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Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel This Video is a day in my life video I’m going to share with you what I have prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner So, these days it has become my recent favorite Orange tea. I like it a lot I have prepared it and I am going to share the same with you For Lunch, Healthy Rice bowl its a Healthy dish For Dinner, Noodle Soup This Noodle is neither made up of wheat nor maida Its made up of Sweet potato For breakfast, mostly I have bread toast Bread with Avocado and Egg If I have batter at home, I have Egg Dosa So morning I had Egg Dosa These days, since I’m preparing for my exams I have more coffee This Orange Tea is simply Superb! and refreshing too I am having this Orange Tea after having my breakfast around 11 ‘o’ clock. Its easy to prepare And its Orange season too. And we get sweet oranges Depending on the quantity you wish, you can take water When the water gets boiled, just add sliced oranges like this Once its boiled well, you can add half to one teaspoon of tea powder Just for the color Once its boiled for 15 minutes You can strain it. Since the Orange I used was so sweet I didn’t add any extra amount of sugar or honey to it. It was quite refreshing If you have a habit of having coffee, you can have Orange tea as an alternative. At 11am it was so refreshing Just after that, I was unloading vessels from dishwasher When I was recording this Vlog, it was raining heavily So I didn’t go for library. I was studying at home Actually I couldn’t go for workout as well After going to work, I coudln’t frequently go to gym or exercise However when I’m at library or at work We go around the campus for a walk But I couldn’t workout as much as before I think once my exams are over, I need to start it again After finishing my exam preparation in the morning.. Here we have a restaurant, Chipotle I think we have it in Chennai as well. If you look how they serve, there will be a bowl We can chose whatever we want in that bowl In its menu bar they would have mentioned the approximate calories of each dish Based on that We can chose from the menu It will be in Buffet style They will keep whatever we ask in that bowl There will be different varieties of rice. White rice, brown rice Quinoa We can whichever rice as the base There will be beans. Not the green ones Kidney beans, pinto beans and chick peas Just like how we have topping on pizza, we can having topping over the rice. The very same bowl If they stuffed it in Chapati. Chapatti, they call it as Burrito If its stuffed it in Burrito, they call it as Burrito Bowl So, I’m going to prepare that Burrito Bowl at home for lunch This Chicken, I bought it from a store as ‘Chipotle Barbecue Chicken’ I bought it from a shop named Sprouts They have marinated multiple things in it There were multiple ingredients in it Oregano, thyme, barbecue sauce The Flavor of Chipotle was very well in it. I am going to use that Chicken here This is red kidney beans. It will be like rajma I soaked it in water previous night. I kept in refrigerator overnight However in Chipotle, you will multiple varieties in beans Red kidney beans, black beans. There will be chick peas pinto beans. Its your choice whichever you want You can even use channa I have taken brown rice here I have taken brown rice 2 cups here. Its getting boiled here Even this beans, I’m going to cook in cookware for one whistle I’m baking the chicken here First there will be avocado topping They call it as Guacamole In Avocado we have to add pepper salt and lime to prepare that And Chicken You need not bake You can even buy the regular boneless chicken and add salt chili powder And also add few drops of lime. You can fry them in a pan with oil You can add it here You need not marinate If you want to have it healthy, its a substitute for protein So I’m preparing chicken in this method. Since I got it with Chipotle sauce and seasoning I’m using it However you can even do this with regular boneless chicken You can prepare more quantity of this If you prepared it as premade You just need to assemble when you use it on second and third day So here over Avocado in order to prepare Guacamole, I have added Salt, pepper and lime And I mixed the same. This is Guacamole And.. So, if you want to prepare for more quantity What I prepared here, I used it for 3 days for lunch I bake the chicken and freeze it Once its cooled down, I place it in a container and refrigerate it Rice and other ingredients I will have it in refrigerator Whenever I need it for a lunch, I will reheat them Its that easy Just that when you prepare it for the first day, it will take some time after that it all about assembling them Now I’m going to prepare salsa You have to cut Onion, tomato in cubes and add peper, salt and lime juice lets mix it In that restaurant, for vegetables – They just add lettuce They also add greens that is used for salad Since I wanted to add some vegetables, I added beans green beans I have chopped it into small pieces But its optional and upto you Just this beans lets saute in a pan for 3 minutes so that it will be crunchy And I had little lettuce I fried it along with them Now we have salsa Just peper and salt little lime and lets have it aside You can prepare all of these in 2 or 3 bowls and assemble them whenever you want to have it Now For the green beans I just added two drops of oil You can fry it for just 3 minutes so that it will crunchy You can add salt and chill powder Now chicken is baked well Just like this, you can have a fork on one side and cut it to take it. If you want it as cubes, You can cut in cubes The Flavor was superb as we get in Chipotle Since it was seasoned in barbecue I mean as it was seasoned in barbecue sauce It was having nice flavor You can have it either for lunch or dinner Even if you want to prepare it with white rice, you can do it with white rice Now Let’s assemble them I have cooked brown rice and mixed it with beans Since I had little lettuce, I also added the lettuce to it Now I’m going to assemble all of them in this bowl So we have taken rice Lets place the chicken on one side Now Lets place the red kidney beans as well Now Avocado And then the Salsa made up of onion and tomato And then sweet corn I’m adding frozen sweet corn here This Frozen sweet corn, I cooked it in microwave for a minute I have added salt and pepper to it So we have rice, beans, chicken Salsa and Guacamole which is Avocado We can say it as nutritious plate We have taken only brown rice. So you must try this. And then at 3 o clock, for snack I had pomegranate and nuts At 4 o clock, I started preparing dinner Since I’m preparing it in crock pot. Noodle soup To prepare this, chicken little tomato and then I added chopped onions And I have added Jeera powder, Garlic powder Pepper powder Little Jeera and Salt And then I’m adding Jeera and little soambu Turmeric powder I added one carrot chopped little bit of ginger I have added little Cabbage You can do this in open pot as well It need not be crock pot In a open pot, we can cook it like rice Here I added coriander leaves And I had Asparagus I added them too here Since its crock pot I’m going to cook it for 6 to 7 hours Not much work to cook here. Just add as much as water as you want soup And then you can keep it in high setting It will cook for 7 hours I’m keeping it at 4 ‘o’ clock May be I will take it around 9 at night I have prepared noodles seperately to add to this And its a Sweet potato noodles So I kept them ready In the evening, we went for grocery shopping In my previous grocery shopping, you would have noticed that we went to a Asian store. Since we didn’t get Jack fruit there So this is a Chinese store We also get sea food here We checked if we have Jack fruit here, It was there Over there, this is a Chinese cauliflower We bought it. And Jack fruit And we bought Crab. It was Giant Crab. Usually we get only smaller ones It will be in blue color We got this one in Orange color And then Chicken, Fish Mostly we get good seafood here Tofu and then mushroom And then This is Green onion pancake.Superb one It is good for breakfast Here Tart made with Eggnog Excuse my face! 🙂 I didn’t wear any make up So this Eggnog This Eggnog Tart is really superb one Its heavy snack. We bought one and shared Because it will be of more filling One of my Korean friends shared this noodles made from Sweet potato It was not made with Wheat maida This Sweet potato noodles tastes really good Once its cooked separately. When this Soup is ready, you can add it And keep it in warm setting And in ten minutes we can serve it Here we had heavy rain Since its winter, the soup was apt for the dinner For Dinner, I prepared bread toast as well. So that I can mix and eat them For fruits I had blue berry and grapes I believe this video was helpful to you You must try out these healthy recipes And please share your feedback with me. Thanks for watching!

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