Halloumi fries

(light-hearted rock music) (dog whimpering) – Hallou, is it me you’re looking for? Sorry, if you didn’t know me already, then you would know that I was definitely gonna start this video with that. And what does cheese say
when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi. Let’s just get that out of the way. Halloumi fries. For me one of the most amazing, delicious things of the modern era. I’m havin’ a dirty food rant, which a lot of you agreed
with me on Twitter. Thank you so much. But Halloumi fries have
just sort of sprung out of nowhere in the
last couple of years. And I wanna make my own homemade ones. When it comes to recipes, I like try and keep them as simple as I can. But I’m gonna lace these
Halloumi fries with paprika. The context of making Halloumi fries is extremely simple
indeed, like ridiculous. It’s very, very minimal ingredients. In fact you could go absolutely
crazy with the coating. For example Boston, you know the other day when we did the popcorn chicken recipe? Right, you remember that? We put the baking powder in it. If you wanted to really bubble it up, You could do that. You could. I’m gonna wash my hands, don’t worry. But of course, you can make
it as simple as you want. The very basis could just be the Halloumi, is it me you’re looking for. And the flour. That’s it. So to put it simply, for Halloumi fries all you need is Halloumi,
flour, and oil to fry it in. Now, I’ve actually not got
much plain flour in the house. So I’m gonna go with
some actual bread flour. It should be fine. That’s my point, it’s very easy. On top of that flour,
any coating you desire, herbs, spices, all that stuff, muah! Make it your own. All right. So there is, a block of Halloumi. And notoriously, I
found this really tricky to cut into even french fry shapes. Out of the entire recipe, this
might be the hardest thing. So it’s quite a thick ‘ole block there. So if we halve that,
right down the middle, we should be able to cut it and get maybe two or three chunks. So it’s about six or
eight fries out of this. So all we’re gonna do is
slice down that block. I’m gonna go slow and steady. Oh, do you know what? It’s starting to come apart anyway. I think it might be in
two pieces or something. I’m still gonna go steady, I’m gonna try and get it fairly even. Oh! – Hello. – [Barry] Where are you goin’? – To the garden. – Bye.
– Bye. – Mrs. Barry is out gardening. Ah, wow. Yeah, big fat wedges like that. I might be able to get a four. Her last name before she
married me was Gardner. So, I guess it’s in her blood. Ah, yeah, this is actually
very, very satisfying. So from one block of Halloumi cheese, which is about 250 grammes
in the one I bought, we’ve managed to get us
out eight chunky fries. So all we’ve got to do is coat them now. So we might as well
start to get our oil on. Do, do, do, do.
(snapping) So as I said, it’s very similar to the popcorn chicken recipe. Which I’m actually filming
this recipe so far in advance that I haven’t put that video up yet, ’cause this is one of the last videos we’re filming before
the kitchen gets done. Hopefully you guys enjoy
that popcorn chicken video. It’s very, very good. I’m just fillin’ the wok up
with one litre of the oil. Whilst trying to splash as much
as I can on me as possible. All right, so like a medium-low flame, just while we’re coating it. We want to get it hot, but, you know, it’s gonna take a while. One thing to let you know about Hallou, is it me you’re looking for fries, is that there’s probably that
perception to some people. And most of you are probably
quite like yeah I know that. But, some of you might think,
oh yeah they’re healthier, ’cause it’s Halloumi, and it’s not a chip. Eee. A 30 gramme serving is 28% of your saturated fat daily allowance. The entire day. 30 grammes. Okay? This is 250 grammes,
almost ten times that. They’re a nice treat, but
just because it’s homemade, it doesn’t really make it much healthier. All right. One. Ah it smells so good! Two tablespoons of smoked paprika. One, two, three, four
tablespoons of the flour. A good ‘ole grind of black pepper. I just love the little
specks it’s gonna give. You could have a whole host of herbs in here now if you wanted,
but this will be it for us. We’ll mix this together. I’d say yeah, if you really
wanna make these pop, a little bit of baking powder, and as soon as it hits the
oil, this is gonna puff out. Isn’t that really cool? But we did that with the popcorn chicken, so you can experiment with that. Loving that. So all that’s left to do
is to take a Halloumi fry, sit it in the dry mixture, and
just see how it grips to it. Almost straight away like that. It completely coated it. Because the surface of
them is a little bit wet, that’s why we’re not doin’ an egg wash. But make sure you’ve completely
got it covered, all right? That’s all you need to do. The oil is nearly hot enough,
the pug is hunting for some potential paprika
I dropped on the floor. Got a little chopping
board there with some kitchen towel to one side. We’re ready to go. A good way to test that the oil is ready is to just drop, a crust of bread in. And you can see how it’s sort of like frying almost immediately. Gentle bubbles, a bit more control, not too hot yet, but that will do it. Remember to get the bottoms of
your Halloumi fries as well. Just dunk them in either end, all right? So in they go. Gonna get a bit cloudy in there ’cause of the paprika, obviously. Ooh, we’re out of focus, whoops. There you go, sorry.
(laughs) You can see that coatin’
startin’ to come on now? Oh yeah. Oh, there we go, slotted spoon just to let any excess oil drip off. I’m just gonna lift it
right down onto there. I love the sort of
patterned effect you get. Yeah. Remember, they are best
served warm as well. Not straight out of the oil, okay? Obviously, let your oil
cool down fully before you even going anywhere near it. And this, it’s time to serve it up. Stack ’em with a dip of your choice. As I say, these are
best served still warm. So there’s still a bit of
wobble and movement in there, otherwise you might as well
just take it straight out of the fridge, it’d be too cold. And there we go. Smokey paprika Halloumi fries. (humming)
All right. So they’re still warm, and they’ve got a nice
little movement in it. Best time to eat them, all right. And that’s what I’m gonna do right now. In comes the gardener. Techincally should have
walked through door and done like the whole Adele thing, goin’ Hallou, it’s me. All right, just before
Mrs. Barry gets ready, don’t forget to press subscribe
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the scenes bits and bobs and previews of what’s comin’ up, you would’ve already
known about this video. Well that was mine, but you can have it. And, of course, if you try new recipes, take a picture and send it to us. We’d love to see it and
let us know down below what you want to see next. – They’re hot – They are hot, they’re warm. They’re warm, they’re not hot, hot. – Sour cream, that’s an odd choice of dip. – It’s one of my favourites. – Yeah but with cheese? I would’ve gone with ketchup or salsa. Or sweet chilli. – Well, it’s not-cho cheese.
(laughs) – That dip doesn’t go with it. – Yeah it does, it’s dip! – I’d prefer it a bit sweet chilli. But these are amazing. – Dip is like an assistant
lubrication to the main recipe. That’s what we’ve done. They are really good. – Better with sweet chilli. Mm, really good. – Really good, but could do
with a better dip, right? – No, very nice. I never got why Halloumi squeaks on your teeth when you eat it. Do you found that? – I do, yes, squeaky cheese. – Squeaky cheese. – It squeaks for itself,
that’s gone down well. The barbecue sauce from
the popcorn chicken would be good with that actually. Why are you such an analyst
about dips all of the sudden? Oh my gosh.
– No, no. I was trying to think of a pun, food pun, but I couldn’t. Very nice. – You dipstick. (laughs) That’s an old school insult. My dad used to call me a dipstick. All right guys.
(laughs) – I Halloumi love it. (mumbles)
Bye. (laughs)

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