High-Que Nomex & Kevlar Gasket for Ceramic Grills | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

– Hey everyone, I’m chef Tom
with All Things Barbecue, and today I want to show you the High-Que Gold Standard Gasket and how to install it
on your ceramic grill. Now, over time, especially
over high heat grilling, you’re gonna find that that gasket that’s holding the heat
inside of your ceramic grill, it’s going to wear out. Now, typically it’s about
one year depending on usage, but the product we’re gonna
show you today from High-Que has a two year warranty on it, guaranteed to last that long
or you’ll get it replaced. So let’s see how we get
the old one out of there and put the new one on. This ceramic that we’re working today, this was a trade in from a customer, and obviously you can see
we’re way past overdue on replacing this gasket. Now, we’d recommend that you
do it before it gets this bad, but if you’re in this situation, we’re gonna show you
how to take care of it. Now, if you’re doing this regularly, you can probably just take a knife and easily remove the old gasket, but in this situation, it’s
gonna require some scraping, and we’re just gonna use a paint scraper to try and get down to that ceramic. Once we get the bulk of this
stuff off of the surface, we’re gonna hit it with
a sander so we can get all the way back down to the ceramic. All right, most of the
old gasket is gone now, but we need to get all the
way down to the ceramic, so we’re gonna hit it
with an electric sander and 80 grit sandpaper. (sander buzzing) All right, the next thing we wanna do is take a scrubber and a
little bit of alcohol and go ahead and hit
the surface right there. Clean this up just a little bit to get anymore of those fine hairs off of there. (scrubbing) All right, now this
surface is all cleaned up. We’ve let it dry for 15 minutes, so it’s time for us to go ahead
and put the new gasket on. I’m gonna start by taking
the long piece of the gasket and cut it in half so it’s a
little bit easier to work with. Obviously, one half is for the bottom, the other half is for the top. All right, so if we’re
looking at our grill like it’s a clock, I’m gonna
start around 1:00 is where I want to put the
start of the gasket. We’ll start by removing
the white backing paper just a little bit at a time, and we want to get this
set just in the center. We don’t want any of this
hanging over into the grill because it will burn. So as we remove the paper,
we’ll begin pressing down. Gonna work slowly so we
don’t have any mistakes. You’ll notice that you kind
of get a wrinkle on the inside because we’re curving a straight line. That’s gonna be just fine. As this thing compresses,
as the lid shuts on it, those are gonna go away. So I’m just gonna continue
to use my fingers as a guide so we make sure we’re right in the middle and work all the way around
the rim of the cooker. All right, so as we get
back to the end here, just take your scissors or knife, and then you can trim off this excess. We’re basically gonna do
the same thing on the top, but what we wanna do is
make sure we offset it by about an inch from the other seam so that we don’t have air escaping there. Now, the new gasket’s gonna be thicker than the one you just replaced because it’s not worn down yet, and that could affect how
the lid closes and lines up, so you’ll just want to
refer to your owner’s manual on how to adjust the
hinges if that’s the case. Now, this is an older grill, and it’s never had a
gasket on the chimney cap, so we’re going to be installing one for the first time today. Again, I’m just cleaning
up the outside with a little bit of alcohol. We’ll wipe this clean and give
it 10 or 15 minutes to dry. Installing the gasket up
here is really quite simple. Now, we’re not gonna stretch this out or pull on it as we install this, because over time this
material can expand a bit and we wanna make sure that it’s not being stretched too thin. Simple as that. Now you can install your chimney cap and you won’t be losing
any heat out of the edges. Thanks so much for watching. If you have any questions
about this product or any of the other products we carry, do not hesitate to get
in contact with our team. All Things Barbecue, Where
Barbecue Legends are Made.

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  1. Daniel says:

    hey Tom, can you recommend one for a Weber?

  2. Brian Dutton says:

    will this work on the akorn or do they make different types for different ceramics? thanks

  3. Michael Lessa says:

    Great video. Maybe now we can see you do some cooking with ceramic grills. That would be great!

  4. Cy Jackson says:

    would this work to better seal the lids alittle on say a charbroil offset or something similar

  5. 6speed Sti says:

    NOW THAT WAS DONE CORRECT MY FRIENDS, the other videos on this channel SUCK THANKS

  6. Wally Fox says:

    great vid… thanks!

  7. Alain St-Pierre says:

    It Beautiful👊🍻👍

  8. N McGraw says:

    Will this work on my Dyna-Glo steel offset smoker?

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