Holy Mole! The Greatest Chilli Chocolate Sauce Ever

[Jamie]: Hello!
[Barry]: And welcome to Fridge Cam! [Jamie]: Shall we find out what this week’s theme is? [Barry]: Yes, do that. Mystery Box? [Jamie]: Mystery Box. [Barry]: (almost unheard) Mystery Box. [Mike]: Look at that. That’s a Mystery box. In it is our theme. Over there is James. He’s gonna lower it right now. [Jamie]: All that happened? [Jamie]: Wow. [Barry]: Right. [Barry]: Uh. [Ben]: We haven’t had egg week yet. But that doesn’t explain those. [Jamie]: They’re edible. [Mike]: It’s got chocolate in it. [Jamie]: Is it Easter week? [James]: It’s not Easter week. [Mike]: Eggs week? [James]: It’s chocolate week. YASS!
[Barry]: it’s chocolate week—about flipping time. [James]: I could have put some chocolate in the box I could have put cocoa nibs in the box, but we’re all pretty familiar with that, I think. Chocolate in disguise, and they’re some of my favorite chocolates in my whole wide world.
[Mike]: They’re great. [Jamie]: So what are we doing with chocolate? [James]: We’re doing what we always do with every ingredient which is find out all about it, [Mike]: Yeah.
[James]: and create some awesome recipes, or it maybe some savory-type recipes depending on what these guys say? [Mike]: How are we climactically concluding the end of the week? [James]: Well said. It’s going to be a battle, but it’s going to be a battle with a difference, because you’re all going to be doing the same recipe set by me and Ben, and we’re both going to be touching you on it. [James]: I know. [Jamie]: Oh! [Barry]: Like bake-off? [James]: Like bake-off style. It’s what I’m excited about. [Jamie]: Nice. Alright. [Mike]: Let’s make little go blurry and send a tweet. [Jamie]: Now, I know what you’re thinking It’s chocolate week, so we’re going to be all sweet Well, you’re wrong! Because the title of this video says “mole,” and that’s what we’re making first. We’ve gone savory, we gonna confuse people, aren’t we? [Ben]: We are, but it is still delicious. And it’s still something that you’re going to want to make. Lots of ingredients, but a fairly simple process, and you get the measurements downstairs, but easy to follow along. It starts off—but what—what—what? [Mike]: Ebbers. [Ben]: Yes? [Mike]: What is “mole”? [Ben]: So, it is a savory chili sauce originating in Mexico and basically it’s got chocolate in it, which makes it really rich, but it is a combination of spices and chocolate. But every region has its own version and lots of different seeds and nuts and pulses and bread and tomatoes, lots of versions. [Jamie]: And if I can throw the cat among the pigeons, traditionally, mole, no chocolate. [Mike]: Really? So with a fusion! It’s chocolate fusion week. [Jamie]: Yep, only the most complex moles have chocolate. [Mike]: We are already learning and we haven’t even started. [Barry]: Is that on page two Wiki? [Ben]: These guys chose it when we said what should use a chocolate week, so it was obviously a key one, and it’s got a few tips and tricks along the way. It starts off by roasting tomatoes, and these bad boys, tomatillos. [Barry]: Bad boy. [Jamie]: Bad boys! You’re very bad tomatillos! [Ben]: What we want to do is a really hot oven, so 200 maybe a bit higher, 220, Tomatoes, tomatillos, a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, and get them in. You guys said if you can blacken some of that, even better. And now for the chiles. We’ve got like what they call the holy trinity. The ancho, mulato, and pasilla. [Barry]: How spicy are they? [Ben]: So, there’s a real mixture. Some of them are hot—of course, we’ve got one Chipotle. Just slightly warmer. They are a mixture. We’re taking the seeds out because it’s rid the flavor we want more than the spice, then later on, we can throw some seeds back in if we want it a bit hotter. So, basically take the top off. [Jamie]: Well, we’re currently experiencing heatwave in London. Nobody here wants it any hotter. [Mike]: Not even you. [Jamie]: Not even me. [Ben]: So these are really tough and leathery, so we want to do is fry them to crisp them up in lard. So, it’s an absolute delicious source of fat, which adds flavor, but also helps to crisp these up. [Mike]: Did you know that the first iteration of chocolate was from the Aztecs and it was actually in a drink? [Mike]: It was… [Jamie]: Hot chocolate? [Mike]: Not really. [Ben]: Is it bitter chocolate?
[Mike]: The cacao nibs. And it was like bitter, frothy. It actually wasn’t until the Europeans got hold of the cacao that they started adding tons of sugar. [Barry]: Did you know that the chocolate beads between the wafer within a Kit Kat are mushed up Kit Kats? [Jamie]: What? [Ben]: Is that true?
[Barry]: Yep. [Ben]: All the rejects?
[Barry]: Yeah. All the rejects all the soft chocolate between wafers. Dead kick ass. [Mike]: You did it—did you know, that was… not only did you do it, did you know but it was interesting. [Jamie]: That was interesting. Well done. [Ben]: While they fry off, we can take an onion and four cloves of garlic, peel, and finely dice them. So this is what we’ve got now. You’ve got a nice crispy chili, you can see and smell the flavor We’re going to take them out for the moment because what they’ve done is given the flavor to our lard and in the lard we can add whole spices So the things like cinnamon stick. [Jamie]: Yes! [Ben]: Star anise. [Jamie]: Yesh! [Ben]: Cloves. [Jamie]: YASHH! [Ben]: Peppercorns, coriander seeds, [Jamie]: Yash yash!
[Ben]: plus our onion and garlic and get them all frying off. Now we’ve got the flavor from the whole chili so go back in, and we can blend those up. But how many of the chili seeds do you want in. How much spice? [Jamie]: Twenty-seven. [Ben]: You slow that down. That is within 10 percent. [Jamie]: Really? [Ben]: I reckon that was somewhere between 24 and 30. So that is kind of we’re looking for. Onions are starting to soften, the spice, the toasting. It’s smelling incredible. You guys said pumpkin seeds were particularly good. They give it kind of smokiness, so they can go in. These add flavor, especially as they toast off, but also when you blend it up later, they help to thicken it. So we’ve also got peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, and bread in two types. A kind of baguette. We’re gonna just rip up into here. [Jamie]: Wha-wha-what are they? [Ben]: This is also bread. Is it corn tortillas? [Jamie]: Yeah. [Ben]: So flat breads, but made from corn. And again, we’re just going to kind of rip them up and throw them in. [Jamie]: Now the thing is, from everything that we’ve learned every mole is different and everyone has a different way of doing it. Supposedly, moles on average have about 35 ingredients. They are blackened. [Ben]: They have blackened in a really hot oven, so, tomatillos, [Jamie]: Yep. tomatoes, our kind of leather dried chili, you can go back in. [Jamie]: He’s got such a way with words. [Ben]: Nothing wrong with leather. Didn’t say that. And the last few flavors. They are starting to build up. We’ve got a cinnamon stick in there, a little bit ground cinnamon as well. Fresh herbs, that’s thyme and oregano. Chicken stock cube can go in along with a liter of water. Needless to say, chocolate week does need chocolate. This is good, 85 percent. You guys said it had to be good quality chocolate if we’re gonna do a mole. This 85 percent fair-trade deliciousness. Wow, don’t break it over a pan a steaming water because what happens it melts. Damn. The only thing we haven’t done is season it with salt. It’s got just about every spice and flavor and offering in there, but now a little bit of salt, and that’s gonna bubble away for 30 minutes or so, and then we’ll blend it into a rich mole sauce. [Jamie]: Now, what good would it be having an incredible mole a sauce if we didn’t have something to serve with the sauce if the sauce went on? [Mike]: It’d be no good. [Jamie]: Exactly. So, how about tortilla chips? But instead of buying them, what if we made them? Well, semi-made them, we’re going to make these into… [Ben]: Simple, fresh corn tortillas cut into about 8 so they’re big chunky wedges, and fried in vegetable oil at 180 degrees until they’re crispy. [Jamie]: Yep. That’s what I’m about to say. So thirty minutes later, our sauce has been bubbling away, we’ve made some nachos and we’ve been having a great time, right? Right. [Ben]: It’s so warm in here. Especially if you stood over a fryer. Talking of frying, we’re gonna fry a couple of eggs. We’ve got some vegetable oil, two eggs; you want a nice crispy bottom, but hopefully a runny yolk, and then while we wait for it to fry, we can blitz up our mole sauce The only thing we’re going to take out of this is the cinnamon stick. [Jamie]: Good point.
[Ben]: Everything else gets blended up. [Jamie]: Even the chillies? [Ben]: Even the chillies. [Jamie]: (whispers) Yes!
[Mike]: And the star anise? [Ben]: And the star anise. So, a mountain of our crispy fried corn chips. Not a lot going on with those; you haven’t even salted them because there’s so much flavor with the mole. And let’s get some of this gorgeous sauce. Look, you could see the herbs, the tomatoes, the nuts, the seeds. Some of those chilies. Egg number one. Egg number two. Super crispy. [Mike]: Wow. [Ben]: Some gorgeous moly dribbled around. [Barry]: This is not what I expected. [Jamie]: No. I know. This is what happens when you find yourself listening to people from the community because you do things that you would never expect to do. [Barry]: Or that we’ve never done before. [Mike]: And better, as well. [Ben]: Cheese is good, and what we want is quite salty sharp cheese, so we’ve gone for a feta because it’s a good example of that in the UK. It’s more difficult for us to get hold of some of the more traditional Mexican cheeses. [Jamie]: But we do know that it comes from over here whereas mole and Mexico would come from under here You know like you could put a paella over in the burrito. [Ben]: Guess don’t do that. [Jamie]: No. That we do know that that comes from there and that comes from there and we put it together in the middle. [Ben]: Fresh coriander or cilantro on top. A little sprinkle of our toasted sesame seed and there we go. To kickstart chocolate week, it’s a mole. Sorted. [Ben]: Tuck in. Break the yoke. Get the sauce, get the cheese. [Jamie]: Damn. Damn. [Ben]: There’s so many flavors. It takes you a while… [Mike]: It’s awesome.
[Ben]: …for them all to come together. [Jamie]: Smoky, spicy. That’s got more of a kick than I expect. [Barry]: And it’s slightly bitter as well. [Mike]: Chocolate makes that so smooth. [Ben]: Chocolate and almonds. I think it’s the almonds and peanuts and the chocolate, blend it up together, gives you that that creaminess. There’s a lot of ingredients going on. So if you’re going to make it, you’re going to want the recipe. You can get that in the link downstairs. [Barry]: I’m telling you now this is going to be a good week, so make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them. [Jamie]: Yeah, we’re not going to take chocolate week wait you think we’re going so. [ben]: I’m putting a jacket and hat on tomorrow. [Jamie]: Click on the left if you missed our last video or click on the right video for one of our favorites.

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