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Waddup Food Tuber’s. Mr Oliver here. I hope you’re all very, very well. We’re going to do a beautiful, delicious, quick,nutritious dish. Gorgeous, char-grilled escalope of pork, amazing marinated new potatoes with super greens. It’s a really gorgeous and healthy dish. I think you’re going to love it. So, lets do it. I’ve got some lovely free-range pork It’s one of the more affordable high welfare meats. It’s low in saturated fat. Which is good. It’s quite lean. I want t show you a way of tenderizing the meat. So, just get yourself a little bit of grease-proof paper, just going to put this over like this. Give it a nice little bash up,. It’s tenderized it, and it’s also allowed it to cook quicker. It’s going to be great. I’m going to flavour it very simply. I am using my pestle and mortar, I’m going to go in with some thyme, but you could use rosemary, or any other woody herb. I’m going to go in with a little salt and a little pepper, got a clove of garlic here as well And I’m just going to bash that up. and then add a little olive oil. Tablespoon. Four little scrapes of lemon zest so that, we’re just going to put onto our pork, have a little bit of a rub up That’s mega flavour right there. Just a little portion, very nice. Okay, next up. I’ve got some lovely new potatoes here. Per person, sort of four/five. About 100 grams. New Potatoes are great. All the vegetables vitamin C is in the skin so boil the water first and then plop those potatoes in. I’ve got a bunch of mint here , and the stalks. That goes into the water. To get absorbed in there straight away. Very, very nice. What I’m going to do guys is a really, really simple dressing. I only need literally half a lemon for this, and squeeze that into our bowl. This mint here, the centre leaves are like kinda beautiful. They’re more like a salad leaf. Pick those out and then just rip the bigger leaves off. and I’ll put them into the dressing. Half a chille. Beautiful. And then one tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pecorino. Just literally 20 grams in there. And that’ll season it instead of salt. It’s going to be gorgeous. So, lets talk about the beautiful veggies. I’m using frozen peas because they’re pipped and frozen so quickly, so they’re full of nutrients. Delicious. This is eighty grams of sprouting broccoli. That’s one of your five a day. Then eighty grams of frozen peas, goes in. It’s one of your five a day. And broad beans as well. We’re looking good guys. Here’s the really cool thing about nutrition. Lets take the peas and the broad beans, They’re really high in Vitamin K. Great for your bone health. Nice strong bones. And really good for your blood health as well. Okay, their fat soluble nutrients. This bit is geeky – but wait for it. So a little bit of olive oil in your dressing, that makes them taste delicious, also helps you absorb more of that goodness. And then you’ve got Vitamin C in the potatoes and the veggies as well, and that needs acid. The lemon juice helps you absorb more vitamin C. basically what I’m telling you guys, is that a lovely dressing in moderation, which this is, on your salad or your veggies is a really, really healthy good thing, and it makes your food taste better. Boom. Now, this only needs two minutes cooking. I’m going to drain this, this griddle pan is nice and hot. We’ve got no oil on this griddle pan at all, completely dry OK. This is lightly oiled, that’s all you need, then we go in with our pork, into the pan push it down so it gets the benefits of those beautiful barmarts. Fantastic. That’s going to take a minute each side. So, I’m going to put my veggies into this bowl. I’m going to remove the mint stalks, that my friends is a salad in it’s own right. Just dress them up now, Really, really, really nice. Gorgeous colours. Just very, very beautiful. Now, we do not want to overcook this pork. Okay so now. Come, come and have a look at this. We’ve got lovely charring there. We’ll move it to the other side. One minute. Maximum. The pork is done. Look how juicy that still is. So we’ll just lay that on top. And some of those lovely mint leaves over the top. And then last but not least, we only put twenty grams of Pecorino into dress and season those veggies. So you can do a little bit over the top, The Pecorino works so well, with those lovely veggies. Look at that. Wowzers. Juicy. Still charred. The mint, Pecorino, chille and the lemon just makes the pork work so, so, so well. Really, really healthy. So guys if you want more healthy recipes click on the link below or go to and there’s loads and loads of new healthy recipes that you can get stuck into. If you like this recipe give us a thumbs up. Until next time, take care.

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  1. novi sad says:

    Pork =/= healthy.

  2. Mitch's Kitchen says:

    Beauty! How do you get involved in FoodTube? I would love to share my recipes more

  3. Der mächtig schmächtige Shawn - Unterbunter says:

    Jamie is maried to his wife and chili.^^

  4. Totally Sacha says:

    Looks so good Jamie, definitely one to try soon 🙂 

  5. XcrissRS13 says:

    Oh lawd! <3 😀 

  6. Dom W says:

    It's crazy the contrast between Jamie and the other food tubers. He's such a pro at presenting.

  7. imfrommanndame says:

    1:51 DULL KNIFE!

  8. Spacefaring Kiss Boy says:

    That escaloped quickly

  9. Brian Keith MacDonald says:

    I'd hit it. About vitamin K: it's a very common deficiency, even in affluent countries. It's needed along with vitamin D to ensure calcium gets used properly in the body (as opposed to, say, deposited in the arteries)…

  10. AnonymousCowardX says:

    Saluting you master Oliver.
    Awesome dish, but I will vegetarize it for myself.
    Some facts about pork:

  11. Srijit Stinson says:

    and don't throw away the water from boiling, it has all the best parts of the veggies, make soup or stock out of it

  12. Elliot P says:

    Jamie, this looks wicked. I'm currently training for Tough Mudder in August so if you have any suggestions for healthy, protein rich recipes (maybe similar to this?) that would be fantastic.

  13. Bridget Trewartha says:

    Mum and I Love all your recipes Jamie 🙂 You're such an inspiration! Today I went through our overloaded freezer 😛 and I decided to make a large amount of different meals that are ready for the week 🙂 With your recipes I made your Oxtail beef stew & Meat ragu sauce. I also made Gennaros meatballs, My mum and my recipe of Tarragon Chicken, Broccoli soup, Roasted vegetable Quinoa, A huge pot of stewed brandy peaches, 2x berry and apple crumbles and a huge pot of Strawberry and chia seed Jam! Our Freezer is all organised and we have Meals that will last us weeks! After watching a large amount of your Cooking shows over the years with my Mummy, we have had less wastage and more planning of our meals 🙂 Thank-you so much! Xxxx 

  14. Peter Sakazaki says:

    I really love these greens. I can't wait to make this one for my family to try. :3 And I really love the mint and lemon as they both smell good and make you feel good :3

  15. Donal Skehan says:

    Properly loving this recipe JO! Looks so bloomin' delish!

  16. Noa Cohen says:

    It's so fun to see Jamie cooks, he's down to earth and very interesting

  17. Tiffanie Wong says:

    Will definitely this to my mom!!

  18. Average Jane says:

    Sat here watching this and writing my shopping list out…… attempting to meal plan with healthy food!

  19. Nicole Romero says:

    Thanks for this and for all the health info!!

  20. Rogelio Rivera says:

    that just made my mouth water

  21. Will Savage says:

    Jamie what knives do you use?? I have noticed you use a chefs knife which you either have multiple of…or you take it with you wherever you go!! Please let me know what brand it is or where I can get one as I've saved a bit of money to buy myself a properly good chefs knife 🙂 thanks!

  22. Luke with an N says:

    "healthy" pork is kind of a tricky topic 😛 make sure you know where it comes from… would it be possible to replace the meat with something else? like veal?

  23. Eric Umbarger says:

    This looks delicious, and probably the best Healthy Meal you guys have done yet. One small correction, saturated fats are actually very good for you

  24. Kulinary Kreations says:

    Great looking food Jamie YUM! Would love to taste your food one day! TFS! 🙂

  25. Martin Harte says:

    What's clever is he uses a goats milk based cheese (am I right) with the peas and mint which also marries up the lemon thyme and pork.

  26. FlavCity with Bobby Parrish says:

    Love Love Love this style of cooking J.O.! I had the super food salad at Jamie's Italian the other week, I was invincible afterwards! 

  27. Love says:

    Keep going with this healthy vibe, and not just until the end of January.

  28. Jim Griffin says:

    Jamie, you're starting to turn into Genarro.
    pretty soon we'll be hearing "My, oh my, oh my!" as you take your three steps back from the table.

  29. Spiceologist says:

    + Jamie Oliver Love the dressing BOOM! Thanks for the great recipe. 

  30. Ninja28612 says:

    Looks so good
    I'm our biggest fan

  31. Mimi Kozma says:

    How great does that pork look? These videos always make me hungry! Definitely trying this at home. Great video, Jamie!

  32. TCD4321 says:

    It's a Schnitzel! (without the usual breading, but still…)

  33. someoneyouknow12 says:

    That looks amazing

  34. Erica Flowers says:

    This looked delicious.

  35. bella rodrigues says:

    Such a yummy recipe!

  36. LoberaSupreme says:

    i dont like veggies that much but wen jamie cooks it looks healthy and mouth watering any dish he made

  37. Monstarcookie says:

    mmmmm, looks incredibly delicious. I'm going to have to try this once we get new taters in the store.

  38. Mads Andreasen says:

    If this does not fit your definition of healthy, your definition of healthy is skewed and inaccurate

  39. Jamie Oliver - Drinks says:

    Making this bad boy tonight… with a chilled glass of Albarinho!

  40. มุขพล นิติศรีวรกุล says:

    After u boiled the potato vitc is gone

  41. Olga Połońska says:

    I woke up today, saw this recipe and decided to do this for my family. Not only is it easy, quick and healthy, it's also crazy cheep and super tasty! Here in Poland it cost me less than 5 pounds to buy all the ingredients (well without cheese) to cook dinner for five people. 

  42. MissHoneybunny85 says:

    I am a new in this profession, (examed as a chef just a couple of months ago). And I just love how inspiring you are and your love for making food that´s are healthy and affordable! Many thumbs up and keep up the good work Jamie! 🙂 

  43. Philippa Wood says:

    Jamie, you're probably already aware of his talent, but if not, please please check out Ian Haste from Haste's Kitchen. I drool over every video. x

  44. Les Gites Trepart says:

    This is on the menu for the family dinner tonight, can't wait!

  45. jaryd carroll says:

    Cheese healthy????

  46. RIGAUK - says:

    Thank You JAMIE!!!

  47. CristalViper ღ says:

    That looks amazing 😀 You seem to have a bit too much THYME on your hands…

  48. oopopp x says:

    "Free Range" pork is a SCAM.

  49. Jon Wong says:

    Why do some people say that you should start cooking potatoes from cold water?

  50. Tabthyeeeee says:

    OMG ! looks sooooo nice

  51. MILLA BAKULA says:


  52. Paul Kitas says:

    I will make this, even if I live in NY where it will be -10F tonite,… the thyme and mint are under the snow and hold up very well.

  53. Edemar Arbuzow says:

    Jamie Oliver love your dishes I have been cooking some of your recipes and my husband and friends loved it.
    Thanks for take good care of us with good nutrition whiteout the calories.

  54. Chris Lee says:

    Food Porn… -_-

  55. Giannis Petrakis says:

    !! ` ` ` !!!!

  56. Johnathan Doeland says:

    free range or not,pork is a very nasty animal to eat,it should not be consumed.pork has been know to eat dead dog and human bodies

  57. dslaviero81 says:

    This is awesome. I normally struggle to eat greens because I find them really boring. Tried this recipe tonight and the super greens were amazing! Nice one mate!

  58. Adam de Ste Croix says:

    My favourite thing to cook at the moment. Swapped the mint for Basil and the Pork for Smoked Haddock but its still incredible! Cheers. 

  59. d studios says:

    There is no such thing as healthy pork

  60. MrStensnask says:

    Dear non-pork eating Muslims (yes, there are of course pork eating Muslims):

    You cook SO much delicious and fragrant food and understand so many different tastes exceptionally well (I love your cooking) and yet you deprive yourself of this BEAUTIFUL meat. You're missing out! 🙂

  61. happy life says:

    Why does seem like he has had a few glasses of wine before this video?

  62. Lorenzo Contin says:

    How can i do that pork with a normal pan?

  63. NZT Tube says:

    Made this, but because I already ate pork escalope this week, I did it with chicken. Also very delicious. This is a beautiful dish, so tasteful and very nutritious. Also very easy to make. 10/10 would recommend.

  64. ILuciferDevil TV says:

    Awesome, dude… Did you take any pre-workout supplement before making this video ? lol… JK, man… Loved it… That's the way I like my meals…healthy af…

  65. Aziz Abk says:

    Did you use the same marinade for veggies that you covered the meat with because that’s a health hazard

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    When Jamie and Gordon say chili what kind of chili do they mean ? Cuz there is a lot of different kinds of peppers out there

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  69. Susan Palmer says:

    I love that food , fantastic ,Thx

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    I made this last night, it was so easy and so good (I used fresh rosemary) The dressing for the potatoes so good and the pork was delicious.

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  75. Blagica Miteva says:


  76. Pavel Uson' says:

    2:18 отличный салатик получился

  77. daipaulig says:

    Before he started saying "look at the colours"

  78. nitika sheoran says:

    Like the Jackie chan of cooking

  79. Gulya Swift says:


  80. kerry A says:

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    Can we use chicken instead of pork?

  82. Fati Bon coeur says:

    By the way pork is not healthy food. I like your recipes so much


    more chilli!

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