Grilled Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms | Weber Griddle Gourmet Barbecue System

hey everyone welcome back to another exciting episode of Baum Grillin’z on today’s episode we’re going to do bacon-wrapped stuffed mushrooms now I’m not talking about the mushrooms you’re going to find in your backyard maybe some of you guys do that I don’t know but I’m talking about the ones that you’re going to find in your grocery store so I’m going to show you guys what you need, all the ingredients how to put it together and we’ll put it on the grill so let’s get to it okay so let’s take a look at the ingredients we’re going to use some mushrooms any old mushrooms that you pick up at the store that you like we’re going to need cream cheese bacon salt pepper and some parsley and we’re going to use these little babybel cheese’s all right let’s put it together okay so once you have all your ingredients you’re going to take your mushrooms and you’re just going to pop out the center’s there just like this make sure they’re all popped out so you have a little area that you can fill it up with the cream cheese and the other babybel cheese pops right out of there now let’s make up our little cheese mixture you’re going to want to take your cream cheese here and we’re going to do about four ounces. ok, we’re going to want about half all right now we got our cream cheese we’re going to add a little bit of salt to it a little bit we got our pepper just kind of season it how you like it then we’re going to do some parsley flakes there we go all right now mix that up now you don’t want your cream cheese to soft because you don’t want it to to melt too fast when you put it on the grill I’ll show you why now that you got your mixture we’re just gonna take our mushrooms we’re just gonna put a little bit of it inside there okay once you get your mushrooms all stuffed we’re going to take our little babybel we’re going to open it up we’re going to kind of tear it apart and stick it on each one then we’re going to wrap it in bacon now that we got those stuffed and we got our cheese on top we’re going to go ahead and we’re going to wrap them in bacon now so we got our bacon we got our little skewers that I cut in half let’s just take our bacon I’m going to take our little mushroom I’m going to want to start on the top I’m going to put it right over the top of it I’m going to cover the cream cheese and everything the best you can is wrap it around there now I’m going to go about half way tear it off there okay and then we’ll take our skewer go right through there all right thru okay just like that and we’ll set it aside now do that to all of your mushrooms so we got them all wrapped up looking good now we got our barbecue all fired up real hot we want it to be really hot at first because we’re going to flip them over with the cream side down and you’re going to want that to really heat and cook really fast and I’m going to be using a skillet set them down over the hot coals just to show you guys you don’t have to have the you don’t have to use the skillet but I think it just kind of helps you want to keep an eye on them you don’t want them to burn also watch out for flare-ups if you’re over the coals so we’re just going to flip them here kind of take a peek at them make sure that bacon is cooking nice and good whoo a little flare up there put that one off to the side the cheese came out of that one that’s going to be good so after rotating them kind of let the other side cook for a little bit we’re going to close the lid we’re going to damper it down a little bit we had it real hot maybe around 425 450 now we’re going to want to lower it to around 300 maybe less so that we can cook the bacon all the way around some then parts that aren’t touching the skillet there we want to fully cook them they’re all ready to go let’s offload them on our little plate here we will get to chowing down! these things look so good okay now it’s just about ready to dig in again let’s ring that dinner bell now we will slice and dice and take a bite and I’ll let you guys know how they taste they are all cooled down let’s take a bite of one of these oh oh that is so good mmm that is delicious melt in your mouth cheesy bacon goodness right there oh okay so there you have it that’s bacon-wrapped stuffed mushrooms now these things are going to be great for an appetizer maybe something that you do serve right before you know you have your steak or your burgers or something like that just kind of wet everybody’s appetite and this is really good really really good it’s easy! quick and easy no fuss at all I really think you guys would enjoy this so I hope you guys liked the video like comment subscribe I really appreciate all the support you guys are giving me and I really appreciate all the help and I will see you guys next time on the next Baum Grillin’z! Come and get it!

10 comments on “Grilled Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms | Weber Griddle Gourmet Barbecue System”

  1. Trapero urbano says:

    going to make that for sure

  2. Billy Brackeen says:

    Have done the same thing with fresh Jalapeños as well! Cut them around the edge and pull them apart, then slice out the seeds and veins and they will have almost zero heat!

  3. Peter Salls says:

    great video. that's a perfect low carb treat!

  4. MrAbletospeak says:

    My favourite mushrooms are not mushrooms.

  5. 久扬 久扬 says:

    looks really yummy !!!! like your shooting environment

  6. Postal Barbecue says:

    Those looked real nice!

  7. Charles Carlson says:

    I like to put a little salsa in first to kick it up a notch.

  8. lady lp says:

    Definitely making these and taking it to our Father's day cookout..yummy!

  9. noejacklou says:

    I feel so sory for vegans cuz they cant enjoy this wonderful treat

  10. 4 Seasons BBQ says:

    Great lookin mushrooms. They look Baum. I could eat about 12 of those. Keep up the great work my friend.

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