Homemade Steak Burger Recipe! – Burger Recipe Flat Top Griddle – Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

what’s up everybody this is Lyle with no
hippie BBQ what we doing today is we’re going to be making some of the steak
burgers we’re gonna be knocking these out on my Camp Chef griddle this is
gonna be the first time I’ve used my Camp Chef flat top griddle and I think this would
be the perfect recipe for it anyway you guys might be asking why why are you
calling that the steak burger recipe what is this Centennial burger the only reason
I’m calling this a steak burger is because I’m from Centennial Colorado
right outside of Denver southeast side what’s up everybody in Denver anyway
what’s gonna make this burgers special is we’re gonna be hand grinding the meat
for this we’re going to be using a chuck roast and what we’re gonna be grinding
it with is a knife that was sent to me by another YouTube channel by the name
of meat head I’m gonna leave a link to his channel on the high part above the
description below anyway boom you sent me this knife here
when he first sent it to me man I wasn’t sure if I need to go chop down trees or
go skinned my own animals you know or what I supposed to do with this because
this is a heavy duty knife right here so I figured this would be a perfect
application for this anyway I’m gonna leave a link to this knife back in the
description below run by there pick up one for you and somebody else anyway
nice conversation piece I think you might need to conceal and carry permit
for something like this anyway let’s go ahead and get on into the ingredients
we’re gonna need for this hamburger and then we’ll get outside and start hand
grind in this meat up so these are ingredients were going to need for this
now the first ingredient which I don’t have shown here is just going to be some
sesame seed buns we have this Chuck pot roast here that you can see I got an
excellent value on saving three dollars and 45 cents now in Colorado we are
heavily influenced by New Mexico and in New Mexico they really like their hats
green chili peppers and that’s we’re gonna be using in this I have the
roasted chopped green chili and this happens to be extra hot boom we’re gonna
be going some thick cut bacon I’m going with the red onion I really like the
flavor of a red onion but the white onion would be fine if you’re not a fan
of the stronger onion we’re going to be using an avocado now the guacamole I’ll
be making and this is gonna be very simple it’s just gonna be avvocato and
salt it’s not gonna be a whole bunch of other stuff in there we’re using
Monterey Jack cheese and some tomato slices and while you’re looking at all
these delicious ingredients take a look at this rustic knife over here that’s a
conversation piece in its own let’s go ahead and start grinding up this meat
first thing I’m going to do is I’m just gonna start cutting this into some
strips and if you see some of this fat like this this is this really isn’t bad
but once I get down to some of this other stuff I’ll probably just go ahead
and cut that out so once we get a few strips cut I’m just gonna do a little
bit at a time and if I didn’t mention it earlier I did get this idea from another
YouTube channel by the name of GQ barbecue and he did this about a year
ago and this has been in my head for about that long and this meat is partially frozen just
to make it kind of easier to work with all right so I’m almost done I have some
fat that I’ve been setting aside right there and just any of this hard fat it’s
not cutting good British go ahead and setting that aside and when I’m done
with this we’re gonna go inside put these in the burger press and we’re
gonna put them in the refrigerator just kind of get them a little solidified
then we’re gonna go ahead and work on our tomatoes and onions we have our hand
ground meat we’re about to throw it in this burger press now this is the first
time while I’ve done the pan ground meat obviously the first time I’ve done it in
this burger press so we’re gonna see how it turns out the one thing I like about
it is when you push the stuff in there and then you put the disc on top of the
other one it doesn’t necessarily like completely compact it so I think it’ll
be good food so let’s go ahead and try we’re not going for a super thick burger
all right so we got that meat in we’re going to go ahead and hit it with
another disc add a little bit more all right got that in get another disk
in you know how might be able to get four burgers out of this actually that
looks about like what we’re gonna get so our last disc on this last burger might
be a little bit well we’ll see might be a little thinner all right so we’re just gonna get this
last disc on and then this little lid you just kind of push them down the good
thing about this is if you are going to a picnic or something like that you can
just kind of freeze this have it in this container and then just go out there
boom boom boom tell them on the grill obviously you’re going to do more than
four steak burgers but like I said this thing will do about eight anyway these are
going to go in the refrigerator I’m going to start on these vegetables
possibly change shirts I’m not sure how sweaty I’m looking but I might even
change shirts let’s go ahead and fire this camp chef up for our first cook can
I go ahead and get these first three burners going on hi I’m gonna leave this
last one off that’s gonna be kind of a little cool zone it’s gonna go ahead and
lay down some bacon and I’m gonna probably end up cutting these bacon
strips in half I’m gonna cook enough bacon right now for all of the burgers might as well go ahead and cut these in
half now looking for a real crispy bacon so I’m
gonna go ahead and click these for me I’m just gonna go ahead and push
this off to our cool side bring back some of that grease spread that around
just go ahead and get these burgers on all right well please turn out as good
as they look I’ll do two right now I’ll be to it later off camera for my family alright guys let’s go ahead and give it
a flip she’s been on about a minute alright guys so these are looking
awesome I’m gonna go ahead and hit it with my green chili can’t have enough of that and then we’re going to go over it with
the genius now these are gonna be done real soon
I’m gonna go ahead and just throw these buns on get sensitive so these burgers are just about done I’m
gonna go ahead and hit them with some of this guacamole get our onions on here and you know I like onion let’s go a
little heavier on these like tomato let’s go ahead and add the meat get our bacon on top oh that is hot and
I don’t like a whole lot of bacon hanging out the size or anything all
right that is a wrap go ahead and get this top on take it inside and taste it
and see what’s up let me tell you that was some heat out
there anyway I’m gonna get into one of these hamburgers do a taste test on it
and if this hamburger is not too pink inside my wife may take one of these
instead of having some more cooked out on the grill
anyway let’s go ahead and get on the end see what’s up never go wrong with that cuacamole
onions tomatoes here like I said I’m calling this the best burger oh
I’m gonna finish knocking this bad boy out but I do want to thank you guys for
stopping by little hippie BBQ. How To make the perfect steak burger appreciate it comment subscribe nom out I’m looking into making a Five Guys Burger Next

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