe, comment, do all of those things and most of all
try this recipe. It’s great

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  1. People People says:

    I. Battered. The chicken for you at bloom

  2. condorgig says:

    how long are the chickpeas on the heat for?

  3. ollie scully says:

    not really bashing that chicken very well. Gonna have chicken that is thinner in some places and thicker in others and not cook evenly and quickly which is the whole point.

  4. Erin J says:

    I made this before the hockey game tonight and everyone loved it!! Thanks Donal!

  5. sleedelee says:

    This looks great! And you're adorable!

  6. Allegra says:

    you're so cute and I love you

  7. Allegra says:

    will be trying this!

  8. Jamie Sowden says:

    Awww your accents amazing and I will definitely try this especially on a warm day (which we rarely get in the uk)

  9. Blaine says:

    Good meal, have you any recipe ideas for turkey? It's not just for chrimbo ya know ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Justa Channel says:

    A few cherry toms would've really taken the dish to another place.

  11. Sophia Hepburn says:

    That looks rad! Where's your accent from? Irish, right?

  12. Wen Chang says:

    Awesome dish Mr. Skehan ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ciara Carroll says:

    My two favourites on one channel.. Heaven!

  14. Mimmas says:

    He's in Sweden, though.

  15. agirlonminecraft says:

    Subscribed cos you're adorable ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh and the food of course

  16. isabellmiao says:

    not related but i fucking love you HAHAHA

  17. Daniel Campbell says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ thx ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Tad says:

    i made this for dinner last night and it was so good! thank you posting this, kind sir!

  19. David Escalante says:

    aah, will you answer this????

  20. edding8400 says:

    I make chickpeas the same way except I don't crush em, and I also use garlic.

  21. Zaviex says:

    he could be from Northern Ireland which isnt part of the British Isles but is part of the UK

  22. Isabel Wilde says:

    chickpeas – something new for me to try!

  23. mauren3 says:

    He's from Dublin which is in Southern Ireland also known as Eire and Republic of Ireland and is not part of Great Britain but Northern Ireland is

  24. Autopsygurl says:

    I am obsessed with your recipes so far!:D

  25. Heather Cameron says:

    How long would you cook the chicken?

  26. Rissa says:

    Omg what a cutie. Also your enthusiam and happy attitude just totally comes through the screen. Yay another person to look forward to on foodtube ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Summa says:

    this was so delcious!

  28. David White says:

    Thank you Donal looks great I am going to cook this for dinner tomorrow. Let's see more cooking from you

  29. Sukrit Aggarwal says:

    Just like Kashmir belongs to India & Israel belongs to Palestine, Ireland belongs to Britain…

  30. akkerivonar1 says:

    Looks lovely! Must try ASAP!

  31. lumennuh says:

    Actually, technically, it's part of the British Isles, just not the UK or Great Britain. Sorry, I just did a lot of research about this 'cause I was interested in knowing the difference, and it is part of the British Isles. But yeah, don't call Ireland part of Great Britain. That's a rather terrible idea. Not you, Summa.

  32. P Kennelly says:

    It is part of the British Isles, from a geographical perspective but it doesn't take much (i.e. me!) for an Irish person to remove themselves from anything British, even the word or the signification of such. I'm sure many other post-colonial nations have this heighten sense of national freedom and anger at when someone wrongly labels or placing them back into the colonial era. But thanks for the clarification!

  33. P Kennelly says:

    Ireland doesn't belong to Britain. Northern Ireland is part of the UK but the south (Republic of Ireland) is it's own autonomous nation. I don't want to sound preachy but knowing this might of prevented you from getting in a drunken (or not) fight with a proud Irishman!

  34. lumennuh says:

    Mm, of course, I didn't mean to try and force onto you labels that you (and many others) strongly disagree with. I just needed to point out that The Republic of Ireland is part of the British Isles. Sorry, it's kinda a bad habit of mine… But no, I didn't mean to come off as trying to force a title on you that isn't right. Especially what with the history between the two. Apologies. *totally not sarcastic, by the way. even if that makes me sound sarcastic.*

  35. burningonsunday says:

    Absolutely loved this, great dish. I was happy to have read the recipe on the blogpost though, because the flatbreads were a great addition to this dish!

  36. P Kennelly says:

    Ah no need to apologise. I wasn't saying it was you labelling the nation, it's the other less well informed people that I was referring to. And yes, it is hard NOT to sound sarcastic through the medium of youtube comments!

  37. Paul Classen says:

    Well said

  38. Ana Bucatareasa says:

    Love your videos, can't wait for more to come! Keep up the good work!

  39. SDOtunes says:

    It's not. –> /watch?v=rNu8XDBSn10

  40. natassjaz says:


  41. Tori Wilcox says:

    I'd be interested to eat it as a cold dish! Thoughts?

  42. spoonfulofsmiles says:

    How do you know how long to cook the chicken breasts???

  43. cbcalloway40 says:

    quick, simple and easy….cant wait to try it. The family just ask what I wanted tonight for my birthday dinner….I think this is it. Have fresh mint in the garden and can stop on my way home for a loaf of crusty bread and a lemon.

  44. Unique Nicole says:

    I'd like to make it but it's quite hard to find those ingredients in Korea. . .so sad
    Anyway thanks a lot!

  45. NPJC1 says:

    Just shows your Ignorance

  46. NPJC1 says:

    could be a possible lunch idea there

  47. Dat Le Tan says:

    I'm an asian home cook and I'm not familiar with some of the spices in this video. Can someone tell me the name of those spices and where I can buy them! Thanks…

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    That looks delicious! I'm definitely going to try that chickpease recipe.

  49. TraceyWooo says:

    That looks delicious! I'm definitely going to try that chickpeas recipe. But only if you reply like you promised ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Ireland actually IS part of the British Isles. The British Isles don't denominate a certain nation or country. It's just a name used for Great Britain and Ireland (the island, not the country) amongst other islands.
    What you're trying to say is that Ireland isn't part of the British Islands (which is a different thing). Very confusing.

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    awesome. going to try this

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    Awesome cooking Man Keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Sounds really delish!!!! I should try this one ๐Ÿ™‚

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    as gorgeous as your explanation ;)… I have one doubt, though… whats the difference between the two olive oils u used… one has more "quality"? qualitie of what? when do I use one or another?…
    Thankyou very much ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. Derek Ralston says:

    The chicken was incredible!
    Only thing I added was a mushroom/bacon chutney.

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    I love his accent ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I tried meat with mint once, when I had nothing left to eat but 3 different main ingredients (plum jam was the third one and I used it too). It was an unusual taste, but I liked it. And this your recipe reminded me of it. I think I am gonna cook it again ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    You're great!!

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    The chicken does look incredible but Donal, you look incredibly gorgeous.

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    Love this guy! Great enthusiasm!
    I tried the tomato garlic mash pasta. It was wonderful!

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    Wow, no wonder my chicken breast took forever to cook, I haven't "Bash the crap out of it!":)…. Thanks!

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    I recently made a Donal / Jamie hybrid….crushed spiced chickpeas but started off with the base of one of Jamie's pasta sauces; blitzed broccoli stalk, garlic and chilli, it worked so well!

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