31 comments on “Gotham Steel Pan- Six Month Follow Up”

  1. nightwing shade says:

    All there pots and pans are complete garbage…they don't even last 2 weeks…what a rip off

  2. Jeffy Tood says:

    Probably cause cancer

  3. Kat Parks says:

    You shouldn't use a metal item to stir around the egg in the pan. Don't ever use metal items in a pan it scratches the surface and damages it and will cause things to stick to the pan over time.

  4. dan pagn says:

    why do u use a fork?

  5. Andy Adams says:

    Gotham Steel is all lies the coding will come off do nit buy this Gotham Steel Pan , The store would not take it back

  6. Calibir1 says:

    On the eggs, you un-stuck them with the fork before you dumped them on the plate. The Candy, you wiped them from the pan and the commercial dumped them then wiped.
    Always, wipe as soon as you take food out while hot… and that's all I got to say on all that.

  7. Yuri eu says:

    Why this pan has such an horrific name?

  8. Ariel Reyes says:

    Antes de los 6 meses mi Gotham esteel comenzó a pelarse

  9. jkl542 says:

    Why do people do their best to ruin a product just to make a point?
    I treat my Gotham Steel "Fry Pan" properly and it's just as good as new.

  10. Sweet_Missy R says:

    The ONLY way I can get this pan clean is with a magic eraser

  11. zikiflx says:

    This is such a fake video!!
    This cheap crappy pans only last few uses and then they're useless everything sticks to them!!!

  12. Nick VanderWal says:

    I bought a 2-pan set of these a few months ago from Costco. I use them almost daily. I gave a good review of them a couple weeks after purchase. I will be returning them my next trip to Costco. The coating on the larger pan is wearing off and it has been getting progressively worse with foods sticking to it. Bacon fond has to be scrubbed off with an abrasive pad which just makes matters worse.

  13. Grue urgrue says:

    I got one and it started sticking terribly after a couple weeks. I even tried to season the pan, and I never used metal on it. Maybe that's the trick?

  14. TheDigitalPillars says:

    Everything sticks to them after a few months.

  15. Jeff Cayne says:

    Coating lost after use. In addition, pan warps in time. Customer service says to mail back and pay $9.95. That's the definition of stupidity. TOTAL CRAP

  16. Sumedi Memed says:

    Give me one please send too indonesia 😁😁😁😁😁

  17. wargodsix says:

    What’s your secret mine sticked worse then cheap Walmart nonstick and scatched very easy a deep scratch like if you cut a steak with a razor sharp steak knife


    Absolute GARBAGE product …


    who the F scrambles eggs to a pulp you fold them so you're not trying to keep a bunch of crumbs from fallin off the fork

  20. rvpstudioscanada says:

    Lucky you! My Gotham steel pan stuck eggs on the very first day. THOUSANDS of people like me had the SAME results. Either you got a different manufacturer, or we got a counterfeit Gotham Steel pan com the local department store in Canada. Either way.. mine sticks..yours doesn’t.

  21. Eva Myrick says:

    Who does he think he is fooling? What no one pushing these pans tells you when you first get the pans before ever using them is you have to season them just as you would cast iron. And every few months you have to re-season them. As we can all see the eggs were sticking and he started scraping them off the pan. He continued until he cooked all the moisture out of the eggs turning them into a paper like egg. Who eats scrambled eggs that way? Then the chicken, he left the oily skin on, which in turned acted as if he oiled the pan. And placed foil on to make sure moisture formed. Now the chicken is baking in oily water/juice. He stated I poured the excess grease off. As you can see as he is cleaning the pan out there is stuck on food on the inside wall and bottom of the pan. The candy he left in the wrappers. Plastic wrapper is petroleum based another type of oil. And again it did not just wipe right out. I purchased one of these pans when they first came out along with one of the green one. They are both junk. Don't buy these, you are only going to waste your money. There are three really good non stick pans on the market and they will last for decades. I have been cooking for 62 years and have tried almost everything. I personally have all three in my kitchen They are all Hard Anodized pans. The best is CIRCULON Hard Anodize Non Stick Gray cookware, it's non stick inside and out, Has high durability, it's heavy, metal utensil safe, won't stain, scratch or chip, riveted sure grip handles, dish washer safe. The next is ANOLON it about the same as the Circulon. The last is T-Fal Hard Anodized cookware.

  22. Jim H says:

    Good for about a month. Now not worth a s*&^!

  23. Jason Million says:

    lol no seasoning in them eggs or that chicken.

  24. Aesop of westworld says:

    Tried one out,lasted 3 mth's.went back to cast iron,can't be beat.

  25. Haydée Juana Scarilli says:

    En español

  26. Tony C says:

    Gotham garbage!! The finish starts to come off and it chips! You can see it in this vid (small chip in the center)..buy a decent stainless steel and yes..season it and it will be just as non stick as any other.

  27. Albert Mag says:

    So in 6 months once a week He's only used this pan maybe 24 times …no very much …
    My wife and I bought the same size 6-8 months ago We probably used it 2-3 times as much and the non-sticking quality
    is almost Kappoot..now I add a bit of oil and fry my eggs, sunny up and when I try and used the thin steel flipper they stick so bad I usually break my perfectly fried eggs and Ithere is stuck on egg white that needs to be scraped off …they give us a 90 day guarantee for a reason …… very clever marketing ..With hindsight I will now just buy == ''Tefal Fry Pans''==…much better quality …

  28. Albert Mag says:

    ""Scrambling eggs with no added oil"" …BS…egg yolk 58 percent fat…by the way !!!
    You want to be fair and Honest fust try to fry them sunny up with no added oil …bet them whites stick ….

  29. Janina S. says:

    Mine started burning and sticking after 6 months. Hard to clean, certainly can't wipe it clean. And I treated mine carefully. Only used nylon utensils and lower heat. And don't use it every day. For the price I paid I expected it to last a lot longer. Will never buy another one. Will buy a cheaper non stick that lasts just as long.

  30. Tyler Day says:

    Wow…such crap

  31. Cydonia says:

    Mine sticks after a little over a year of use. Bummer.

  32. Aggie Nowlin says:

    Then send it back they send u another one

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