Homemade Yogurt in the Ninja Foodi

hi there and welcome to the salt and
pepper where we cook for real life using real food and we keep it real simple and
today we are gonna make a yogurt recipe homemade yogurt in the ninja foodi two
ingredients it’s super easy and let me show you how to do it so the first thing
I have here is one gallon of vitamin D milk now you can use skim milk 1% 2% or
vitamin D I just happen to like the flavor and the consistency of the yogurt
when I use the vitamin D milk I am using my 8 quart ninja foodi but that does
not matter as long as your ninja foodi has the dehydration function you can
make this yogurt now I’m sorry guys if you don’t have the dehydration function
I have not figured out how to make yogurt without using this function so
I’m real sorry about that I will keep trying them so what we want to do is go
ahead and put in our full gallon of milk now if you didn’t want to make a full
recipe you can also just do a half of a gallon and we’re going to turn on the
sear saute and we’ll make sure it’s on high and hit the start button so the
only things that you need to make homemade yogurt in the ninja foodi is
number one the dehydration function so I have not figured out how to make this
without the dehydration function so sorry for those of you that don’t have
that feature you can make it in the 8 quart or the six and a half quart I’m
just using the 8 quart today to give it a little bit of use since I test most of
my recipes and use the six and a half so much more often the other thing you need
to have is a yogurt starter now you could buy yogurt from the store any kind
of yogurt with active cultures will be fine but what I find be easier and more
economical is I freeze some of the yogurt from the previous batch and they
do that just using this ice cube tray which I will link to below for you guys
and they’re about a quarter to a half a cup and I just freeze them so you can
freeze one two three for however many I froze a whole bunch
from the last batch just so I don’t have to worry about freezing it again in case
I forget and these are good for six months I know that because I just used
one from six months ago to make yogurt so that is a great tip I mean who wants
to buy yogurt to make yogurt that doesn’t make sense to me so freeze it it
works great the only thing you do need to remember is you want to bring it to
room temperature so definitely get it out of the freezer it makes no
difference than it gets a little runny that won’t matter you just want to bring
it to room temperature and have it completely thawed the other thing that you
really do need is a thermometer it doesn’t have to be fancy or anything
like that just something that’s gonna let you know when the milk heats up to
181 because that is just pre boil okay so we’re not gonna let it totally boil
and you also need to know when it cools down to the right temperature so a
thermometer and that’s it guys and as soon as this comes up to 181 then we’ll
start to cool it down we’ll add in the culture and we’ll get it incubating so
the milks been heating for probably about 15 minutes and I’m starting to see
some steam coming up so now it’s real important to stir you know pretty
frequently because when it starts to steam we’re getting close to that 181
and that’s when the milk could scorch and stick to the bottom if it does it’s
not the end of the world you just don’t want to stir your yogurt at the end and
stir those little brown parts in give it a good stir and then put in your
thermometer now I have the world’s slowest thermometer which I am looking
into upgrading and getting a better one so if you guys have any ideas on what is
a great and economical thermometer I am all ears even though I stirred I also
kind of move the thermometer around a little bit so that I’m sure I’m not in a
hot pocket or a cold pocket so I’m getting an accurate temp and it’s coming
up or at 1:37 now so I’m probably guessing that this is gonna top out at
about 1:45 which means we have a little bit more time to
until it hits the 181 now you can go anywhere between 181 and 200 but you
don’t want to get above 200 degrees your milk is gonna definitely scorch at that
point and you could even have some after taste that just isn’t that great so it
is at 145 now it’s climbing still so we’re actually gonna go a little bit
higher than that but it’s not getting up to the 181 yet and I didn’t think
it would. we probably have about five or ten more minutes so
I’m just gonna keep stirring this probably you know every minute or so or
every two minutes so that it doesn’t scorch to the bottom and then we’ll get
it cooling down and there’s a couple ways you can do that you can just let it
cool naturally which I do most of the time just because I get into other
projects and you know I just let it go for a couple hours or you can put it in
an ice bath and that’s what I’m gonna do today so I’m gonna put some ice and some
cold water in the sink and I’m going to put this whole pot in the sink to do it
more of a rapid cool all right we just hit 180 180 and a half so we are just
about at 181 and we just hit 181 what happens just before we hit that
temperature of 181 is you’ll notice some bubbles forming on the top of the milk
and it gets a little bit frothy er so you’ll be able to tell and then I stir
constantly during that time so that I don’t scorch it and it doesn’t feel like
anything scorched at the bottom so we’re good to go and it’s what hit 181 so now
we can do the cool down process like I said before you could do this a couple
of different ways you could just simply leave it in here stir it around every 15
minutes and let it cool naturally and that takes about two hours we only need
it to get down to about 110 or you can do what I’m gonna do today which is a
more a rapid cool and I put probably about 6 cups of ice in the sink and
plugged it up of course and then I put cold water so I’ve got a little ice bath
in the sink so I’m just gonna take out the inner pot and go pop it in the
sink and I’ll check the temperature and stir about every 20-30 minutes or so and
when it gets to 110 then we’ll get it back in the ninja foodi and start the
incubation period so the ice bath was so much
quicker I mean literally I think it came down to the 110 within 30 minutes so now
that’s a lot quicker I usually just leave it alone but it takes about 2
hours that way so ice bath it’s real quick so I just wiped off the sides of
the pot because we’re gonna put it back in the ninja foodi so don’t want any
moisture and now we’re gonna go ahead and put in our yogurt culture you could
stir this up if you want but I’m not gonna worry about it I’m just gonna dump
it in and the reason why we need to put in the yogurt culture is because there
are active cultures in in the yogurt itself that are going to replicate
duplicate multiply however you want to put it and they’re gonna create our
yogurt so we want to make sure that we stir it in now you can use a little
whisk but remember this is nonstick so we don’t want to use a metal whisk but I
usually just use the same spatula I mean why dirty something else and just mix it
around until I feel like it’s really incorporated and the reason why we have
to bring the temperature down below 115 but I like to go to 110 just in case
there’s any hot pockets I don’t want any of the milk to be above 115 because it
will kill that culture and then you’ve wasted your time you’re not gonna make
yogurt so this is a definite needed ingredient all right so we’re just gonna
lift that back in alright so now what we need to do and I guess I should probably
say what I do because I have heard that a few people have forgotten to do this
and it turned out just fine so if you don’t like using foil go ahead
and skip it I just didn’t want the heat from the dehydration fan to get like a
crust on my yogurt of course you could just skim that off
too and it’d be fine but I usually just put one piece of tinfoil which I’ll use
a brand name so I don’t use it from the dollar store because I don’t know if
it’d be thick enough but I don’t use heavy-duty because I don’t want it to be
too thick this is just my preference you don’t have to do it this way you can
leave off the foil like I said people have been very successful for getting it
all right they’re just gonna put that down all right so now we’re going to
allow the yogurt to incubate for at least 6 hours I prefer mine to go 8
hours but you could get away with 6 hours I just think you get a little bit
better yield with 8 hours of incubation so you can make this up in the morning
and then by you know later in the day it will be ready and you can put it in the
refrigerator to chill you can also do it overnight but if you’re gonna let it go
longer than 8 hours so let’s say you’re gonna incubate it you want to do it for
10 hours because you started it you know 2 hours before you went to sleep or
whatever you will end up with a more sour yogurt just so you know so 6 hours
is a pretty good tasting yogurt 8 hours is where I absolutely love it and then when
you get into the ninth and tenth hour it’s just a little bit more sour to me
all right so let’s go ahead and set the dehydration and we’re gonna take that up
to 180 and hit 8 hours and then we’re gonna hit start and it’s going to start
the dehydration process and we don’t have to do anything during that time I
know people stay up with it they check it all the time you don’t need to let it
go it’s gonna do its thing and it’s gonna be fine and then when it’s done
we’ll take a peek at it and we’ll get it in the fridge so the yogurt dehydrated
on 180 for 8 hours and then it turns itself off and that’s great so it’s been
off for a little bit of time and that’s no problem I mean as the more it sits
the more it’s gonna get sour but it’s fine you know I left
it maybe 20-30 minutes and no problems there so I did check it at about hour –
and it’s complete liquid so I know you’re gonna do that the first time you
make yogurt don’t panic it’s fine it’s liquid and then I got busy and I forgot
about it so I didn’t check it after that so here’s the big reveal
let’s take a peek and I you know even though I know the recipe works I always
do this I always cross my fingers all right here we go yep it’s set up so
hopefully you can see there’s a couple of cracks here and that tells me that
the yogurt made itself basically and there’s some way that I can see on the
top and around the edges so that’s what comes out of the milk is the way and
that’s the liquid and that’s what we strain off to make Greek yogurt now this
is not cold yet so it wouldn’t be very delicious I’m not gonna taste it but I
did want you guys to see the consistency that it is right now so if I go under
this little layer and that is basically yogurt so that is the regular
traditional yogurt and if this was cold which it is not so I’m not gonna taste
it um this would be yogurt I might strain a little bit off cuz it’s
a little bit loose of course it will set up in the refrigerator and that’s why
we’re gonna refrigerate it but this is yogurt so we’ve made yogurt perfect now
I’m gonna refrigerate it and probably leave it overnight in the refrigerator
now you could just refrigerate it a couple of hours but I’ll probably leave
it overnight because I’ve got some other stuff to do and then we will see what
happens with our yogurt we’ll get it strained and we’ll get to taste in all
right so the yogurt has been in the refrigerator and I left in the
refrigerator overnight just because that worked well for my schedule but you can
leave it in the refrigerator for about four to five hours until it cools down
and sets up now some people strain it right after they get it out of the ninja
foody and that’s fine too but you’re gonna get a little less yield that way
so I like to just the time and let it set up and then this
is what it looks like all right so basically we have made yogurt I mean you
can eat this yogurt right now it is nice and thick this is regular yogurt I
happen to like Greek yogurt so what I’m gonna do is go do an extra step of
straining it that is the only difference between regular yogurt and Greek yogurt
is that the way is strained out of it so you do it the way you like it if you
like just regular plain yogurt you are ready to eat it now but for me I like to
strain it so I have a really clean these are these are these flour sacks that I
use all the time and I bleached them and they work beautifully they work better
than cheesecloth in my opinion and I just have a strainer under here and a
bowl and the bowls gonna collect the way and the flour sack is going to collect
the Greek yogurt all right so I’m just gonna ladle this in looks beautiful we got a very good yield
from this yogurt of course you don’t have to make as as large of a batch as I
did you can you can make a small batch but I use it in so many things the setup beautifully
I’d like yogurt in the ninja foodi better than I do the instant pot to be
honest with you the instant pot people think is a little bit easier to make
yogurt because there’s a yogurt button but honestly I got confused by
it sometimes and didn’t know if I was doing it right this is just beautiful
now when the yogurt is warm and you go to strain it you will see the way start
to pour out immediately but what I found is it it really reduces the yield quite
a bit so now if you have something that you can hang this from that’s even
better because the gravity will help get that way out okay so the way is dripping
out beautifully it will be a clear to light yellow color and you don’t want to
discard the way you can use it in a lot of recipes you can use it instead of
water making bread you can use it in smoothies to add a little extra protein
so really it’s wonderful so you just put it in there in the freezer until you
want to use it you can freeze them an individual little ice cube trays or you
can just put them in a big bag like I do and then use them in various recipes so
we’re gonna let this strain for as long as it needs to so probably you know an
hour or so and you can do that by just leaving it on the counter or you can put
it back in the refrigerator and let it strain but it’s just gonna take a little
bit longer than it will if you just leave it out at room temperature so all
right so we’re gonna let this strain and then we will taste our Greek yogurt all
right so I’ve been straining of my yo for I don’t know maybe two hours and a
good amount of the way has come out and that’s enough I mean I could still go
longer if I wanted to thicker but trust me it’s gonna be plenty thick so you can
see how much way it produces I mean that’s a good I would say four cups I
haven’t measured it but four cups of the way and what I did to expedite the
straining is actually hung this on my cabinet so you can just make a little
nut and hang it because the gravity really helps extract that way a lot
quicker and then what we do is we just turn out our yogurt it’s very thick so
what I’m doing is just taking my scoop and spread and I’m just sort of getting
off any little bit and then it’ll just plop right out into your container all
right perfect now this can go in the washing machine
and be bleached I think some of the instructions on the packaging say they
can’t be bleached I’ve been bleaching them for years so
trust me it works out fine all right so now we have our yogurt so we have about
cu6 cups of yogurt or so that’s our yield this time it varies sometimes I
get a little less sometimes I get a little bit more and I’m gonna make a
strawberry parfait because I think that’s gonna be a great treat this
afternoon so I’m gonna go ahead and get that set up
and I made some strawberry basil jam that I will link to that recipe video
right up there because this pairs wonderfully with the yogurt
I don’t sweeten my yogurt now many people do and you certainly can but I
don’t I add whatever sweeteners I’m gonna put on at the end because a lot of
times I just like a little drizzle of honey and maybe a few nuts or granola or
something like that but today I’m going to indulge and have a little bit of this
strawberry preserves all right so let’s assemble our strawberry perfect
gonna put a little bit in the bottom and then we’re gonna scoop in some yogurt let it fall down in there there we go a
little bit more I’m using about a teaspoon of the strawberry preserves you
don’t need a lot there little layer there all right get some strawberries on top all right there we go strawberry yogurt
parfait perfect treat for the summertime all right let’s give it a taste
oh my goodness wow it it’s so good I mean it’s the sweetness of the preserves
pairs perfectly with that just touch of sourness from the yogurt hmm it’s thick and lush and creamy oh
man I could eat this every day and really not feel guilty I mean I might
have used a tablespoon of that preserves in the whole thing and to be honest with
you I’m not gonna eat this whole thing I could have made it half the size and
been just as happy because it just tastes delicious but hmm it tastes
delicious and it satisfies your sweet tooth yeah this is a winner for sure I
hope you give this homemade yogurt a try it might seem like it takes a long time
but it’s such an easy process and the end result is so luxurious and so
delicious you just can’t go wrong with this recipe so I hope you give it a try
all right this is a little secret here so if you get one of these large ice
cube trays filled each one of these slots up put them in the freezer when
they’re frozen pop them into a baggie you have your yogurt starter for next
time no need to make yogurt by buying yogurt
at the store make it with what you already have

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    Omg…this came out awesome…. its so cool that you can make yogurt in the foodie 8)

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    i bought a 2nd foodi with the dehydrate so I can make yogurt!

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    Thank you for your video.

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    I use a little bit of honey to counter when it’s sour. A little goes a long way, and it’s not the same as burying it under sweetness which seems to be the case with other sweeteners.

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  13. Wendy Weir says:

    I forgot to add that I have both Thermapens. They are both excellent. As far as I can tell the M4 just has a few more bells and whistles. It has a longer battery life (both are still going strong and you can replace the battery). It has a rotating display, backlight, greater waterproofing, and sleep/wake mode. The folks at ThermoWorks are extremely helpful and friendly. Who knows? They might even give you a free product, knowing that you will review and promote their product.

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