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– [Woman] Hey friends, so today we are doing Philly cheesesteak
in the slow cooker and I’m gonna show you everything
that I have to do with. I’m gonna put in a whole
onion, two green peppers, onion soup mix, a little
bit of extra onion powder, some garlic salt, some black pepper, about three to four cups of beef broth and then what I ended up getting at Aldi, they didn’t have a lot of meat choices and I did not want to go into Walmart, pregnant lady problems. So I got two of these bottom round roasts. There are many different
beef cuts you can use, this is just what they had available. So this is about two and a
third pound, it’s $2.99 a pound. And then this roast, cause
of course we are doing these a large family size, this
roast was okay, so 2.13 pounds, so total I’m gonnaa say
we are pretty close to four and a half pounds of beef for this. I’m only expecting this though to just be a big Philly cheesesteak dinner tonight but I don’t know, maybe
we’re gonna have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. We’ll just see how this
goes. So I’m going to slice the peppers, slice the
onion, I’m going to slice this down this beef and then we’ll throw it into the slow cooker together. And the seasoning when it’s done, now I’m gonna cook it on high
for about three to four hours. And right now it’s about 2:15 here when I’m getting this going so I’ll probably won’t
have it in until 2:30 so that means it’s not gonna
be done till 5:30 or 6:30 we’re planning a later
dinner this evening anyway. And then I’m going to put the hoagie buns that I got into the oven
for just a few minutes with the cheese and
we’ll get those toasted and its gonna be wonderful. So this was a little
bit more expensive meal if you look at the price of the
meat but also if you figure, okay I’m feeding nine people
and my pregnant belly, so you know basically family of 10 now, I’m feeding us all Philly
cheesesteaks for dinner and it’s coming up to be about,
I’m gonna say dinner total is probably around 17 dollars tonight. And so, you know, that breaks down to less than two dollars a person. That also includes, we’re
gonna have fresh broccoli and some dip on the side
to go along with this and that’ll be dinner. Amelia asked for some peppers
and I’ve been chopping. So here you go sweetie, here you go take them
to your little table. So what we have here is two green peppers, we’re gonna dump these in the slow cooker. So there we go, and I
know several you have said I need a tripod for when I’m trying to do these cooking vlogs and
filming so we’ll get there. There we go with the peppers. As far as the tripod and
have it set up perfectly, I’m a big one of just making
the best with what you have and just moving forward
creatively or on YouTube or with blogging or anything cause if I wait till things were perfect and how i would like
them in a perfect world I would do nothing. Okay and you know I only measure
these things for you guys. This is four cups of beef broth. Of course I’m walking with
it. I’m gonna pour that in. I’m using beef broth because I have it, I bought it, think of that. But if I did not have beef
broth I just wouldn’t worry about it because the meat is gonna make all kinds of
wonderful, natural flavor. So I’m gonna go ahead and
put my spices in now because I’m gonna cut my meat into little chunks. And yeah, I just know it’s
gonna be a bloody mess so I thought to keep things
simple, gonna dump my spices in. So we got the four cups of beef broth, I know I said three earlier
but I’m gonna do four. I want you to wait one minute sweetie. And this is just a pack
of onion mix from Aldi. I’m gonna go ahead and put
actually both of them in and then I’m gonna do a tablespoon
of extra onion powder, a tablespoon of garlic salt, and I’m just gonna shake
in a bunch of pepper. So shake it, shake it. Liam you can take the
take the whole thing. I was having my mom, my pregnant lady peanut butter banana lunch and almond milk so you can finish that for me Liam. Okay so I got everything
dumped in there so now I’m gonna go chop. Just got done chopping up the
four and a half pounds of beef and we’re gonna get it
into the slow cooker. Okay, so everything is happy
and into the slow cooker now. I am just gonna go ahead and
stir it up because why not? It will cook lovely for three, I’m gonna try for three hours on high but I’m gonna have to
check it in three hours. Nothing is frozen, it’s totally defrosted. So if I had the beef cubed and frozen or some different configuration
I may go more for four hours. But I’m hoping, let’s see here, yeah it’s almost three
now so I’m hoping we’re able to eat dinner around six and then watch our movie from about
seven to nine or 7:30 to 9:30 so putting my lid on, I
almost said my hood on. It’s on high so here we go. Okay so it has been a
little over three hours, probably three and a half hours cause the kids and I got reading for a while. And the yummy steak is done. I did pull it our
probably about an hour ago and I sliced it up a little thinner. You know, I don’t have
an actual meat slicer, it’s just me and my
kitchen knife so it’s not gonna be like the really thin almost like deli sliced consistency that you would get at somewhere like Subway or professional sub shop but I’m sure its gonna be very
yummy. It smells delicious. Doesn’t everything
smell delicious in here? Yeah they’re eating chunks of it. What I’m gonna do now is
I have these deli rolls and of course a whole bunch of broccoli we’re gonna chop up as a side. So we’re gonna open up the deli rolls, get these in the oven with
some cheese and the meat; let them just toast for a few
minutes and they’ll be ready. So I got all the meat and with the onions and the peppers pulled out
of the slow cooker for now. I have two packs of
provolone left you’ll see I had to add the don’t eat warning to it. I had bought four and then after I worked I think it was last Saturday, I realized “oh my we’re
missing two packs. ” And of course my husband got them and he did not realize that they were for our Philly cheesesteaks. So I wrote don’t eat on
there but I also have some mozzarella and even
some cheddar if we had to, you know, kinda fake it till we make it with some sandwiches. So what I’m gonna do now, I’ve got my oven set to 400 degrees. I’m gonna open these up,
we’re gonna layer sandwiches and put these in the oven. And I just put our first pan. I’ve got nine Philly cheesesteaks in there and I’ve got them in at 400. I’ve just got my timer set
for about three minutes and then I’ll check on them. So I quickly wanted to show you, I just realized I have to
show how I assembled them. All I have done is put the
steak strips and the onions and peppers down and then
two slices of provolone and it worked out that
I had enough for that. So with nine in the oven, I
have three more here, that’s 12. I think I can get one more
out with the steak that I have and then I will push this
more in the sub in a moment but I’m holding my camera. You can see those have held together nice. I’ll help that one in a moment. And Zion’s been working
on broccoli as a side. And so I think what I’m gonna do, I have enough for about one
more cheesesteak and then I’m probably gonna make a pack
of hoagies with just cheese. I have some cheddar and
mozzarella like a mentioned. Cause you can do grilled
cheese in the oven just like any other toasted
sandwich it’s a lot easier. I can do a whole pan of them. But anyway I’m gonna do
a couple grilled cheese on hoagie buns for, like,
I’ll do one for Daniel, one for Amelia, and Liam
might even prefer one of those and that’s another way
to stretch it for dinner. So I just pulled this batch
of nine cheesesteaks out of the oven and boy they look fantastic, it sure smells good in here. So guys I wanted to show
you my plate real quick, this is how the sub
looks, it looks fantastic. The kids are saying “these
are better than Subway!” And then I got some broccoli on the side so if you go over to largefamilytable.com and there’ll be a link
in the description below I’ll have the full recipe for these out. And they turned out great and even the few little extra grilled cheese
I did turned out great. And that’s it so I’ll see you next time with another brand new video! Bye bye. (upbeat music)

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