Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe (using kitchen leftovers!)

– Friends, today’s video is gonna be, excuse me as I drop garlic on the floor. I’m quickly impromptu making a big pot of chicken and rice soup. (bright acoustic music) We’ve had some sore
throats, and we just got back from walking in the
drizzling rain in our forest, and I thought, “You know what? “I have some leftover rice, have a little “bit of leftover chicken.” I have, oh I’ll show you what I have here. We’ve got some chicken broth. I have some carrots. And then, I had some red potatoes, think I had four red potatoes. And I’ve stuck those,
there in the microwave. Whoop whoop, showing myself. They’re in the microwave, and I put them on for about 8 minutes,
two minutes per potato usually does it pretty well. That’s how my husband
likes to do it, anyway. So, the potatoes will be done
quickly in the microwave. I’m actually gonna dice up these carrots and put them in a bowl
of water, to get them going in the microwave, ’cause we need to eat lunch fairly soon, so I’m just throwing this together fairly quickly. It should still, the pot should
be able to simmer for about 30 minutes, but it’s not gonna
be able to simmer all day. One of my sons is gonna
make us a whole bunch of peanut butter and jellies, of course. That’s our family thing,
to go along as a side. And I have other kids doing school work and lots going on, but I want this soup and I’ve got just enough
leftovers to make it work, so I’m showin’ you how
I pull this together. So, I just poured in my chicken stock, and now, this is my back
of leftover brown rice. This is my bag of chicken,
not really too much chicken left, but I
think we can pull it off. So, I just dumped out my chicken, and I shredded it a
little more with my hands, cut it up with a knife,
and I’m gonna just, go ahead and get this
dunked in the pot also. So, what I’ve done is
I’ve done a whole garlic. That’s pretty well chopped up now. I’ve been working on four carrots with my handy dandy little chopper here. And then, I’m gonna put those in some water and microwave it. Hold on, baby, okay. And then, we’ll put all of that, hopefully it’ll be softer,
and pour it into our pot. So, I’ve got all my carrots in here, and the garlic, and I’ve
covered them with water, and then, I’m gonna even
dump this water in our pot. Our pot’s gently boiling now. Here’s the four red potatoes that I cheated and put in the microwave. I’m just gonna cube those up, and put those in the soup, too. So, here’s some of my mangled potatoes. I got one of them in there already. Oop, oop, oop! So here is about a teaspoon
and a half of rosemary. We’re gonna put that in. That always makes any
chicken recipe lovely. And then, we have some ground thyme. Shake that in. Whoo whoo, that’ll be really good. And then, of course, my onion powder. Shake it, shake it. And then, we’ve got our garlic powder. Amelia’s singin’ Strawberry
Shortcake over there. – [Amelia] No, no, I’m
a cat named Strawberry. – [Jamerrill] You’re a
cat named Strawberry? And then,
– Yeah. we’ve got some parsley flakes. Shake it in.
– Can I put some– – No, not right now, honey. This one’s pretty hot. This one’s hot. You helped Mommy with
those carrots, though. I just added in a bunch
of salt and pepper, too. I’m trying to make this
pot a little extra salty, because I just feel like
it’ll help our throats. And yes, we’re gonna need
more broth goin’ on here. I am waiting for those carrots
and garlic to get done. And then, I’ll see if we need to add how many more cups from here. So things are boiling pretty well now. I just turned my heat
down on low, and I put the carrots and garlic in
for another 10 minutes. So this is how our microwaved
bowl ended up looking. The garlic is now soft,
the carrots are soft, and I’m going to put them in
our pot of soup there now. Here it is in the pot. I’m gonna let it just simmer
on low for about 30 minutes. The kids have already had some sandwiches and other things for lunch, but this will be so good once it has
just sat a little longer. Smells wonderful, but
I’ll pop back in here in a moment, and give you guys a peek at what it looks like in the bowl. So guys, the soup is done. We’re in the middle of
our busy home school day. I’m gonna give you guys a peek at it, and I am servin’ it out
now for the kids to have while they’re working on
some home school stuff. So, here’s how the pot turned out. And I’ve already had one
cup of it to test it. It was just wonderful. Don’t want to waste any chicken there. And that’s my second cup. That’s probably for one
of the older kiddos. And it’s just amazing. I think I’m gonna have many
many bowls of this today. And I will see you next time friends with another brand new video. (jazz piano music)

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