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Listen I’m gonna be here the next couple
of months. Chop it up, press down like that. I haven’t got a clue what I’m supposed to be doing.
We need to get our stuff on, that is what I’m talking about.
Twist like that, give it a ruddy good spanking. Perfect, just having a moment. So I’m going to do a beautiful dish with mussels and the arbroath smokies. Mussels, to start off with these are one of the most ethical fish that you can actually
eat and buy these days. You can get them in the supermarkets. We should all be
eating way way more of these and all you need for this is actually about half a
smokie. Okay I’m just gonna pull apart like that. So I want one side of a smokie
and the sort of the sweetness, the flavour and the smoke of that one side is enough
to really affect the all-around flavour of the whole dish. When you get your
mussels, I mean you can get your fishmonger to clean them, they’re kind of
living on ropes like this. It almost looks like wire wool. What you need to do, quite simply, is just pull it slowly and then off. First off chop up
two leeks, two sticks of celery and a bunch of fresh parsley. A quick glug of
olive oil. You want the pan screaming hot, then the veggies can get cooking with a
generous knob of butter. Butter and leeks, best friends, and now for that
gorgeous smoky fish. I’m actually gonna put this at the bottom of the pan,
because I want that flavour to permeate every last bit of this dish. Go in with
the parsley and go in with literally loads of these mussels, like that. Go in with a good
old slosh of whiskey, this is a homage to our native brothers so it would be rude
not to. Whiskey and seafood, there you go. It’ll just fire up and then it will burn
down. To cook the whiskey’s beautiful, you get all those sort of scents and sort of
perfumes from the barrel and all that sort of stuff so that’s really really
good. Then kiss those shells with about 200 millilitres of double cream, just pour it in. I’m gonna give it a last stir up. To help
me, I’m gonna nick a trick from our arbroath smokie man. I’m just going to get a nice old
sort of cloth. You want to put a lid on here now, I haven’t got one so I’m just
gonna literally submerge it into some water and I’m gonna put that on here,
which probably won’t work, but it is all I’ve got, so imagine that was
a lid okay, use your imagination. These will cook for a couple of minutes
till the shells open, which gives me enough time to get started on the
sourdough. I want to kind of almost cut into it like pac-man. Just put big old
chunks on the grill and chop up a sweet garnish of parsley and celery leaves.
Let’s check on this toast. Oh yeah it’s toasting nicely, look at
that. When that toast comes off there, nice and hot, just give it a little rub
with some butter like that, use a smaller bit of butter, but I’m outside. This is
proper Huckleberry Finn stuff. This dish is done when the mussels are open and
the liquor is boiling which is about now, because I can kind of hear it. If you
have a little look inside here now. Look at that. Oh yeah! Yeah that’s good. You know what
I’m gonna put a bit more of that smokie in there, let’s call it one smokie. Flake
a few more bits of that in. You’d be amazed at the amount of juice that comes
out of mussels, like pints of the stuff, and that’s the good stuff. I mean the
juice is almost as good as the shellfish itself. If you’ve never had mussels
before, you’re missing out. And then just pour that all over again and the idea of
course is that you’re picking the mussels, eating the meat. You got this
beautiful broth, that you can stick these toasts into and there you have got a
brilliant brilliant dish. Beautiful.

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  1. laurence apitz says:

    this looks insanely good! I’m French, could you please tell me what kind of fish smoky is ?
    and where can I get that ?

  2. Michael Tabone says:

    1st August? …Is it the right time of the year? 😛

  3. Hangry Mates says:

    Wow! Amazing Mussels.

  4. Illya Petrov says:

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  5. good indian says:


  6. Shirley Castle says:

    Cooking outdoors just makes everything taste better.

  7. l S says:

    nifty idea i picked up from this: adding smoked fish to mussels eh. thanks 4 this upload.

  8. EvilHomer says:

    Учу английский, Джеми молодец.

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  10. The Seven Angels says:

    Jesus christ that bread tough, its like a dinosaur fossil

  11. clam85 says:

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  13. Green Ghouls says:

    It's tragic that Jamie Oliver's British. He's so much more pathetic and annoying than any other famous British chef.

  14. Soug Sim says:

    mussels are the best summer food! with an IPA (:

  15. Oto medi says:

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  22. Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess says:

    Probably more whisky for my batch because I can't have cream!! Unless it's non dairy. And they have to be fresh water mussels. Can't have the other kind. Other than that, I'll be able alright with it. Glad you're using sourdough bread. That looks like the 2000 year old bread on BBC.

  23. footballcoreano says:

    is sea foods famous in britain? i was always wondering because britain is a island country but i never heard famous sea food dishes in britain not to mention any dishes from britain.

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    Jamie if you ever come to Canada try a Lobster boil.. From a Acadian family (like the Cajuns) I grew up on everything from the sea From dad fishing and making trades from his hunting (Moose, Deer Duck and rabbit) Now i carry on the same things and my Philippines / Canadian girlfriend loved to grow tomatos and carrots peas and herbs

    We still buy store items ..But how cool it it to get fresh farm eggs/milk/chicken with fresh moose and trout …Nothing like trout cooking with maple syurp ground moose and beef burgers on a sour dough bread somone made that day

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    On a side note, as a long time fan, I couldn’t help but notice how stressed you appeared to be sometimes on the past shows. Hope you take good care of yourself, if not for us fans or your vast variety of businesses then definitely for your family.

    A great many thanks and much love to you and Team Oliver! (And to all those who helped along these years too!) Long live Gennaro and Jamie!

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